Best Violin for Beginners – A Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

best violin for beginners

Is learning of violin one of the things of your wish list? Then you can’t ignore to learn about the best Violin for beginners in any case. There is no such instrument as expressive, solemn, and elegant as violin. It is not only versatile string instrument, but nice to look at, and pleasing to listen to.

Most specially, the violin plays the most important role in the orchestra. It is the highest sounding stringed instrument. It is bowed, not played with air. So it can play a long tuneful musical passage. The melody, churned out of F-hole of the violin, speaks out the language of mind.

The useful tips you should remember before buying a violin

It is true, the buying of a best violin for the beginners can be a little creepy if it is the first time you are venturing to. You will be overwhelmed with number of options. The right option for you is to check a few top violin products and compare them and find out what are common on them.

  •  First, buy a beginner’s violin outfits online. This generally includes a Violin, a Bow and a Case. These are all low-priced and specially designed for the beginners.
  •  Secondly, get your new violin tuned or adjusted with a professional player or a teacher. You can take your violin to any shop where they could help you out with good suggestions and recommendations
  •  Thirdly, make sure that you know the sizes of the violin that will go for your age and form as you know there are lots of violin sizes.

It would an exciting time if your child has just picked a violin to play. It is time to hand him/her the best violin, so that you could see your budding violinist growing little by little every day. Endow your child with the best reward for the better tomorrows.

5 Best Beginners Violin Reviews for All Ages

The playing of violin is challenging, so you must have best violin to play for your children. If you can find the best of its kinds, it will surely help them to play the instrument of fantasy in a perfect way. But here one thing is very important to remember that beginners’ violin doesn’t mean Kids’ violin.

The beginners’ violins include students’ to professionals’ violin. 4/4 size violin is the maximum size of all other specifications. The students of the age group 10+ years onward are considered to be the beginners in the line of learning violins. Here the list of 5 best Violin for beginners are meant for the learners of 10+ years of age.

1. Stentor, 4-String Violin (1500 4/4)

Playing of violin never negotiates with the quality. Only the best violin is the last word. The Stentor is another name for quality and reliability.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Marked with up to the minute accuracy
  • Maple finishes solid back part
  • Ebony fittings
  • Chinrest made of hard wood
  • Composite tailpiece with string adjuster

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

  • The violin is (1500 4/4) Size is very easy for the students to carry. They find it quite comfortable for keeping it with them whenever they move.
  • Carved with moderately strong wood of spruce tree. The back and the sides are made of solid maple wood that has mad the violin durable.
  • The fingerboards, pegs and chin rests are made of blackened rosewood. It protects the violin from easily wearing and tearing.
  • It has red labels strings and the alloy tailpiece, four string adjusters and nylon tailpiece loop. These have made the violin too sturdy to make it the best violin for the beginners.
  • The wooden horsehair bow and the light canvas covered case and the outer shoulder rest compartment all are very much excellent with the violin. These features have made the species agreeable to the form of the player.

What We Like

• If your child want to join in school orchestra, Stentor (1500 4/4) Student is best.
• It equals leading instrument in good condition.
• The strings are made nice to produce good tonal quality.
• The bow is straight enough with enough camber.

What We Don’t Like

• It can’t be regarded absolutely a professional-level instrument.

In Summary

The violin reviews suggest the product is perfect for the learners. It is, in fact, a great learning instrument. It is so cute to look that the beginners can’t wait learning it, soon after coming home from school.
Hurry to the violin store to buy one for your loved ones. For more information about Stentor (1500 4/4) Student Violin Outfit,

2. Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit – 4/4 Sizes

The violin is the better choice for any parents who are looking for the best violin for beginners for their children. The Cremona of this model equates consistency and steadiness.

The features that make it stand out:

  •  Maple wood body with reddish brown varnished finish.
  • Maintaining MENC norms in Californian workmanship
  •  Hand rounded solid spruce with maple body.

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

The varnished finish gives it an attractive look to draw attention. The look gives an added advantage to attract the young stars to play violin.

  • The species give enhanced tonal quality for better beginning. It helps both the beginners and the advanced students to discern the sound quality in a cheerful way.
  • The violin bears the mark of best violin as it contains MENC Standards set ups for its manufacturing in the California workspace. The ‘make’ gives the player self-confidence.
  • It is made with French-made Aubert bridge and US-made Prelude strings. It has made it authentic for the beginners and the primary learners who never face any glitch in the middle of the way to learning.
  • It is carried in a Brazil wood oblong case. The deluxe look makes it thing of proud for the learners to carry.

What We Like

  • Light weight makes it user friendly.
  • Detailed workmanship in every construction makes easier for the learners.
  • Fingerboards are nicely shaped to give out fine tune.
  • Built -in fine tuners produces charming melody.
  • It meets the best violin for beginners’ standard of specifications.

What We Don’t Like

  •  From the scroll to the bridge, there crops up little bump if playing in higher pitch.

In Summary

This violin is so lovely to look at with a big filled tone. One can feel the melody right from the touch to tune. It replicates singing. The height of the strings and pegs has been set up skillfully.
For more information about Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit – 4/4 Sizes.

3.Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin with D’Addario Prelude Strings, Size 4/4 (Full Size)

The Cecilio CVN-500 is one step development to its predecessor. It is rich in tone Cecilio and comes greatly recommended as the best violin violin for beginners.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Full size (4/4) with chromatic tuner
  • The bow made of 2x Brazilwood with Mongolian horsehair
  • The adaptable shoulder rest

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

  • The violin can generates clarity of tune. It results in superior sound that attracts the beginners to be attached with violin extended time.
  • It is approved by the teacher and can be treated as orchestra violin that creates a good backdrop of musical soiree. It trains the tender minds in advance for further learning.
  • The top of violin is made with spruce and the back is of maple wood. The hand crafted pieces has made it beautifully finished instrument and made the best violin for the users.
  • The CVN-500 violin is wound with a set of D’Addario Prelude Strings that is fitted nicely with fingerboard, chinrests, pegs and tailpiece. The melody produced by the strings brings excellent effect on the listeners.

What We Like

  • Great quality lasts forever
  • The decent sturdy case keeps violin safe
  • The flawless workmanship
  • Need minimum adjustment with good tonal quality

What We Don’t Like

  • The wood quality better, but not top notch

In Summary

You can hardly think of such best violin for beginners at very reasonable cost. The tuner of the violin works so nicely that it has turned the violin metronome.If you are really want to know more about Cecilio CVN-500, it is never late. Check out violin reviews will prove ever to be more confident to buy it.

Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed 1-Piece Back Solid Wood Violin with Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge and Strings – Full Size

Mendini MV500 has been highly suggested by the customers as the best violin for beginners for its profound, amusing and powerful tone. Designed from all beginner models, it has been an ideal choice for any experienced student and professional also.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Attractive in dark design
  • Look antique
  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Best wood for different parts

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

4/4 violin maple made neck, back, and side has made it strong. The hand curved elegant top and striking finish with inlaid border ornamentation generate sense of awe in the player.

  • The fingerboard, chinrest, pegs and tailpiece are made of Ebony with removable fine tuners. The feature makes it easier to assemble the violin easier.
  • 92D chromatic string tuner with metronome, 2 x Brazil wood bows with undyed real Mongolian horsehair. The feature has made the instruments sounded melodious.
  • Takes in lightweight solid case, adaptable rest for shoulder, two bridges, usual rosin, and an additional violin strings set. It helps the performer to hold the violin easily.
  • One Year free service against the manufacturing defects. The warranty allows the player to perform confidently.

What We Like

  • Hand crafted instruments tested in factory
  • Good bridge fitting
  • Better tuning
  • Reasonable price

What We Don’t Like

  • The pegs are prone to expand or shrink for temperature

In Summary

The violin reviews suggest this violin as the best violin for the students. With its tempting appearance, design and quality the Mendini MV500 can be branded as first-rate instrument but seem to fit your budget. Want to know more about Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed ? First is first. Read the reviews of the users who always find it as best violin for beginners. Rush now, or never.

5.Mendini 1/8 MV-Blue Solid Wood Violin with Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin and Extra Strings

The Mendini 1/8 MV-Blue Solid Wood Violin is an affordable option for the beginners. It produces a warm and flawless sound that is very simple and easy to play. This is one of the best violin for beginners with impressive quality.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Completely hand-carved
  • An adjustable shoulder rest
  • Light weight
  • Soft satin varnish finish

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

  • The impressive quality with affordable price features best violins for the users. It not only flaunts styles and tastes but also capacity to have one soon it requires.
  • Mendini Mendini 1/8 MV-Blue Solid Wood Violin is very much close to latest violin model with all updated features. The beginners or the students never feel frustrated feeling anything missing.
  • All in one starter set of violin with good shoulder rest and easy tuning. It goes very well with beginners for easy and simple make of the species
  • Maple made fingerboard, chinrest, and pegs with 4 cohesive fine tuner tailpiece. The sturdy piece of instrument bears the tenacity of violin session.
  • One year warranty against the manufacture defects. It helps the players to perform this best violin for beginners with confidence.

What We Like

  • Made of best maple wood
  • Brazilian wood bow with Mongolian horsehair
  • Adjustable shoulder rest
  • Alloy tailpiece
  • Case with strap can be worn a backpack

What We Don’t Like

  • Pegs sometimes don’t stay in position and need to turn back

In Summary

The violin as suggested by the violin reviews suits every requirement of the users. The mellow and warm tone on beautifully varnished finish violin really a species that can be best regarded as best violins, especially for the students or beginners.

As a Beginner, a few things are there that you must know before buying Best Violin

Violin Price

First, have a look at the budget guide for the beginners. Most violins are cased in a box with a bow. The expense of them is included in the amount. For the beginners, violin bow with fiberglass, fitted with horsehair is fine. A hefty investment for a beginner best violin is not a wise decision. A first violin outfit can cost you low if you search for them in the violin stores. A good wooden bow at reasonable cost is available for first violin outfit. For rev up violins, the cost of the violin, case and bow are priced separately.

There is hardly any limit of violin price whenever it is an antique piece or creation of any violin maker. Starting from the budget friendly and inexpensive violin to medium and high range are all in the market place. Buying the best Violin to fulfill your need must be preceded by your experience, lest you might be misguided.

Once you perform violin skillfully, it is the time for you to buy any violin of higher range made of solid tone wood. The violin reviews suggest even better violins of expensive range. As you grow as player, heighten your budget gradually.

Renting a violin for the beginners is best option on the start. It is economical and reasonable options. Rent till you are ready to buy one. Or, you can start with smaller instrument that you can exchange with larger one later on.

Violin Brand

Buying violin with fanciful desire may lead you to put meaningless investment. It needs serious thinking. There are various violin brands in different price range to suit your budget.

Costly does not always equals first-rate, also some lesser cost violins may be great. Considering the quality of sound and durability, here are some of the best violins for beginners. Have a glimpse of it and get a guide to your search for violins.


It is Chinese handcrafted violin and most well-known for its high quality and durability.


Windsor violins are a convincing quality instrument for those who want to buy on a budget. It is chiefly meant for the beginners and the student.


These are lower cost violins for the beginners. These are medium quality violins but a bit expensive. This brand is very popular in violin school because they come in a wide range of sizes.


Mendini is another best Violin for beginners and is of low cost but durable and It produces medium quality tones. As this is not hand crafted, tuning and adjustment is necessary.


It is a low cost student instrument. It is reliable and good investment of money. It possesses good quality string and bow. It is likely to be favorable for practice for the beginners.


It is the most exciting violin brands with only a fingerboard attached. From student to professional level, can have the chance to ask a maker to set up the instrument to suit you.


Cremona is well known for making some useful violins for the beginners for they are suitable for playing easily. Spending a few hours with the instrument will boost the new players to keep continuing through it. The tonal quality of this violin is encouraging.

The Best Violin Sizes – Violins are of different sizes:

4/4 (full size), 3/4, ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/16. The adults and professionals usually use full size violin. 7/8 is another size of violin that is used by the female professional because their hands are a bit small to perform with full size. So the makers make a size of violins that are smaller than full size.

To know what is the right violin size that suits your figure, you are to measure the length between the left side of the neck to the middle of the left wrist or left-hand palm in full extended and vertical form. Most of the violin teachers prefer this length of the violin. However, it is wise to refer a luthier or read violin reviews before you purchase a violin for you.

The following chart shows the length of the each violin size. Determine the sizes of the violin that will suit you and the other way to determine the sizes of the violin is by following the age of the students. Though arm length information is more acceptable than age to determine violin sizes.

Woods and Finishing

The most commonly used woods in making the best violin are Spruce, Maple, Willow Ebony, Boxwood, and Rosewood. It is not the same wood, but the different species are used to make the different areas of the violin. Such as,

Back, neck, ribs and scroll= Made with Maple
Top, Linings and blocks= Made with Spruce
Fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs and end pin= Made with Ebony

Boxwood is occasionally replaced by Ebony because of its availability. Many violin makers today are using North American broad leaf maple. If seasoned properly, this wood can produce better tonal quality.

The knowing about the woods and their uses in the violin only is not enough when you buy the best violin for the beginners. Cutting and seasoning are also equally important. The wood cut from older tree at high altitude on the Northern slopes is preferred by the makers. The wood should be cut during cold months and seasoned (stored) in controlled conditions for several years.

For gaining better strength, the wood is cut or split by quarter sizes. After felling of the trees, the trunks are cut into cylindrical shape which is a bit longer in size necessary for the complete violin.

Every piece of wood of the best violin is dried slowly. The drying or seasoning time generally varies from 10-15 years. The duration, of course, depends on the thickness and the sizes of woods. Longer the period of seasoning, better is the quality of the wood. The kiln [oven/furnace] drying destroys the wood cell and leads to the damage of physical as well as acoustic attributes.

All about Fingerboard

Here’s not all. You can’t play any stringed instruments without placing fingers onto a solid wood. Here in lies the importance of fingerboard. It is a long black part of the wood on which your fingers rest to play the instrument. The best stringed instruments like violin, never compromise in this vital issue. So they always go with best fingerboards.

Is it ebony that makes the fingerboard? The ebony is strong wood, though not exotic to look at. Each time the metal-wound string, in contact with wood, is twang the wood is to take the pressure. So the wood has to be strong and dense so that it can be a strong platform for the playing. Not only that, it must endure the possible wearing in

course of time. Any soft wood would wear away the platform of the string. Remember, each twang deteriorates the string in course of playing for the stress and strain that it has to meet.

The playing a stringed instrument with bow, like violin, single note is played at a time. It means the bow is touching single string at a time. The users’ violin reviews suggest that, in case, the fingerboard is not curved or half rounded, the strings level would give rise to vibration to all the strings at the same time. Here, you must observe, if the arch and the bridge of the fingerboards are rightly designed and measured. It will ensure the playing of each string separately.

So, when buying a violin, take a close look at your fingerboard.

The Basic Differences of the Violins for Beginners, Intermediate and Professional

In addition to Beginners, the other two types of violins are Intermediate, and Professional.

Normally, the violins for the beginners are crafted with less expensive and inferior woods, the assemblage is very minimum and finishing is also not so fine. These instruments are suitable for the primary learners only. The price range is rather cheaper. However, currently there are some brands of the beginners violin that are, of course, excellent.

Intermediate Violins

In between the beginners and professional violins, there are intermediate violins. It is a helpful for those who wish to buy better than the students’ category but aren’t prepared to spend a hefty amount for a professional violin. The beginners who are going well in playing violin and want to excel in their level are generally buyers for intermediate violins.

Professional Violins

Professional violins, on the other hand, are hand built and made with seasoned wood. It is assembled by the expert luthiers. The violins are finished with superior components, like ebony fingerboard, wooden tailpiece with excellent materials. Polished artistic skills instilled in them. This enhances their value, and makes them best violins for the professionals who aspire to be progressive musicians.

The above category is a generalization. They are useful only to set you for buying a violin. In your search, you may find a gem which has been underrated. It’s worth exploring all of your options following violin reviews on Amazon.

Violin Care and Maintenance:

Wondering about taking care of your precious violin? Here is a guideline.


Make sure that the violin case is of good quality. It must strap the violin by the neck in order to make it secure at the time of transit. Your case must have sufficient padding. It is not enough to keep your violin in a case. It is very important that you keep the case in a proper way. Never keep the case in any damp place neither tipped it over. The best violin might also get damaged if your case is not suitable for climate. So take care of your violin case.


Never forget to make use of a humidifier during winter season. The violins are made of organic substances. If the woods get dried out in winter overly, it can be cracked even though it is varnished or treated in other way.

You can place Humidifiers like the Dampit, in the instrument. Keep other Humidifiers in the case. The high-quality violin cases sometimes are found to be in-built humidifiers. This keeps your precious violin safe.

Cleaning Supplies

In order to keep your violin clean and you need no polishing compounds. If necessary buy original violin cleaner and polish. It is the combination of mild cleanser. To know more about it read users reviews. The microfiber cloths work well. Handle the instruments carefully and always avoid touching the ribs and bouts. Just hold the violins by the neck to make it clean with cloths.


Wipe the strings of the violin regularly after every use. Never take a long gap between the cleaning of the strings as it will be difficult to move out rosin from the strings. Place a rag reserve between the violin and bow. If the strings appear still dirty, give it second wipe.

Final Word

After all, If you looking for best violin for beginners here is 5 best violins for you and get your violin best violin. Never allow it to be damaged in any way. Treat it dearly so that it can be played next time smoothly and comfortably to give you maximum satisfaction.

Mendini Violin Reviews : Best Violin Brand in 2020

The resonance, sound, and appeal of the best violin will not only inspire your listeners but make learning the violin much easier for you.

In this Mendini violin review, you will find reasons why this violin model is superior to others at this price point.

What You Will Find In the Guide

We also discussed in details, features, pros, and cons of some Mendini violin models.

Mendini 4/4 MV200 Review

The Mendini 4/4 MV200 is one of the best models created by the company for beginners and students.

It comes with everything beginners need to get started immediately, such as bows, shoulder rest, additional strings, rosin, and case.

>>> Click to Check Price on Amazon >>>

Sound Quality

The MV200’s sound is quite impressive. It has a vibrant and bright sound that makes it more interesting to play the violin.

Though the sound is not the best compared to other highly-priced models, it is perfect for beginners and students just starting out with learning the violin.

Not many violins at this price point can deliver such sound quality.


The MV200 has an adjustable shoulder rest that stays comfortably on your shoulders. Shoulder rest of the MV200 is well-padded with soft foam making it more comfortable to play for extended periods.

The bridge is at the normal height so players do not need to apply much pressure to get the strings to touch the fretboard. Overall, this violin model plays very well.


The quality of wood used in constructing the fingerboard of the Mendini violin MV200 will make you doubt its price.

The fingerboard is made of maple – though the wood is harder but feels smooth under the fingers.

Tuning Pegs

The violin comes with ebony pegs which are not just hard but stable.

They do the job of holding the violin in tune very well and are far better than plastic pegs found on many inexpensive brands.

Strings & Bow

The strings on the Mendini violin MV200 are great in terms of quality. It also has extra strings beginners will find very handy.

Unlike the bows found in other inexpensive violins, the bow on this model is made with superior Brazilian wood and genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair.

Body Wood And Finishing

The MV200 is hand-carved with a great choice of tone wood even though it is less expensive. Back and sides are made with maple while its top is solid spruce wood.

The quality of tone wood used shows why this model sounds so amazing.

It also has a beautiful but light varnish finish that makes it look more appealing.


  • Additional strings and bridge which are very handy for beginners
  • The kit comes with everything beginners need to get started without spending too much.
  • Good quality ebony pegs and fittings.
  • Backpack strap makes it convenient to take to school or orchestras.


  • Bridge and sound post might not be in the right place when it arrives. You may get someone to help you set them properly or do it all by yourself.
  • The tension on the strings causes the pegs to slack a bit. But The liquid rosin will take good care of this problem.

The final word on Mendini MV200 Violin

We think the Mendini MV200 is a great violin for beginners and students. It sounds great and comes with accessories that beginners need to get started.

Unless you are ready to cough out more money for other expensive violins that cost thousands of dollars, the MV200 is a wise buy to start your violin learning goals.

Mendini MV300 violin Review

Mendini 4/4 MV300 is the next model from Cecilio after the MV200.

It is also a great instrument that offers great value for the money.

Just like the MV200, this violin comes with accessories important for beginners just starting out – shoulder rest, hard case, additional strings, rosin, and bow are all included in the package.

>>> Click to Check Price on Amazon >>>

Sound Quality

It is obvious from the sound of the MV300 that Cecilio manufactures great instruments and offer them at a giveaway price.

Otherwise, such a great sounding violin shouldn’t be this cheap.

This violin has a mellow and warm tone that is very clear. And considering the sound quality, beginners will have a blast playing this violin.


The adjustability and soft foam padding of the shoulder rest are the features that make this violin more comfortable for learning/practising for extended periods.

It is comfortable to bear its weight on the shoulder for long. And in addition to the soft foam padding, the shoulder rest has soft rubber feet for enhanced comfort.


Everything about the fingerboard is awesome. First, it is accurately cut out and installed on the neck.

The fingerboard is made of ebony, which is a great wood that can prevent wear and tear common with this string instrument.

Tuning pegs

The tune pegs on the Mendini MV300 are maple pegs, which are great quality pegs for a violin at this price point.

Unlike other plastic pegs, maple pegs are very easy to work with and hold tune well.

It also comes with alloy tailpiece which has four integrated in-built fine tuners.

Strings And Bow

The Quality of the strings on this budget violin is surprising. It also comes with extra strings as the MV200; this will be helpful to beginners in emergency situations.

Its bow, on the other hand, does not lose its hair extensively like other poor quality bows. It is genuine Mongolian horsehair that has not been bleached.

The hair on the bow is intact, though you need to rosin the bow for it to produce appropriate vibrations as it glides across the strings.

Body Wood And Finishing

The body and sides are made of maple, while the top is made of solid spruce wood.

The beauty of both tone wood is also enhanced with a soft satin varnish finish.


  • The violin has beautiful inlaid purfling and finish
  • Features maple chinrest, fingerboard, and pegs
  • Excellent tone wood and sound quality
  • The package comes with extra strings, shoulder strap, chinrest, rosin, and other things beginners would need to get started.
  • Construction is solid


  • Built mostly for beginners
  • Not the prettiest violin on the market.
  • Great mostly for practice and not for stage performance

The final word on Mendini MV300 violin

Every other part of Mendini MV300 violin is made of metal and wood, apart from the shoulder rest and chin rest that is made of plastic.

This violin is not mind-blowing based on our opinion but will offer beginners what they are paying for and more. It is also far cheaper than renting a violin to play.

Mendini 4/4 MV400 Review

The Mendini MV400 is another beautiful violin from Cecilio.

Weighing in at just 4.8 pounds, this violin really packs a punch with its unbelievable sound.

The awesome varnish finish makes it look like those higher priced models.

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Sound Quality

The MV400 is an upgrade of the previous model. It has a bright and very rich tone that produces energetic sound.

The beautiful resonance and sound can be attributed to the quality of fittings and materials used in making this model.


The bow is very light and comfortable to use. The violin on its own is also lightweight, portable and comes with a well-padded shoulder rest.

The action is smooth and perfect for someone who is just starting out; strings do not need to be pressed down with much pressure as you play.


Accurately and sturdily fitted fretboard makes the MV400 buzz free and great sounding.

The great attention to details given to this violin makes it superior to other violins at this price point.

Tuning pegs

The ebony tuning pegs on this violin are great. It offers what every beginner wants, where by the instrument can hold its tune for long – especially throughout the practice session.

Strings And Bow

Cecilio did a commendable job on this violin for these aspects. It comes with an additional set of strings too, which acts as a backup in case the one in use goes bad.

Though these strings are great sounding and will last for quite a long time, they are not the highest of quality on the market.

It also comes with an extra good quality bow for such a cheap violin, which has unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair.

The bow delivers great sound and makes playing this violin more enjoyable.

Body Wood And Finishing

The back and sides are made of maple wood while the top is solid spruce wood, which contributes positively to its great sound.

The beautiful varnish finish makes this violin irresistible. But too much of it can hinder the sound quality too.


  • Great for teaching the violin
  • It can hold tune better than other violins at this price point
  • Price is great – purchasing this is better than renting or borrowing
  • It also comes with all of the extras; additional strings and bows, quality case and chinrest.


  • It is not a professional grader but plays very well – plays even better that other violin at this price point.
  • Again, it is not a performance violin but great for advanced students who want to learn the violin. It can be used and passed on to a younger sibling.

The final word on Mendini MV400 Violin

The Mendini MV400 is made for beginners and advanced students. The package comes with everything individuals eager to learn the violin need to get started.

It sounds pretty good for a low priced violin, and need little or no setup on arrival before playing.

Mendini MV 500 Violin Review

The Mendini 3/4 MV500 is one of the top models from Cecilio approved by violin teachers.

It is suitable for students on a budget and gives better tone and projection as one would expect from highly priced violins.

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Sound Quality

It does not sound like a lower priced violin. It sounds full and bright; it also projects very well.

The quality of tone wood used is the result of its great sound. It is also handcrafted from a single piece of solid wood, which offers better projection and resonance.


The MV500 weighs more compared to other models in the Mendini violin series.

It weighs approximately 5 pounds but comfortable for both young adults and advanced players to hold and play for extended periods.


The ebony fingerboard is also perfectly fitted on the instrument. It looks neat on it, which goes to show that Cecilio pays great attention to details and has great quality control.

Tuning pegs

The tuning pegs are made of ebony, which is great for beginners to learn with.

Its ebony tuning pegs hold the strings well and will stay tuned even when played for extended periods

Strings And Bow

The strings sound great when fingering. They produce a much fuller and warmer sound and projects better than most strings found on other budget violins.

It also comes with Brazil wood bows and Mongolian horsehair that is unbleached and genuine. This bow produces great sound and is very comfortable for beginners.

It also comes with extra strings which might be helpful some day.

Body Wood And Finishing

The fact that the MV500 is hand-carved from a single piece of wood means there is little room for error in its construction.

It is hand-carved with a spruce top as well as premium solid flamed maple sides and back.


  • This model is hand-carved from a single piece of maple wood and comes tailpiece has 4 detachable fine tuners, ebony fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs
  • The gloss finish is even throughout and makes it look classy.
  • It comes with high-quality rosin, extra strings, and lightweight case, so students and parents will not be spending the extra money to acquire these things.
  • The bridge is slightly thicker than most violins in this price category.


  • This violin model is a bit on the expensive side, and some people may not want to spend this much for a student violin, but then it offers great value for money and your child will use it till he or she finishes high school and beyond.

The final word on Mendini MV 500 Violin

If you are looking for a durable and beautiful violin to get for your child, the MV500 is a wise buy.

This violin offers great value for money and will stick with your child throughout high school and beyond.

Mendini 4/4 MV Review

The Mendini violin 4/4 MV is a great choice for students with diverse color preferences. It comes in a wide range of colors and is well constructed.

This violin plays well and is very easy to use; this makes it a perfect choice for students and beginners who are just starting.

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Sound Quality

This instrument sounds great for a violin at this price point. Though the sound is not the best when compared to other higher priced model, you may not find a violin that would sound better than this in this price category.

The sound is clear; the tone is mellow and warm.


The 4/4 MV is very simple in design. It is also very easy to use and tune. The action is smooth and the shoulder rest is built with enough foam to make it comfortable.

The shoulder rest can also be adjusted to any level you feel is comfortable for you.


The fingerboard is maple wood, which is great for a beginner violin. No one would expect a better wood considering the price, but the company uses quality materials in building their violins and still offers their violins at a giveaway price.

Tuning pegs

Like the fingerboard, the tuning pegs are maple woods. The pegs are capable of holding the strings properly and are better than the plastic pegs found in many cheap violins at this price point.

The pegs are comfortable to hold and easy to tune with. They are sturdy and holds tune for long too.

Strings And Bow

The strings on this violin deliver a great sound which for a beginner is perfect, but these can be upgraded with higher quality strings.

The violin comes with extra strings and bow which is great to have around in case a replacement is needed urgently.

Body Wood And Finishing

The Mendini violin 4/4 MV’s construction is solid. It has maple on its back and sides, while the top is solid spruce wood.

It is durable and very comfortable to hold and play and does not appear as other cheap plastic violins in this price range.


  • It comes in many bright colors students can choose from.
  • The bow has genuine Mongolian horsehair which doesn’t pull off quickly
  • The hard case is lightweight and secures the violin completely.
  • Handcrafted with good quality tone wood.


  • The Mendini 4/4 MV is a durable model and would stick with your child up to grade 4 or 5th; although one or two upgrades would be necessary along the way.
  • It comes in a variety of colors which is beautiful but the extra varnish and paint layers can hinder how the violin sounds; it might become muffled.


The final word on Mendini 4/4 MV Violin

This violin is great for the price and delivers the good sound that would make anyone doubt its price.

If you are looking for a cheap and colorful violin your child can learn with, this model should be on your list.

It is also great for students and adults who want to discover their passion for playing the violin before investing in a higher-priced violin.

Final Word

You can see from this Mendini violin reviews that the brand uses a good quality wood material for its lower-priced models.

The sound produced by each of these instruments are great; considering the price tag most of them come at, it would be out of place to expect more.

The choice is yours to choose any of the models listed here that suits your needs and budget.

Please leave comments below so others can learn from your experience playing any of these violin models. Thanks for stopping coming around.

How to Tune A Violin: The Beginners Guide

Investing in the best violin for beginners is one thing and knowing how to tune a violin is another. You can solve the former by reading violin reviews but violin tuning is what you have to practice yourself or consult a teacher to help you.

You will get better sound and your violin notes will ring out well with proper tuning. Though to achieve this, you also need to learn how to string a violin.

Because with poor quality strings, the sound will remain bad no matter how good you are with tuning violin.

What to Know before tuning a violin


Learn how to place new strings on a violin:

Let the teacher show you how to fix violin strings, and do it in front of you the first time. If the strings are new, then you will need frequent tuning to get the violin strings notes to ring out well.

When your new strings start to sound off, do not get discouraged. Tune violin with new strings regularly until they break in.

Understand your violin:

You need to familiarize yourself with the violin string order and know the peg that relates to a particular string. Know how to easily adjust the pitch using the peg.

If you want to raise the pitch, turn the peg away from you in the normal playing position. You can also lower by tuning in the other direction.

Do it carefully:

Even the best violin brands need proper care so that it can last longer. Do not tighten the string too fast because it can snap.

Using Piano for tuning Violin

Tuning with a piano or keyboard is quite simple. Looking at the picture above, you can see the keys of the piano that corresponds with the violin strings.

As a beginner, you can learn how to tune violin with piano from your teacher or following this instruction.

The “Middle C” as shown in the picture above should be used, so that you don’t make the mistake of tuning the instrument an octave high or low.

Once you play the note on the piano, match it with the right string.

Tips to remember when using Piano

  • Make use of fine tuners if you discover the strings are out by at least less than half a tone.
  • On the piano, use pedals so the note will sound free.
  • Using pedals will help to free both hands so you can tune with ease.

Using Electric Violin Tuner

Violin tuner app :

The app works like an electronic violin tuner. For players who are always on the go, the app can be very useful. It works great on Smartphone.

And because Smartphone like the iPhone is quite handy, there will be no need to carry extra devices in your student violin case.

There are hundreds of apps you can download on your iPhone to tune your violin. The apps range from beginner level to advanced levels that will help you to create original sound and music.

The violin app has an audio input which is usually set up.

Most of the apps are very easy to operate and have an easy-to-read interface. Examples include; Tuner Lite, Cadenza, Da Tuner and Violin Multi-tuner.

The use of online violin tuner

There are tons of free online tuner beginners can use to tune the violin. You need an internet connection to make use of the online tuner.

If you are using this for the first time, you might need someone to show you how to tune violin using online software.

It is not that difficult but confusing if you don’t know what to do.

The online tuner is almost the same as the electric tuner. The similarity lies in its ability to sense and also tell the exact pitch of the instrument.

Final Word

It doesn’t matter if you have the best violin. What matters is for you to practice well with the instrument and get the right violin notes during practice or performance.

Tuning violin for beginners is very simple. Allow the teacher to do it ones or more times then, attempt to do it on your own.

You need your violin to sound right even when you practice at home. Ensure that your instrument is properly tuned before playing.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Violin?

The violin is a great musical instrument to learn and very comfortable to play. As the saying goes, you need constant practice and dedication to become a better violin player.

One question beginners frequently ask is; how long does learning the violin take? To answer this question, we need to understand that different individuals have different speed level. Learning the violin depends on your speed level. It also depends on your consistency, how much you practice.

Hard work pays as far as learning the violin is concerned. If you want to play the instrument professionally, you have to commit your time and energy toward achieving it.

Also, if you only have plans to play the instrument for fun, or member to play in a church choir or band with other people, you can make huge progress within three to five years.

Let’s assume you plan to practice for at least four to five days per week, here is a clear illustration of how long it will cause you to learn violin.

First Month

The first month is majorly about learning the basics of the violin. You have to know the different parts of the instrument and the best way to care for it. Let’s assume you already have bought a violin. If not, check here for our experts’ recommended the best violin for beginners.

Remember this first month is to learn the basics. Therefore, the main focus will be based on posture, how to hold the bold and various plucking techniques. You will also learn the basics of note reading, music theory, and violin scales.

The teacher will also put you through on how to pluck as well as bow open strings, and all you need to know about quarter rests and quarter notes.

Second Month

This month is centered on development. You will develop basic skills and also become more comfortable holding the violin and bow.

At this stage, start playing notes with your left-hand fingers (1 to 3) other than open strings. You will have better control and develop the ability to pluck simple melodies bowing open strings.

In this month, other things you will learn are bow directions as well as markings (up bows and down bows). You will also learn about half rests and half notes.

Third to sixth months

You will most certain by happy during this month because, at this stage, you get to listen to you play the violin. You will start by playing those simple songs you are familiar with.

In addition, you will also be thought some things about the note. Like, you will be introduced to many new notes, including notes on the D and A strings with finger one, two and three.

You will also graduate from using fingers to pluck the instrument to playing using a bow.

Seventh to twelfth Months

At this stage, you have already been introduced to many notes and rhythms. Now you can play more songs than you did.

Remember, you are still in the learning process, but now things have changed a bit. You will be learning how to use your fourth finger, including some notes on string G and E.

Now, you will be taught how to make use your second finger to play the F natural as well as C natural on both D and A strings.

In addition, you will be given the opportunity to grow your bowing technique. During this month as well, your violin tone will begin to improve tremendously, and you will be taught things like hooked bowing, slurs and how you can cross strings proficiently. You also be taught the difference between staccato and legato bowing.

Thirteenth to Eighteenth Month

This is a very crucial time of your violin learning process. At this stage and time, you are expected to have finished your first beginner lesson book and start using the next book. These books come in series. Your teacher will tell you which to use at different stages.

Also, it is expected that at this level, you have already started playing many classical, holiday, folk, and pop songs. Though you may require some help at this level but with constant practice, you can really play nice songs.

At this point, you will also continue your lesson. But this time, you will be taught more of flat and natural notes with all your four fingers, so you can play in other keys not just D and A major.

However, hooked bows, as well as slurs, are very common in your music. In addition, you will be able to properly use your fingers to coordinate the bow and your speed has also increased. As a matter of fact, you can play faster music without even losing tonal quality.

Nineteenth to the twenty-fourth Month

This is another crucial stage of your violin learning process. At this stage, you can boldly branch out a little to spice things up. You can start playing music you have always wanted to play.

You begin by learning and consistently practicing some basic classical solos meant to be performed together with the piano. You may also decide to get a music book from your favorite singer or movie.

The teacher will also walk you through on all the notes you can play, especially in the first position, including notes like naturals, sharps, flats.

Remember that accuracy and speed is very crucial. So at this point, you will learn three things; How to play faster, how to bounce the bow and increased accuracy.

Third Year (Month 36)

At this point, you will feel very comfortable and happy with yourself. You will start feeling like, yes I can play the violin now!

This year is very crucial and like we said before, practice makes perfect. You will solidify all the notes, especially those in the first position. At this point, you will also be more comfortable playing in flat keys.

Also, your bowing will slightly change. It will become even more complex and varied. You will also be taught double stops.

Fourth Year (Month 48)

If you can dedicate your time to learning the instrument up till this month, then it means you are really dedicated. You should have gone past the basics at this point and now you are pretty good. Congratulations!

But the learning process till continues. You will learn more about shifting into position, which really opens up the violin range. With this, you can learn how to comfortably play higher notes.

You may also be taught how to play with vibrato. This will give you a more sophisticated sound and broaden your knowledge. You will also have an exceptional range of musical expression.

Now you can really progress in your training into learning things like the etude, scale and solo repertoire. The beginner lesson book series is of no use to you at this stage.

Fifth Year and Above

Two things are very important to you at this stage. First is the time you dedicate to practice and your consistency. The sky is your starting point if you put more effort at this stage. If you practice harder and stay focus, you will watch yourself grow into a professional violin player in a short while.

So, the time it takes for a beginner to learn violin depends on his or her goal.

Beginners Must Know About Categories & Acoustic VS Electric Violins

 Categories of Violin :

While it is quite difficult to assess, find, and purchase the right violin for you, it is recommended to choose a violin based on your individual musical style, skill level, and size. In general, violins are broadly categorized into three groups – violins for students, violins for intermediate players, and violins for advanced professionals.

1. Violins for Students:

Student violins are typically made from some less expensive woods and they are mostly manufactured or assembled by machines.

That’s why beginner level violins are quite affordable and they are less expensive than the other two categories. Typically, this kind of violins can range from $100 to $800 and they are an excellent choice for beginners.

For an instant, if you are just started undergoing violin lessons and you are not interested in making a hefty investment, then a beginner level violin will be worth your investment.

These type of violins are prepared from medium-quality woods and there will be much lesser hand work in the carving, assembly, and/or finishing process. Most of these violins have plastic parts, for example, tuning pegs and chinrests.

Key Features

  • Less costly and much affordable.
  • They are ideally suited for students and beginner level violin players.
  • These types of violins typically require less handwork in the process of carving, assembly, and finishing.

Note: Before buying a beginner violin, we recommend you to check our student violin reviews. Please check the section — “Top 10 Violin Reviews” for a betting understanding.

2. Violins for Intermediate Players:

The violin products that fill the gap between beginner-level and professional-level instruments are termed as “Intermediate Violins”. These kinds of violins are needed when you want to improve or enhance your skills.

For example, once you have been actively playing the violin for quite a while and you wish to enhance the overall sound quality and tonal quality of your instrument, then you may consider upgrading to an intermediate level violin.

Obviously, an intermediate level violin is more costly than a student violin. However, they feature a better craftsmanship too.

Key Features

  • They are typically costlier than student violins.
  • They feature a better craftsmanship as compared to a beginner level violin.
  • They feature a better craftsmanship as compared to a beginner level violin.

Violins for Advanced Professionals:

Professional or master violins are most suited for advanced professionals. They are typically constructed from slow-dried and cold-grown wood.

Not only they feature a premium quality craftsmanship, but also these violins are hand built and assembled by an experienced luthier.

Additionally, they are typically finished with high-quality components, for example, an ebony fingerboard or wooden tailpiece.

Note, the excellent craftsmanship, great materials, and refined artistic assembly certainly make these violins well-suitable for professional, aspiring, experienced, and advanced musicians.

Key Features:

  • These types of violins feature an excellent craftsmanship and refined artistic assembly.
  • In general, they are the costliest (compared to the other two aforementioned categories).
  • This kind of violin is considered to be an ideal musical instrument for professional, aspiring, experienced, and advanced musicians.

Acoustic Versus Electric Violins:

In the previous section, you have just revealed three popular categories of violins.

Now, here is another important topic (i.e. Acoustic Versus Electric Violins) that you must know and understand before purchasing your first-ever violin.

Please note, acoustic violins are being used since the late 16th century. Since then, these types of violins have served as a major centerpiece of many concertos, paintings, training methods, and symphonies.

In fact, acoustic violins are arguably considered to be the best violin concertos. By using dramatic & frequent string crossings with full chords, acoustic violins possess the capability of producing a desirable sound effect.

Their harmonic structures & progressions are both unique and beautiful. Acoustic violins can help flaunting an ambitious player’s skill and effort.

They can produce a warm and rounded tone because of the natural resonance of the tonewoods.

In general, folk and classical musicians tend to use acoustic instruments.

Another popular variant i.e. electric violins typically have “best violin pickup” can produce an amplified sound quality.

Typically, these violins have a solid body with a minimalistic design that makes them portable and lightweight.

In contrast to acoustic violins, electric violins produce a raw, bright, and enhanced sound effect.Both jazz and rock musicians tend to prefer electric violins.

Because of their plug-and-play capability, these violins are considered to be a good choice for those musicians that play with amplified bands.

For electric violin reviews, please check the section of “Top 10 Violin Reviews” where detailed reviews of top-quality electric violins are described.

So, if you are purchasing a violin for the first time and you are confused about which type of violins should be perfect for you, then you must choose a violin based on your style of music.

Note, both electric violins and acoustic violins have similar playing dynamics. Therefore, transitioning from one violin to the other will not be much difficult or troublesome.

10 Tips That Can Help You Become A Better Violin Player


All violin players like to be perfect when they perform. You feel happy when you listen to yourself play well. No one is satisfied with a poor performance. And if you are someone who plays to entertain others, your income definitely depend on how well you play.

However, here are 10 tips that can help you improve your violin skills. Read on and enjoy.

1. Use Correct Tools

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, the right violin tool will make a whole lot of difference to your playing. The basic tools you need to play the violin are :

  • The right instrument (size)
  • Good quality bow
  • Rosin
  • Metronome

Also, the place of practice should have good lighting. Other things needed are pencils, erasers, and a good violin case to protect the instrument.

The size of the violin is another important area you cannot neglect. Do not always follow the standard guideline that says the 4/4 is the right size for adults. Some adults are short and smaller than the average size. These set of people might do better and be more comfortable with a 7/8 size violin.

2. Contact A Good Teacher

Any investment you make to learn the violin is never a waste. If you invest money, time or energy, you will have a good reward. Get a good violin teacher to help make your violin journey a success.

But remember, there are different violin teachers for a different level like from beginners to professionals.

A good violin teacher has a great wealth of knowledge and exposure on the violin. He or she has invested a lot of time, energy, and may have always made huge financial commitments to get to that level.

3.Have A Daily Working Plan

There is a popular saying that practice makes perfect! This is so true with learning or playing the violin. Most violin players may not see it that way but it is, of course, the truth.

If you read a novel once, you might forget some vital points. It is not because you are dull but because you need to read repeatedly to get better.

The same thing applies to playing the violin. If you don’t use it by practicing harder you may lose it sooner. It is not rocket science but happens to everyone.

You don’t need to spend longer periods practicing every day. You can achieve great result practicing smaller amount of time each day.

The ideology some players have is that they need to practice at least 10 hours each day to get better. The truth is, what you need most is to practice consistently.

Plan your daily schedule and play at least 5 days a week.

4.Listen Careful

If you want to properly learn an etude or new piece, then you must be a good listener. You also need to listen to it first. Your teacher can help you play exactly what you were listening to, get a phone or computer to record and store. You can visit what has already been recorded for reference purpose.

Check YouTube to see if the video of the same piece you are listening to can be found. There are other sites you can find great violin videos.

5.Let Others Listen To You Play

You listen to other people play right? Guess you liked how composed and awesome their performance was. If you want to build great confidence, improve and get your name out there, you need to let others listen to you play.

Recruit your family members, friends or other violin players to listen to you. Apply to play for a nonprofit organization, group or church.

The bottom line is, do not always ask your teacher to listen to you. Other people’s opinions and criticisms can make you become a better player.

6.Explore Other Areas

Maybe you have been spending too much time on one etude or piece. If you have, then it’s time to make some drastic changes. Share your time properly to accommodate more than one project in a practice session. You can handle two projects at once.

However, this will not only help improve your concentration but help to improve your technical skills in other areas.

7.Don’t Forget To Warm up

It is funny when players say their fingers are still sleeping, so they need to warm up to wake it up. It may sound hilarious but there is some sense in that.

The thing is you need to warm up properly before you start playing. You can warm up with at least a scale or two to wake your fingers a bit.

8.Relate with other violinists

The violin is a great instrument so players are everywhere. Look for them in schools, churches, street festivals, and orchestras in your locality. Your next door neighbor could also be one of them. Find and relate with them.

You will enjoy playing with other violinists. There are many songs 2, 3 and even 4 violinists can play together. You can also form a small group where all of you will play and practice together. You can start earning money playing at weddings, churches, and other events.

9.Encourage yourself

Don’t let criticism pull you down. So many people have gotten frustrated because of this. Be inspired and practice consistently till you master the instrument. Know that the professionals you see playing perfectly today were once like you.

Take every criticism as a challenge to improve yourself. If no one criticized your performance, you won’t know if you have improved or not.

10. Practice and Learn from Others!!!

Be consistent, be creative. Always look for how to better yourself. There are a whole lot of resources to grow your skills. Talk to players who are ahead of you. They can help you grow faster. Your teacher might be doing a great job but having someone around who can play better than you might be of great help.

Final Word

Learning the violin is a privilege. It is one of those things I hold dearly to heart.

However, these 10 tips can help you become a better player. They will help you achieve your dream of becoming a better player. Just read on and enjoy.

The Best Violin Reviews – Top 10 Violin Brand Wise

Best Violin brands

Violins have always been considered as a delicate and beautiful orchestral instrument which is the perfect hallmark of classical music. With a sleek, spunky, and stylish look, this musical instrument can produce a great tonal quality. That’s why violins are widely regarded as a popular instrument for both aspiring musicians and enthusiastic audiences.

So, are you also planning to purchase a violin? Since violins can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of bucks, it may be quite confusing and cumbersome task to purchase the right violin.

Obviously, price plays a key role while purchasing any musical product including the violin. Enter your text here.

However, apart from the price range, there are multiple factors to consider while purchasing a violin.

For example, if you are a first-time violin player, then you may be needing a student violin or a beginner level violin.

Similarly, if you are a professional player, then you should purchase an advanced level violin. For your reference, the following sections will reveal more insightful details on this topic.

Top 10 Best Violin: Our Expert Recommended

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How to Choose the Best Violin in the Market?

Purchasing a violin is a daunting task as it depends on multiple factors that are briefly summarized below (for your quick reference).

The Materials

While purchasing a violin, we recommend you to provide careful attention to the material of the violin body, the back, the fingerboard, and the tailpiece. The body of an ideal violin should be made of high-quality wood.

Likewise, the backside of a violin should be made of a large cut of wood so that it can feature excellent sound quality. In some cheap violins, two parts may be stuck together in order to form the back.

However, the two-piece backs should be carefully and precisely assembled to prevent any cracking and produce a melodious sound.

The fingerboard is a key component of a violin that is typically designed with ebony, rosewood, or any other type of hardwood. The tailpiece of any violin is an essential component that will have a bearing on its sound.

In general, the tailpiece is made of ebony, boxwood, rosewood, or other types of hardwood. Note, the tailpiece must be light in order to allow the best resonance and reduce some undesirable frequencies.

The Bow

While the materials serve as the primary component when purchasing a violin, it is also important to ensure that a violin should feature an excellent bow.

The best violin bows are either made of synthetic hair or horsehair. Plus, it should have enough capacity to offer great playability and tonal quality.

The Rosin

Rosin is a type of treated resin which is generally obtained from some coniferous trees.

When they are applied to the violin bow hair in a rubbing motion, they form a powder that smoothly coats the hairs and produces sufficient friction for the violin bow hair in order to grip properly to its strings.

There are various types of rosin that are currently available on the market. Depending on the brand, the rosin quality will differ as per the ingredients used; it can vary from soft to hard and it may come in various color options, according to the ingredients used.

In general, darker rosins tend to be stickier and provide a better grip. Therefore, the best violin bows should have darker rosin and offer a firm grip.

The Strings

Since sound quality and tonal quality are the primary objectives of a violin, it is important to put an extra attention to the quality of the strings before purchasing a violin.

So, you may be wondering about what can be the right material for the best violin strings? If yes, then check this section for a better overview of violin strings.

Violin strings come in three categories, such as metal strings, synthetic strings, and gut strings.

Metal strings are considered to be a standard choice among those violinists who mostly play folk music.

Note, metal violin strings work well with electric violins. Metal strings violin can be an excellent choice for beginners since they mostly remain in tune and stabilize pretty quickly. The produced tone is clear, vibrant, and uncomplicated.

Gut strings tend to produce a mellower tone which works well with authentic instruments. The gut strings violins are widely regarded as one of the best violin tuners as they can produce a nice and rich tone.

Synthetic strings are considered to be the most popular string choice among most violinists. These strings are typically made from composite fibers and synthetic materials.

And, they are a great option for any player that wants to generate a warm and rich tone, avoiding the complexity of playing the challenging (and pricey) gut strings. Note, synthetic strings are stable and powerful.

The Varnish

Varnish generally protects the wood of a violin from the outside dirt, dust, grit, and pollution. Plus, it is an important functional addition to a violin that retains the original integrity of the wood.

Note, varnish can also affect the sound quality of a violin as it may slightly dampen the overall sound clarity and quality.

Varnishes can be either spirit-based or oil-based. Depending on the type of wood where it is applied, varnish can make a violin look darker and brighter in color.

Apart from the varnish, you should also use the “best violin case” in order to protect your instrument from the external pollutes.

The Bridge

A well-cut bridge really has a great impact on the sound quality that a violin produces.

Note, the bridge is a wooden piece which firmly holds the violin strings between the fingerboard and the tailpiece. Although it may seem like the bridge is securely fastened to a violin, it actually holds the pressure of the strings.

Best Violin Reviews: Brand Wise

Are you purchasing a violin for the first time and you are not sure which one to select? If yes, then do not worry anymore as you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we will reveal a comprehensive review of the top 10 violins with detailed information on their features, pros, and cons.

Now, based on your convenience, requirements, and budget preference, select an ideal one from our shortlisted category of 10 best violins.

1. Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin :  Stentor

Featuring a gorgeous finish, the “Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin” features to be a well-built, well-designed, and sturdy music instrument. Its clean and careful workmanship helps you to project a warm and bright tone.

The model features a 4-pound weight that is much lightweight compared to the other products available on the market.

According to the specifications, as revealed by this well-known violin product maker, it is perfect for beginners and students who want to play bluegrass or any other type/style of music & It Suits All Music Style

As mentioned earlier in “Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin Review”, this well-built violin flaunts a gorgeous finish.

Note, its premium-grade finishing includes Fine-Grained Solid Spruce Top and Solid Maple Back. Here’s a point to note regarding Solid Maple Back, Solid Maple Back is widely considered to be the most common material that is used to design the backside of guitars and violins.

To reveal the major pros and cons of this product, please take a quick look at the following sections of the Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin Review.


  • With Maple back, full Ebony fittings, and fine-grained solid spruce top, this product claims to be one of the best violin pieces.
  • This lightweight violin is ideal for both beginners and student level players.
  • It can produce a warm sound tone.
  • The package includes a lightweight canvas covered case with instrument blanket, octagonal wood horsehair bow with ebony frog, and exterior shoulder rest pocket or padded backpack bag.


2. Mendini MV500 Violin :  Mendini

Irrespective of whether you are an advanced violin player or you are a seasonal music fanatic who is looking to purchase his/her first violin, this product will be absolutely worth your investment.

Mendini MV500 Violin, as designed and distributed by a well-recognized product maker is considered to be one of the best violin brands for advanced students and intermediate players.

So, you must be now excited to know what makes this brand so popular and trustable. Isn’t it? Well, over the years, this brand has produced numerous musical instruments. And, this product is also not an exception!

If you can now go through to the below-mentioned sections of the Mendini violin review, you will be delighted to know that this model can produce a rich, deep, and powerful tone.

This is a highly recommended violin player by the brand that has already acclaimed great popularity among the users.

This model is even referred to as the “best step-up instrument from all beginner Mendini models” which makes this product an excellent purchase for both experienced students and beginners.

The model can help you possess an excellent tonal quality with an exceptional ability to create a strong, rich, and sensuous sound tune that beautifully resonates with any background music.

It features a sleek, attractive, and dark design that gives an impression of antiquity.

As per our Mendini violin review, this product is carefully crafted to be quite robust and reliable. It will last several years before a beginner-level student needs to consider upgrading.

Thus, with its beautiful construction quality, robustness, longevity, and excellent tonal quality, this product can be an ideal purchase as it comes with an affordable price tag

Let’s now reveal the major pros and cons of this product.


  • Its 4/4 (Full Size) features a solid hand-carved maple back, spruce top with varnish finishing, inlaid purfling, neck, and side.
  • The package further includes a lightweight hard case, two bridges, quality rosin cake, Ebony fingerboard, adjustable shoulder rest, pegs chin rest, and an extra pair of violin strings.
  • The buyers will be entitled to a complete 1-year warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.


  • No major cons to be mentioned for this product.

3. Louis Carpini G2 Violin : Kennedy Bunnel

Among the most popular and most sought violins in its category, this Kennedy Bunnel Violin Outfit produces a superior sound quality, when compared to other violins available within the same price range.

Note, Kennedy Bunnel Violins have consistently delivered fantastic customer service in the United States. The brand has its own professional luthiers that complete the final assembly cum setup.

This particular violin comes as a completely assembled product and it’s already set up, so no further efforts are required from the players.

The product is handcrafted with maple and spruce tonewoods. It even features a glossy oil finish which renders a great look.

The model also features 100% genuine ebony fittings, fingerboard, and pegs.

The kit comes with a premium-quality Brazilwood bow which is strong and responsive.

This durable Brazilwood bow is capable of generating smooth, full tones.

It is designed with a hand-carved and custom-fitted maple bridge, along with a glossy oil finishing.

Note, the model also includes D’Addario Prelude Strings that offer an excellent playability. This product is delivered with a lifetime warranty; the model is backed by a complete 45-day money-back guarantee.

This kit includes a durable oblong case that has an additional storage space and it stays secure with authentic YKK zippers.

The kit further includes all necessary accessories and fittings for beginners to enjoy their respective violin-playing practice sessions quickly (without much effort).

Thus, this inexpensive and affordable violin is a great purchase for practice and it’s quite easy to play.


  • It comes with a high-grade, responsive, and strong Brazilwood bow.
  • The D’Addario Prelude strings (widely considered to be the best violin strings) can produce full, smooth tones.
  • It is designed with a hand-carved and custom-fit bridge that’s made of maple tonewood.
  • The model features 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs, and fittings.
  • The outfit includes an “Intro to Violin” book.
  • The product is delivered with built-in fine tuners, best violin rosin, best violin sonatas, polishing cloth, and a set of Portland strings.


  • No significant cons to be mentioned in this section.

4. Cecilio electric cello : Cecilio

Whether you want a reliable violin product for practicing, or you are planning to purchase the best electric violin for recording songs in a studio, or you need an efficient violin player for performing on stage, this product will be worth your attention.

Featured to be the best violin player in its category, the entire set offers an excellent functionality and style.

The best part is that — not only it’s ideal for beginners and students, but also this reliable musical instrument can prove to be efficient for both intermediate and professional violin players.

The set includes a 1/8″ output jack which allows you to seamlessly connect to various guitar amps and PA systems, easily control and adjust volumes, and tune your music level and practice with confidence (using its built-in headphone jack) without disturbing others.

Furthermore, if you want to practice music with this violin, along with a matching background track, you are recommended to use its line-in jack.

For your convenience, the entire package of “Cecilio Electric Cello” comes with the following essential components, such as a well-padded lightweight carrying soft case, headphones, a bow, rosin, and aux cable.


  • This is a full-size violin player that is well-suitable for beginners, intermediate, and professional players.
  • This product is constructed with hand-carved maple wood. And, its black metallic varnish finishing looks so stylish, attractive, and eye-catching.
  • The product includes an Ebony fingerboard, four detachable fine tuners, pegs, well-padded soft case for carrying, aux cable, bow, rosin, and powerful headphones.
  • The product is powered by a 9-volts Alkaline battery which is included within its package.


  • The approximate weight of this violin player is around 20 pounds that is a bit heavy (compared to the similar products that are available on the market).

5. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size : Kennedy

Are you looking for the best cheap violin? If yes, then this model can conveniently fulfill all your needs.

This product features a solid carved maple and spruce, Ebony fingerboard, chinrest, pegs, and four independent fine tuners.

Not only this model can produce an enchanting sound quality that will grab the attention of your audience, but also the product comes as an extremely pocket-friendly price tag.

To assist you to carry this product conveniently to any location, it comes with a lightweight and durable black case which is widely considered to be the best violin case.

The below-mentioned sections of Kennedy pupil violin review will reveal more insightful details about this musical instrument.


  • This model comes with a lifetime warranty, along with a complete 45-day money-back guarantee (if the product doesn’t fulfill its purpose or it is faulty and non-functioning).
  • Once you open the box, you will find all the sets; hence, no further assembly is required.
  • Featuring a handcrafted solid maple and spruce tonewoods construction, genuine Brazilwood bow, and D’Addario Prelude strings, this product boasts of offering the best violin tuner.
  • The model comes with a sturdy black-colored carrying case.


  • The model features a weight of 7.6 pounds. Compared to the other products available on the market, it seems to be quite heavy. Other than that, there aren’t any such cons to be mentioned.

6. Cremona SV 75 Premier Novice Violin : Cremona

Are you looking for a perfect entry-level violin? If yes, then this product will be a great choice for you.

The four top-notch features that make this product stands out from the rest are its construction quality, fingerboard and fittings, wood selection, and outfit.

In the following sections of the Cremona sv75 violin review, the aforementioned features are described in detail.

Although it is a beginner level violin, the brand strictly ensured to maintain a superior construction quality.

As a result, this musical instrument can perform consistently, flawlessly, and it will eventually make your learning process more fun and pleasant.

Its warm translucent brown cum red finish is carefully applied — that flaunts a sleek and polished look

Although this violin comes at a pocket-friendly price tag, it doesn’t sacrifice its tonal quality or construction quality.

Not only the model features an inherent visual beauty, but also it ensures an optimum robustness and great longevity.

In order to improve the overall playability and tunability more precisely and accurately while keeping the overall costs down), this model features properly fitted hardwood pegs that can produce flawless sound.

The product is lightweight, durable, and well-shaped. It comes with a foam case for ease of transport and protection. It also comes with a color-matched bow and case.


  • It’s lightweight, durable, and well-shaped.
  • It features great playability, tunability, and great longevity.
  • The package includes a carrying case and a matching bow.
  • Its high-quality workmanship and properly fitted hardwood pegs produce a fine-tune.


  • No extra set of strings is provided with this model.

 7. Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin : Cecilio

One of the most reputed, well-known, and best violin brands has designed this terrific musical instrument. This model is widely regarded to be their most popular violin model that is specially crafted in order to handle every need of a beginning student.

That’s why it is even termed as the best violin for beginners. Featuring ebony fingerboard with perfect fittings, beautiful antique varnish finishing, and outstanding tone cum resonance, this model is an effective, efficient, and ideal companion for any student who’s undergoing their first violin lessons.

Emphasizing superior clarity, exceptional product quality, a warm and enchanting tone for a lively feel, remarkable responsiveness, this model features to a durable and reliable music instrument that will help any student progressing their violin-playing skills.

The model which is described in our “Cecilio electric violin review” is having the size of 4/4 (also called full size). All adults, irrespective of their height, size, and weight, can use or play this violin efficiently.

According to its key specifications that include hand-carved maple back, hand-carved solid spruce top, a beautiful antique varnish finishing, and inlaid purfling, this best student violin player can even cater the needs of an intermediate violinist too.

Let’s now reveal the major pros and cons of this product.


  • The entire violin package includes Cecilio chromatic tuner, a lesson book, a lightweight form fitting cum hard-shell case with straps and pockets, two Brazilwood bows, adjustable shoulder rest, and a violin bridge.
  • Featuring a minimal weight of five pounds, this product seems to be very easy to carry.
  • Buy this model with confidence as it comes with a 1-year solid warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.
  • It comes with a natural, soft, and light rosin.
  • This product comes with the “best violin shoulder rest” that features a soft foam padding and soft rubber feet.


  • It doesn’t come with an extra set of strings.

 8. D Z Strad Violin Model 101 1/2 Violin : Dz Strad

If you are looking for a reliable music instrument that comes at a pocket-friendly price, then this product will be quite apt for you.

The 1/2 size of this violin player is ideal for students and beginners who are in the initial phases of learning and gathering skills on how to play the violin.

This beautifully crafted music instrument is reliable, robust, and dependable. It really helps you to produce a rich, sophisticated, and warm tone.

it’s Lightweight & Offers Great Playability:

The product has a minimum weight of 3.8 pounds that is extremely easy to carry and use.

Even if you are a novice player who is playing this instrument for the first time, you will not face many hurdles.

That’s because Dz Strad Violin features excellent playability.

Well, you will now have a blissful peace of mind by knowing that this product features a fine quality bow (that is supplied with the outfit).

Needless to mention, a high-quality bow is needed to produce a warmer and melodious tone.

And, this best beginner violin player excellently serves the purpose by offering a superior quality bow.

Let’s now reveal the major pros and cons of this product.


  • A cost-effective and affordable violin player.
  • Easy to play, easy to use, and features to be one of the best starter violins.
  • Package includes a carrying case, high-quality bow, and rosin.
  • It comes with a natural, soft, and light rosin.
  • A lightweight violin player that is ready to use and play once you receive the package.


  • The model doesn’t come with an extra set of strings.

Great Sound Quality, Sturdiness, and Visual Beauty: All ADM Violins are carefully constructed with seasoned valued woods and they are designed to offer a remarkable sound quality, sturdiness, and visual beauty.

Featured to be one of the best violins for beginners, the outfit includes various accessories for beginners to kick-start their music lessons and it’s perfect for the beginners or student violinists.

It Comes With a Comprehensive Package:

The kit includes the following accessories, such as a lightweight shaped foam case, a 4/4 Size Brazilwood Bow (that is designed with Mongolian Horsehair), Rosin, and E-tuner.

Its 4/4 full-size model is ideal for any adults (who is having an age group of nine years or more).

The model also features a hand-carved solid maple back and sides, hand-inlaid purfling, Ebony pegs, chin rest, alloy tailpiece, and four integrated fine tuners.

To reveal more information on this product, please take a quick look at the following sections of the ADM violin review.


  • The model features Ebony pegs for easy tuning.
  • Its Ebony fingerboard features a comfortable touching.
  • The elegant F-hole can bring a wonderful resonance.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.
  • The model is perfect for both beginner and intermediate students who are into some more advanced training stages.


  • The product may feel a bit heavy or bulky. It features an item weight of 6.4 ounces.

9. Scott Cao Violin Outfit 4/4 Size Model STV017 : Scott Cao

The Scott Cao violin products are quite well known for their finest workmanship and high-quality tone.

And, this product tends to follow the aforementioned features.

It Comes with of Brazilwood Bows:

The entire outfit includes the violin, brazilwood bow, and student case. Needless to mention, the brazilwood bows are considered to be the best violin bows.

The primary reason is – brazilwood bows offer a very long lifespan (while compared to Pernambuco bows).

This violin features an Ebony fingerboard, a spruce top, chinrest, and appropriate fittings. The tailpiece comes with built-in fine tuners; plus, the instrument features Thomastik Dominant strings.

In this context, it must be noted that “Dominant strings” are multi-strand, highly flexible, and great quality synthetic core string that produces a nice tonal warmth.

These violin strings are a legendary choice for producing a distinctive tone. Dominant strings are impervious to climate changes including humidity, thus ensuring a stable intonation and long life.

The produced sound quality is rich, soft, and clear. Thus, with “Dominant strings installed”, this product can really help you produce the best violin music.

Overall, this is a fully-carved instrument with a beautiful hand-painted varnish that can offer excellent value for any student violinist!


  • The product features Ebony fingerboard, Ebony chinrest, and Ebony pegs,
  • With “Dominant strings installed”, it can produce a rich, vibrant, and clear sound tune.
  • The lightweight model features approximately 3.6 pounds of item weight.


  • The brazilwood bow needs to be handled with delicacy and care.

The Final Verdict

So, you have now revealed an in-depth buying guide that emphasizes the key factors to be considered while purchasing any violin.

Also, we recommend you to read out the professional reviews of top 10 violin players before making a meaningful buying decision.

This in-depth buying guide and top 10 violin reviews will certainly help you choose your ideal violin.

7 Ways To Play Violin Pain-Free: Reducing Pain

Musicians are like athletes, they need exercises to keep their bodies in good shape. An athlete who doesn’t exercise will certainly not perform well.

The same thing goes for musicians. You may feel sore or stiff after playing the violin for some time because of the positioning and poses involved. This happens to most players too.

We have prepared some tips and healthy ways you can play the violin without experiencing neck, shoulder or back pain. Read on and enjoy playing with ease.

7 Ways To Play Violin Pain-Free –  Follow This ways

1. Wear Proper Shoes

Playing the violin with comfortable shoes on your feet is very important. And if you are still wondering what does feet has to do with violin playing? Then, reading on to find the answer.

Have you ever stood for hours with shoes you are not comfortable with? What was the feeling like? You probably got tired of standing and felt like taking those shoes off right? That’s what happens when you wear shoes that are not comfortable when playing the violin.

So what’s the right shoe to wear?

Wear comfortable shoes whenever you are practicing. Tennis or cushioned flat shoes will give you proper balance. It will take pressure off your lower back region.

2. Practice on a Cushioned Rug

If you are serious about playing the violin, you need to treat yourself well. Find a suitable corner in your home and make the place even more comfortable for you.

It could be your study, bedroom, or living room. Just make sure the place is conducive to practice and also keep your instrument.

Since you will be practicing with your bare foot at home, place a cushioned rug on the floor. You may also use a floor mat if you like but make sure it is comfortable to stand on. You can still invest in a memory foam mat if you want.

Now, what will this do for you?

Apparently, playing the violin while standing on a cushioned rug will remove stress off your lower back.

3. Use a pillow or cushion on your chair

We love to play the violin while standing. But standing for hours can be very tiring. Your leg might ache and you may feel like sitting down to avoid being too exhausted.

My advice is sit down anytime you feel like. It is not compulsory that you must stand throughout the practice session. Stiffness can set in as you practice for an extended period.

When it happens, don’t neglect sitting down. Don’t sit down and relax, alternate between sitting and standing.

The chair you sit on must be comfortable. The cushion in the chair should not be too much but sit on something comfortable, not something that will put pressure on your spine.

How should I properly sit?

Sit up tall. Make sure you are straight. Sit on the edge of the chair and do not rest your back on the chair completely.

As you sit, your leg should form a right angle while your feet should be completely flat on the floor. Remember, you need to make yourself very comfortable to practice well.

4. Practice in segments

A lot of beginners are so motivated that they want to start playing like the professionals they listen to. Having such mindset is good, but one should never forget that learning the violin is a process.

Just the way we progress in class so is learning the violin. You grow as you practice not by the number of hours you spend on each practice session.

In fact, a player that practices less than an hour consistently on a daily basis may perform better than someone who practices 10 hours twice a week.

When you practice, please do not overdo it because it can cause physical strain. You have to develop your muscles and flexibility properly.

These are needed for you to practice and play like a champ. Your body needs to get used to the unusual poses needed to play the instrument.

So which is the best way to practice?

First, plan to practice daily but in segments. That is, do not practice for extended periods once or twice on a weekly basis.

As a beginner, practice for at least 20 minutes each session. You may decide to extend it to an hour, once your performance starts improving.

5. Have some breaks as you practice

I always take breaks to stretch whenever I practice. It is good and very important. It is very easy for violinists to get carried away when they practice long periods, but don’t fall for it.

Take breaks in between scales or songs. You have to put down your instrument, stretch different parts of your body like wrist, arms, hands legs, shoulders, and neck.

In fact, you will see how relieved this would make you feel.

So what are the benefits?

Stretching before and after playing for a while offers has many benefits. It can help you to prevent injury, strain and other issues that may crop up as you play. In fact, this is ideal for beginners.

6. Relax, Breathe and Get Rid of Tension

Breathing is very important. Most players forget to breathe when they get carried away with the passion of what they are playing or encounter some difficulty while playing.

Always remind yourself to breathe as you practice. You need to relax after playing for a while because your shoulder and neck muscles may tense up. It is normal for this to happen as you practice.

7. Do Some Daily Exercises

Exercises done regularly help to alleviate aches and pains associated with playing the violin. You should also not forget to stretch before and after practicing.

Some players use yoga to stretch their back and neck after playing for extended periods. It is a great way to get rid of stress and pains too.

Playing the violin without pains makes the process more enjoyable. That’s why as a beginner, you need to develop healthy habits listed in this article.

These tips will make playing the violin more interesting and should guide you as you continue learning the violin.

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Violin

An instrument that has been Beloved by numerous individuals around the globe and crosswise over time, the violin is a little instrument fit for creating a scope of lovely sounds and songs.

In any case, it isn’t the least demanding instrument to Master. With a lot of specialized requests, virtuosic writing, and physical needs, one must keep up and practice the instrument to comprehend and conquer its difficulties.

Why Violin is Important to Western Classical Music

The absolute biggest established music writing and pieces, for example, those created by Beethoven, Paganini, Tchaikovsky, and Bach-are composed for solo violin, ambiance music, or concerto.

These are probably the most virtuosic and frequently conspicuous works that numerous traditional artists know, and numerous renowned artists, for example, Itzhak Perlman and Hilary Hahn have translated them. Every single genuine violinist will understand Bach’s Chaconne in D minor or Paganini’s Caprice No.1.

As researchers from the University of Iowa have expressed, “Violins did not advance; rather, the conduct of the violin creators developed.” The violin apparently showed up out of the blue in the mid-1500s in northern Italy.

Not at all like instruments like the cutting edge piano, which experienced a few improvements, are the main appearances of the violin basically equivalent to the advanced violin. Variety in the measure of sound gaps and other physical qualities of the violin changed relying upon the creator and their Musical inspirations.

Today, the violin is a noteworthy segment of traditional music gatherings. The concertmaster, or the pioneer of the violin area (and of course whatever is left of the symphony), is a violinist.

The violin is additionally a noteworthy component of orchestral compositions writing: string trios (violin, viola, and cello), string groups of four (two violins, viola, and cello), and in piano two part harmonies (on account of sonatas or as a backup). Numerous authors from Beethoven to Stravinsky composed tremendous works for orchestral compositions which are as yet played and delighted in today.

Why Learning to Play the Violin is Good for the Ear

Dissimilar to console instruments, the string instruments require a perfect ear to create great inflection. This is on the grounds that the pitch of the sound changes as the artist slides her fingers along the strings. In contrast to the guitar, the four noteworthy symphonic string instruments don’t have frets.

Once in a while when taking in the instrument, amateurs will put tape on the distinctive places of the violin to take in the separations. Be that as it may, numerous artists, particularly the individuals who are extremely youthful, figure out how to build up their ear just with training and figure out how to arrange the pitch of the note with the situation of their fingers.

Additionally, many fiddle players and violinists in music gatherings of non-Western societies take in the violin utilizing their ear. Without the Western traditional documentation, these artists build up their aural capacity and perform music that their guides and individual artists go down to them.

Why Violinists Learn to Coordinate their Entire Body

Playing the violin is a physically requesting accomplishment. While distinctive instruments accompany their own difficulties, the traditional preparing of the violin requires appropriate guidance and body position to try and create a sound. There are a few components to remember while figuring out how to play, including the grasp of the hand on the bow, the situation of the fingers on the strings, and the position of the neck.

In any event toward the starting, it tends to be to a great degree hard to become accustomed to playing the violin. The hand must comprehend the distinctive positions and arrange with the ear to play in order, delivering a healthy vibrato when required.

The neck must hold the violin solidly so it doesn’t disappear. The bowing hand must hold the bow with appropriate shape and adjust to the power and weight requested by the author’s score. These accomplishments happen while the artist keeps up legitimate stance, breathing, and scholarly and passionate comprehension of the music.

The Violin Produces Great Tone with Range of Sounds

The violin has fascinating components of sound. The performer can change the shading or power of the note by the pressure and speed of the bow, by culling the string (pizzicato), and furthermore by utilizing the body of the instrument as percussion in more present day styles. Electric violins are likewise utilized in present day famous music, extraordinarily expanding potential for sound assortment.

There are likewise numerous elements of violin playing, including the system utilized on the string. These incorporate to be specific vibrato, or the faltering of pitch while holding out a long note.

The movement of the bow on bowed instruments can likewise support sound for extensive stretches of time, which is something that couple of different instruments outside of this class can do (the organ being a vast special case).

Why the Violin is a Versatile Instrument

The violin is an instrument that can fit anyplace. You can play it in the symphony, as a performance instrument, or for orchestral compositions. You could likewise play at a bygone era stick or in the city. From shake shows to non mainstream people to electronic music, the sound of the violin mixes effortlessly with different styles and organizations.

Despite the fact that the violin initially emerged in the West, the instrument has been invited into numerous societies around the globe including Irish music, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkan. The violin has additionally been adjusted for Indian music troupes and South American move music, for example, Argentinian tango.

While the fiddle may appear to be a casual term for the violin, it is a totally legitimate name in the realm of society, country, and bygone era music. While the instruments are basically the equivalent, the fiddling style stays unmistakable from its traditional partner. In some cases, the manufactured strings ordinarily utilized in traditional exhibitions are supplanted by steel strings by fiddlers to adjust the sound. Additionally, system, stance, and sound in styles that utilize fiddling isn’t as exact as the traditional violinist.

For the world voyager, the violin is an incredible instrument for busking and road performing. Furthermore, notwithstanding being musically adaptable, it’s to a great extent versatile. Numerous carriers around the globe enable violinists to take their instrument onto the plane without paying for an additional seat.

While playing the violin may appear to be troublesome, it is a remunerating instrument to ace. With a gigantic collection of writing in melodic standards around the globe and also its melodic advantages to the creating entertainer, the violin is an astounding instrument of decision.

Why The Violin Improve Your Posture

The manner in which violins are held and played requires your center to be locked in. In case you’re playing without center commitment, you’re not playing appropriately.

This is genuine even of violin players who sit a considerable measure as they’re playing. On the off chance that the abdominal area isn’t held immovably upstanding, it is exceptionally hard to play accurately.

You will fix your abs, bringing your shoulders back and down, and sitting up tall while you figure out how to play the violin.

This great stance is probably going to wind up a propensity after some time. Before long, you may discover your stance showing signs of improvement constantly, not simply while you play.

The Violin will make you more Graceful

The manner in which a violin is played requires a one of a kind level of coordination and smooth development.

As your hands, arms, and center cooperate to play while you hold your instrument, you will build up an all the more normally agile development.

Watch an expert violin player and you will see the effortlessness for yourself. As you figure out how to play the violin, you too will build up those excellent developments.

Best Violin for Beginners – A Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

An Advice Why you should learn to play a musical instrument?

Specialists contemplating the advantages of music have detailed that playing a melodic instrument all the time can help cut down pressure. Studies demonstrate that playing an instrument helps in bringing down the pulse and circulatory strain, which thus brings down the pressure hormone cortisol, consequently making us feel loose.

Final Words

In the event that your stance is right and the violin is in the correct position, it is less demanding to play in order in light of the fact that the gravity takes every necessary step with your bow hand.

It additionally helps in diminishing pressure and makes a fuller stable. So recall, to have the capacity to play free of strain, the violin must not point down or point upwards excessively.

7 Best Violin Case Reviews – The Most Helpful Buying Guide

A violin case is considered to be one of the most essential and important tools that you should own if you’re a violinist. The best violin cases that are currently available on the market will keep your violin safe and secure as you head towards a practice or performance session.

Needless to mention, all violinists need a good violin bag (i.e. a violin travel case) for storage purposes when they aren’t using the instrument. However, purchasing the “best violin case” is a tricky and cumbersome task since there are many different styles to choose from which include waterproof violin cases, backpack violin cases, carbon fiber violin cases and lots more.

In order to help you make a meaningful buying decision, this article will cover “Top 7 Best Violin Case Reviews” so that you can find your ideal violin case.

7 Best Violin Case Reviews

1. ADM Professional Sturdy Violin Case

This is a professional, sturdy, full-size, oblong wooden hard case that comes with a hygrometer, lock, and well-built and spacious compartments to store and organize your belongings.

Key Features :

  • Violin Cases Full Size: This is a full-size, oblong wooden hard case that features a plush velvet interior and durable fabric exterior with a full suspension system.
  • Shoulder Strap Carrying Options: The model features four “Metal Extra D-Rings” which are convenient for carrying as a shoulder backpack. Also, it includes a leather handle, four locking bow spinners, premium YKK zippers, tail block sponge, string tube, and three interior accessory pockets.
  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty: With this product, you will get a one year warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.

Specifications :

  • Size – 31.7 x 9.6 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight – 6.5 pounds
  • Material – Wood


  • It features excellent construction, superior instrument protection, and quality inside and out.
  • It’s reasonable.


  • No major cons to be mentioned in this section.

2. Aileen Violin Case Hard with Hygrometer

As mentioned in the earlier section, violin case is one of the most valuable tools for a violinist. This case will keep your instrument safe when you are performing or practicing.

So, this brand has brought a revolutionary new lightweight case that can carry both your violin and its important accessories with ease! Read below and reveal the three primary features of this instrument.

Key Features:

  • Adequate Storage: This carrying case for the violin comes with ample space that can store a shoulder rest holder and two bows.
  • Ultra-light and Easy to Carry: The outer case is constructed with lightweight, reinforced, and fine-quality fiberglass material that will protect your instrument. Plus, it comes with three metal D-rings with adjustable straps for carrying with ease and convenience.
  • Hygrometer: The built-in hygrometer features a moisture level monitoring system that ensures the shape and sound quality of your violin is never compromised.

Specifications :

  • Size – 4/4 full size violin
  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Exterior – Gloss fiberglass
  • Interior – Premium quilted velvet
  • Hygrometer – Included


  • With Maple back, full Ebony fittings, and fine-grained solid spruce top, this product claims to be one of the best violin pieces.
  • It’s suitable for all violinists including both beginners and advanced professionals.


  • The quality of the in-built hygrometer could be improved.

3. Crossrock Violin Fiberglass Case

The case is designed for a 4/4 full-size violin. So, if you own a full-size violin and you are looking for the right case, then make sure to go through this section of the best violin case review.

The product comes with a solid rectangular shape with an ample amount of storage space.

Therefore, you can easily place all of your essential accessories into this box, along with your expensive violin and protect it against damage.

Key Features:

  • Excellent Construction: The product features a hard foam core inside, along with deep plush lining & half suspension design.
  • Good Lock Closing System: This rectangular-shaped violin case features a great lock closing system (with premium-quality zippers)
  • Large Accessory Compartment: The product comes with a large accessory compartment with two bow holders and a lid.


  • Size: 31.9 x 12.6 x 6.3 inches
  • Color: Champagne
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds


  • It features excellent construction.
  • It comes with ample storage space.


  • The product is a bit bulky. Other than that, there are no other cons to be mentioned.

4. Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

If you are looking for an oblong violin case that combines quality craftsmanship, less weight, and an attractively low price, then this product will be the right one for you!

A shell of rigid and poly-expanded foam is covered with Cordura fabric in order to offer the ultimate protection with maximum ease of transport.

Its plush interior even features ample space for two bows & a large accessory pocket.

Its comfortable case handle and heavy-duty zipper are quality features which help make this model as your best choice as an affordable violin case!

Key Features:

  • Arched-top and ultra-light foam construction offer optimum durability.
  • Molded and padded interior with neck support & Velcro strap further ensures a snug and protective fit.

Specifications :

  • Size: 5.2 x 10 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Style: Rectangular Shaped
  • Size: Full-size


  • Rigid foam construction offers great protection.
  • It is affordable.
  • It comes with ample storage space.


  • No color options are available.

5. Portland Oblong Violin Case

Kennedy Violins is widely considered to be one of the best violin brands. In fact, they are considered to be one of the most popular violin retailers.

So, if you are looking for an ideal violin box for your full-size Kennedy Violins product, then this product will be worth your attention.

It is designed according to the specifications of a standard full-size Kennedy Violins musical instrument. Keep reading to explore its key features.

Key Features:

  • It’s Efficient and Useful: This violin case is lightweight, full-suspension, and high-density foam case that comes with adequate storage space for storing four bows, additional accessories, padded straps, lined violin blanket, genuine YKK zippers, and weatherproof woven-nylon exterior.
  • Uncompromising Warranty Period: This product features a solid one-year full warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Specifications :

  • Size: 31.5 x 5.5 x 11.2 inches
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It comes with multiple D-rings for multiple carrying options.
  • It features a smoothly shaped ergonomic handle.


  • No major cons to be mentioned in this section.

6. Protec 4/4 Professional Violin Case

This sturdy violin case is designed for professional violinists. This fine hardshell violin case features suspension padding, a soft wine velvet interior, a hygrometer, humidifier, four English bow clips, a string tube, and a luxurious blanket.

Whereas, its exterior has leather accents, large front pocket, built-in rain-jacket, TSA lock, and sturdy handle (along with a hook ‘n loop leatherette closure).

The model also includes a shoulder strap. If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the so-called and expensive accord violin cases, then this product will be an absolute must for you.

This is widely considered to be one of the best violin cases of 2020.

Key Features:

  • Weather Resistant: Featuring a 1680D ballistic nylon exterior & built-in rain jacket, the product claims to be a perfect weather-resistant violin box.
  • Velvet Interior: Both the exterior and interior of this product are well-constructed. The interior features a soft wine velvet interior.
  • Additional Features: The additional feature of this cool violin case include sturdy TSA lock, four bow clips, and front pockets.

Specifications :

  • Size: 31.2 x 5.8 x 9.5 inches (full-size)
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Interior: Velvet


  • It’s weather-resistant, sturdy, and functional violin accessory.
  • Both exterior and interior are well-crafted.
  • It’s a rectangular shape and comes with adequate storage space.


  • No color options are available.

Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case

Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Case offers great value and good protection from external damage. It is designed with an ultra-light EPS foam frame so that it can deflect the impact; the case even features suspension padding, a soft plush interior lining, a soft violin blanket, two interior accessory compartments, and two bow clips.

Want to know more about this excellent violin case? If yes, then make sure to check the following sections.

Key Features:

  • Great Protection Against Exterior Damage: The model features a soft non-abrasive interior lining, interior accessory compartment, and suspension padding. It is constructed with a lightweight shock-absorbing foam frame. Plus, the product comes with a large front-side zippered pocket, small accessory zippered pouch, and a tough 600D nylon exterior.
  • The Model Is Backpackable: The product comes with dual-corded handle design, a padded handle wrap, a convenient subway handle, removable backpack straps, and adjustable shoulder strap. Therefore, you can easily carry it as a backpack while traveling.

Specifications :

  • Size: 32 x 13 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Style: Shaped Case
  • Size: Full-size


  • It’s extremely lightweight.
  • It is backpackable.
  • It comes with long-lasting custom molded zippers & durable molded rubber feet.


  • Interior accessory compartment space is quite inadequate for carrying additional accessories like bow and rosin.

The Most Helpful Buying Guide With Best Case Update

So, what are the best violin case brands? What is the cheap, cost-effective, and well-built violin case backpack that’s available on the market?

If you are looking for an expert opinion on this subject, then do not look any further as you have landed on the right page.

We truly understand your requirements and that’s why this article will reveal a compiled list cum review of seven violin case covers with an insightful buying guide.

Check The Depth Mendini Violin Reviews


Feature various types of materials, sizes, and shapes. For example, if you are using a delicate violin that’s relatively expensive, then you may probably need to purchase a protective, well-built, and professional violin case.

However, if you travel very frequently, then you will require a travel-friendly, easy to carry, and lightweight violin case. Likewise, many people often prefer to use hard shell violin case or wooden violin case. Keep reading in order to reveal more information about the ideal material of a violin case.


You may have spent loads of time in finding the right material while purchasing a violin.

Now, it is equally important to finding the ideal material that will protect your delicate musical instrument from shock, pressure, dust, and dirt.

That’s why it’s often stated that “the best violins should be always protected with a reliable carrying case”.

Note: three materials are commonly used for constructing a violin travel case, such as carbon fiber, compacted foam, and wood.

Carbon Fiber

If you are looking for the best lightweight violin case, then a carbon fiber violin case should be apt for you. This is because – the material of carbon fiber is extremely lightweight, durable, and sturdy.

You can easily travel around with your violin once you have owned a carbon fiber violin case. Apart from portability and travel-friendliness, these cases are considered to be “crush-resistant”.

The only negative aspect of carbon fiber is they do not have insulating properties and they are not weather-proof (as compared to other common materials like wood and compacted foam)

Compacted Foam

If you own the best violin for beginners and you are planning to buy a cheap violin case, then you may consider purchasing a compacted foam violin carrying case.

As similar to carbon fiber, these violin cases are lightweight and portable. They are widely considered to be the best violin cases for beginners because of their cheap, pocket-friendly, and cost-effective price tag.

However, these types of cheap and cool violin accessories are not very much sturdy and durable. Plus, they can’t provide you a 100% protection against exterior weather conditions.


Wood is obviously a heavier and tougher material while compared to the aforementioned two materials. If you are looking for a hard violin case, then the wood will be the right choice of material for you.

Apart from that, violin hard cases that are constructed with premium-quality wood possess better insulation properties as compared to compacted foam.

However, since this material is quite heavy and tough, it is not suited for those musicians who travel a lot (quite frequently).

Note: wood violin cases are considered to be one of the most expensive violin cases.

Shapes and Sizes

While the material is the key factor while purchasing a suitable violin case, the second most important parameter is its size and shape.

Please note, four types of shapes are commonly available for violin cases that include oblong violin case, dart violin case, rectangular violin box, and contoured violin case.

The beginner-level violin players prefer to use either a contoured violin case or a dart violin case since they are compact, lightweight, cheaper, and easy to carry.

However, these violin boxes do not have any additional compartments for storing the accessories like a bow, rosin, or spare strings etc.

On the other hand, a rectangular violin box or oblong violin case allows you to place more accessories into its compartment.

These models are larger and slightly bulkier than a dart or contoured violin case.

Coming to the size, if you are using a 4/4 or full-size violin, then you need to purchase and use a full size violin case that can easily accommodate your 4/4 violin. For a detailed review of the “violin case full size”, please take a look at our “violin cases reviews” section.

Exterior and Interior Features

The exterior features of the violin hard case include an exterior accessory pocket, backpack straps, and/or sling straps.

Note, the exterior accessory pocket allows you to store important accessories or belongings, such as notebooks, rosin, and spare strings.

Whereas backpack straps and sling straps allow you to carry your instrument with ease and comfort.

When considering the interior features of a violin, you must give quick attention if the interior compartment can perfectly fit your instrument.

If your violin has some unique dimensions, you need to be more careful about the size and shape of a violin case.

Also, the interior compartment should be capable enough to protect your violin during transit and prevent shocks, pressure, and damage as much as possible.

The common materials for interior compartments include silk, suede, cotton, velvet, and nylon.

Final Verdict

With this, you have revealed a detailed overview of seven best violin case reviews for 2020. Before buying your ideal product, make sure to follow the aforementioned buying guide and purchase the most suitable product that fulfills your needs.