The Very Talented Musician Ying-Ting Luo In Music Industry

Ying-Ting Luo is a NYC film and game composer originally from Taiwan. She specializes in tailoring exquisite music that can fit a wide variety of media content.

She started playing piano at the young and tender age of 4. With her ingrowing passion, she added up the flute at the age of 8, which when subsequently became her main companion. Her honed musical skills were impressive. She also showed a strong ability in interpreting musical content, be it technically or emotionally.

Moving through, she pursued her passion academically at the most prestigious university in Taiwan, Taipei National University of the Arts, where she received a Bachelor Degree in flute performance.

Further on, her curiosity and eagerness to learn more led her to expanding her musical world at Berklee College of Music. Luo decided to study film and video game scoring, where she embarked on a journey that exposed her to the various new music genre, diversifying her mostly classical world. The outstanding musician graduated from Berklee with honors while attaining many awards for her outstanding performances and compositions, continuing her streak of excellence.

Ying-Ting Luo’s music is interestingly suitable for films and video games. Her compositions offer a wide range of emotional content, from love to thriller and even mysterious at times. Using many expressions in her craft exhibits how talented she is as a music composer, combining different tunes into a beautiful uniformed piece.

In addition, Luo has collaborated with many major artists such as Latin Grammy Award winner Susana Baca, Wang Leehom, Toninho Horta and Joyce Moreno. Her collaborations show her professionalism as a musician and her ability to work hand in hand, producing a beautiful piece for the artist.

All in all, Ying-Ting Luo’s passion for music and her constant hard work towards improving and learning more has allowed to her to get so far. I believe her effort will be providing us more creative, innovative new melodious tracks that we will delight on our ears.

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