Top 16 Ukulele Questions and Answers For Beginners

Now that you have finally made up your mind to play the ukulele, the next step is to familiarize yourself with all the questions about the instrument.

Buying the best ukulele for beginners isn’t enough to have a good start. You need to understand the similarities and differences that exist between the ukulele and other instruments; including features of the instrument.

So here you have it, the 10 craziest questions and answers every beginner should know.

1. Are ukulele easier than guitar?

If your definition for “easier” is making music in a short time or with less effort at the start, then the ukulele can be said to be easier than a guitar. The thing is to become proficient at playing any instrument you have to put in more time and practice more often.

You may not make any sense the first day or two with other instruments but with the ukulele, you may be making music the second or third day.

Other reasons the ukulele is easier are; the low tension on its four nylon strings compared to guitar steel strings. The strings make forming chord much easier for a beginner. In addition, the ukulele chords are much easier.

So to answer your question; if you want to make music in a short time as a beginner, I recommend the ukulele.

Also, if you plan to play the guitar in the future, then you can first learn the ukulele. Baritone ukuleles are tuned the same way as guitar; DGBE, which is the same thing as guitar’s high-pitched four strings. In other words, chords you learned from the baritone ukulele will be easily transferred to the guitar.

2. Are ukulele and guitar tuners the same?

Ukulele and baritone ukulele tuners are not the same. But you can use guitar tuners to tune the ukulele. The best option for the tuner to buy is a chromatic tuner. This tuner can recognize all notes and make tuning easy. Also, keep it at 440 Hz as you tune.

3.Is the ukulele easy to learn?

I like to tell people that the ukulele is not easy but comfortable to learn. The reason is because telling someone that the ukulele is “easy” to learn will make him or her lazy.

All instruments need dedication and constant practice to get better at. The ukulele has only four strings, so learning chords will not be too confusing for beginners.

Buying the best ukulele for beginners can make learning much easier too. Nothing can frustrate your teacher or even you more when you have a uke that just can’t stay in tune for a minute or that sounds terribly bad.

4. Is the ukulele strings different sizes?

Yes of course. The ukulele also comes in different sizes so is the string size. Every ukulele has different scale length, which is the distance measured from the bridge to nut. The soprano ukulele has a scale length of 13 inches and overall length of 21 inches.

While the biggest of the four ukulele sizes, baritone ukulele, has a scale length of 19 inches and overall length is 30 inches. Coupled with the fact that the ukulele has different scale length and overall length, the instrument also has different tension requirement.

Therefore, every set of strings will not perfectly fit on every type of ukulele. Also, the scale length and overall length may be indicated on the packaging of the set of strings.

to read more information about best ukulele strings

5. Are ukulele and guitar strings the same?

The ukulele and guitar strings are not the same.

6. When should I change the strings on my ukulele?

It depends on the state of the strings and what you want. For me, I would say when the strings are not sounding the way they use to, you should consider changing them.

Another situation is when any of the string is broken; change all the strings at once to have a uniform and well sounding ukulele.

7.  Are ukulele strings plastic?

Not all ukulele strings are plastic but the most commonly used strings are plastic strings.

8. Do all ukulele strings have the same thickness?

All ukulele strings do not come with the same thickness.

9. Is the ukulele hard to play?

All instruments are not hard to play if you dedicate more time to learn. Compared to other string instruments, the ukulele has just four strings and is much easier to learn.

10. Is it possible to find the best ukulele for beginners?

Most beginners usually choose wrongly when it comes to picking a ukulele. There are numerous options available on the market so that is expected. And yes! It is possible to find the best ukulele but with a little research. You can read through the best ukulele reviews to find some more clues.

11.Where can I get good tuition videos?

There are many places you can get good tuition videos. The internet is filled with lots of good stuff. One of the places you can get good tuition videos are YouTube. Of course, there are other sites too.

12. Are ukulele and bass chords the same?

The answer is no. Both instruments are tuned differently. The ukulele is tuned GCEA while bass is EADG (from lowest to highest string).

13. Are ukulele and mandolin chords the same?

Ukulele and Mandolin chords are not the same. In addition, both instruments are not tuned the same way. The ukulele’s strings are tuned GCEA while mandolin strings are tuned GDAE.

14. Are ukulele and banjo chords the same?

The answer is yes but there is more. Both instruments will only use the same chord when you tune the same.

15. Are ukulele and guitar picks the same?

Picks for ukulele and guitar are not the same but you can use guitar picks to play the ukulele. However, the problem with using guitar picks is that it can scratch your ukulele more easily.

16. Are ukulele and guitar capos the same

Ukulele and guitar capos are not the same but you can use a guitar capo for a ukulele.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Love Ukulele


If you are reading this, the first question you need to ask yourself is, do I really love the ukulele? For beginners, this is a very important question because you need to cultivate the right mind and grow your passion for the instrument. I have always wanted to learn how to play different instruments but I finally ended up with one, the ukulele.

My passion for this instrument continued to grow and now I can’t stop loving it. There are many reasons why people love playing the ukulele and over the years as I listen to myself play this instrument, I discovered some reasons why people love the instrument.

The ukulele design is amazing

The design of the ukulele is so irresistible. It is not just the sweet sound that interests people but its design. Well, as for me, I can’t stop admiring my ukuleles because of their bright and captivating colors and design. In fact, looking at the ukulele alone makes me appreciate the beauty of nature and life.

Most ukuleles are tattooed with images of beautiful places that are historical and a must see. Adding ukulele with such beautiful designs to your collections will inspire and make you feel like you are already in those beautiful parts of the world.

It is easy to play

One thing I love about the ukulele is that I find it very easy to play. Even when I first started, it wasn’t that difficult to play some simple ukulele songs. Anytime I pick up my ukulele, I always feel comfortable playing. The size and positioning of the fretboards also make it easy to form chords.

In fact, you can grip it firmly and play whatever you want to play. The ukulele is easy for kids and adults to play because of its size. No matter the size of your hand, whether big or small you can play the instrument.

All can play it

Have you tried playing any other instrument before and failed? Well, that’s because not every instrument is easy to play. Some instruments are just too difficult to play because of their shapes, sizes and how technical they are. I love playing the ukulele and will advise people to play it because all can play the ukulele. Even children can play it too because of its size, shape, and design.

Small and portable

If you love to travel all the time like me, the ukulele is a perfect instrument to take along. The ukulele comes in different sizes and it is also very portable to transport. I usually take other stuff with me anytime am traveling but that doesn’t stop me from taking my ukulele with me.

Easy to learn

Another reason why the ukulele is loved by people is because it is easy to learn. Unlike other instruments, you can watch ukulele videos and play yourself without anyone lecturing you. If you also have someone around to put you through, it will be easier for you to catch up with the instrument.

In addition, the strings of the instrument also make it easy to learn. The strings are smooth and do not cause bruises. In fact, any age can learn ukulele. If you are a beginner, there are easy ukulele songs you can play along with. This will also help you to learn the instrument faster. Also, you don’t need to be a professional to play simple ukulele songs.

Produces great sound

The ukulele sound is fantastic. In fact, when I am not in a happy mood, I become so happy and lively anytime I play my ukulele. The ukulele might be small in size but the sound it produces is rich, full and entertaining. Another reason why people like the ukulele is because of the calmness of the sound it produces.

Unlike other types of instrument, the ukulele does not produce any annoying sound. And the good thing is that you can also get cheap ukulele that produces a great sound too.

You can cover any type of songs

Do you listen to ukulele songs? They are wonderful. The instrument just makes every song looks good and that’s another reason why I so much love the ukulele. In addition, there are easy ukulele songs for kids.

They can practice with these songs until they become perfect. In fact, you will be surprised when your kids start playing ukulele songs easy. The thing is anyone can learn the instrument either by using beginner ukulele songs or ukulele lessons.

It makes people happy when presented as a gift

The ukulele is a great instrument to use as a gift and the truth is, anyone that receives it as a gift will surely feel very happy. One thing is clear. The Ukulele is very simple to play, so even when presented as a gift to someone who doesn’t know much about the instrument, he or she won’t find it hard to learn.

The color of this instrument is also irresistible. In fact, one can use it to decorate the home, office or any environment. Apart from the color and design, the size and shape of the ukulele also make it perfect as a gift. It is something that people can carry around wherever they like.

Anyone can play independently

If you have tried so hard to learn other instruments but failed, I don’t think you would have any problem with the ukulele. It is always very easy to learn how to play the ukulele for beginners who don’t even have any experience with the instrument.

The ukulele is an instrument one can play independently. You can learn it yourself by watching ukulele videos or by looking at others people playing. How sweet!

It is very easy to maintain

Believe me, if you buy a good ukulele brand, you can even play this instrument for many years. One reason why I love this instrument is that it doesn’t require much stress to maintain. The ukulele is so simple and easy to maintain. It is also very easy to re-string.

Top 4 Best Electric Ukulele Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Acoustic-electric ukuleles are fast becoming every uke player’s first choice. These ukuleles can be played acoustically and also when they are plugged in. Before you buy the best electric ukulele, you should read my best ukulele reviews.

My main purpose in creating this electric ukulele review is to disclose some great acoustic-electric ukulele for starters and professional uke players. These ukuleles have some interesting features that will make you spend your last penny without thinking twice.

However, you don’t need to break the bank to have these. They are budget-friendly and a good choice for folks looking for the best electric ukulele on a budget.

So let’s look into the four best electric ukuleles together.

We Recommend 4 Best Electric Ukuleles For All Players

Vorson FLPUK2BK Electric Ukulele Review

The first on my list is the Vorson FLPUK2BK Electric Ukulele. It is one of my favorite electric ukuleles and I must say the company did a great job in creating such an inexpensive and good quality instrument. Some of its amazing features are:

Real Wood Finish

The real wood finish is one of the features that caught my attention. It adds more beauty and uniqueness to the ukulele and causes it to stand out among other similar electric acoustic ukulele at this price point.

The wood finish somehow makes the ukulele easier to maintain. You can wipe off dust or finger stains from the uke’s body without stress.

Dual single-coil pickups

Moving away from the finish, another striking feature is the dual single coil pickups. Since the quality of the tone is one of the things players consider before choose an acoustic-electric ukulele, this instrument will rank among the best due to its amazing tone quality. The dual single-coil pickups make the tone worth listening to.

It gives the instrument a bright tone and excellent control via a 3-way toggle. And considering its price, I would score this instrument an “A” for its tone quality.

Accurate Fretting

Being an inexpensive ukulele, every part of the instrument seems to be in order. The frets are of equal range and level, and it doesn’t produce buzzing sound while playing. On the other hand, the fingerboard is made of rosewood material for better sound.

Again, the ukulele has a solid construction and I admire the craftsmanship and creativity the manufacturer invested in this ukulele. The neck is solid and generally, you will feel comfortable holding this ukulele tight while playing. Its lightweight also makes it more comfortable to play and even though durability is a function of time, this instrument appears to be durable.

Quality steel strings

The last but not the least is its strings. In fact, I will not forgive myself if I don’t talk about the strings of this instrument. It comes with steel strings and one thing I like about them is that they don’t require constant tuning to stretch. They also hold tune well, which is a good sign for players, since they don’t need to spend more time and energy tuning every day.

The Vorson FLPUK2BK Electric Ukulele is a great brand but it also has its pros and cons. In general, this ukulele brand is a wise buy for starters and professional uke players on a budget.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and very comfortable to play
  • Well-built body with the top of the line real wood finish
  • It has steel strings and holds tune well
  • Inexpensive and produces great sound

What We Dislike 

  • The pickups are magnetic and won’t work well with nylon strings.
  • The strings might leave some black residue on your finger while placing, but you can clean them off easily.

Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele Review

Another top of the line and an inexpensive electric ukulele is the Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic-Electric Concert ukulele. It is also one of the best Acoustic-electric ukuleles produced by the company.

In this electric ukulele review, we are going to find out the amazing features of this electric ukulele brand

Quality Rosette and Ivoroid bindings

As compared to other ukuleles in this price point, the Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic-Electric Concert ukulele looks really classy.

The body and fingerboard are bound with quality ivoroid bindings, and it makes it look even more attractive.

In addition to the ivoroid bindings, the ukulele is also designed with quality abalone rosette and comes with a stunning satin finish.

Silver with Pearl buttons tuning machines

The tuning machines of the Cordoba 15CM-E Acoustic Electric Concert ukulele, are silver with pearl buttons, which are very easy to tune and holds tune well. Compared to other ukuleles at this price point, I think this Cordoba ukulele has one of the best tuning keys ever.

Cordoba Piezo pickup and great sound

The sound this Cordoba 15CM-E is amazing. It will make you have the urge to play always. It produces a warm and rich sound and has a Cordoba piezo pickup that also makes the sound clear and loud.

Fingerboard and Fretting​

Most people consider the Cordoba 15CM-E ukulele to be an expensive ukulele, but in reality, it is not. The reason is because the ukulele has features that many expensive acoustic electric ukuleles have. When it comes to fretting, the Cordoba 15CM-E is flawless. All the frets are of equal levels and are well-spaced. The fingerboard is made of rosewood material which also makes the instrument sound great.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of this instrument. Let’s find out if it has any downside and what can be done.

What We Like

  • Premium Aquila nylgut strings
  • Great design with abalone rosette and satin finish
  • Stays in tune well, unlike other ukuleles of the same price range
  • Lightweight, and very comfortable to play

What We Dislike

  • It is made of laminate mahogany wood material and not solid mahogany.

Being an inexpensive and great quality instrument, I would recommend it for starters and professional ukulele players. You can check for discount and more information about this product here.

Kala KA-SE Mahogany Series Soprano Acoustic Electric Ukulele

Kala is back again, and this time with an exceptional acoustic electric ukulele brand. At such a low price, the quality and output of this ukulele are incredible.

In fact, it rates higher than many ukuleles within this price range. So without much ado, let’s look at features that make this ukulele among the best acoustic electric ukulele brands in the market.

Premium Aquila nylgut strings​

The Kala KA-SE Mahogany Series Soprano Acoustic Electric Ukulele comes with premium Aquila nylgut strings that are comfortable for strumming. Though the new strings would need some time to stretch, they stay in tune once they do.

It does not produce a buzzing sound. And its strings are leveled and also at the right height above the fingerboard.

In fact, players don’t need to press down hard when playing. Another thing you will observe about the strings is that it produces a unique classical guitar sound, which makes this instrument exceptional.

12 silver nickel frets

The Kala KA-SE has 12 nickel frets that are well positioned on the fretboard. There is also no flaw in the fretting of this instrument. Another thing that makes this instrument exceptional is that the frets edges are not sharp, as seen in others. They are also of the same level and height on the fretboard.​

Exotic mahogany body

The wood material used in making this ukulele is mahogany, which makes this instrument to look gorgeous. Also, the complexity of the wood grain adds to its beauty and style and makes it more attractive. That said, the wood material is laminate and not solid wood. But even though it is laminate, the sound is pretty much on par with a solid wood model.

This instrument is one of the best electric acoustic ukulele brands I have seen, but it also has some cons. Anway, let’s find out what they are.

What We Like 

  • Inexpensive and comfortable to play
  • Has built-In Kala UK-300-TR Electronics. With this, you can plug directly into a computer or amp to get heard.
  • Rosewood fretboard and satin finish
  • Comes with User-friendly equalizer. You can easily adjust it, to fine-tune your sound.
  • The bone saddle is top-notch. It makes the instrument so loud.

What We Dislike

  • The wood material is laminate, and not solid wood. But I do not see this as a limitation for this inexpensive ukulele.
  • It does not come with a case, but you can buy one that suits your taste.

I have seen many acoustic-electric ukuleles, but I have never seen anything like this Kala uke. You can get more information about this ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OU55CE Baritone Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Next is the Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OU55CE Baritone Acoustic-Electric Ukulele. In fact, I am short of words, to describe this ukulele. Considering its price, I can say it is one of the best acoustic-electric ukulele brands on the market. It also has features that will make you enjoy playing always.

Grover chrome tuners

The Oscar Schmidt by Washburn OU55CE Baritone Acoustic-Electric Ukulele comes with good quality Grover chrome tuners, which makes it very easy and comfortable to tune. Unlike most tuning keys I’ve seen, these tuners hold tune well.

Constructed with superior Hawaiian Koa, and Rosewood​

The classic design and superior resonance of this ukulele brand can be attributed to the wood quality used for its construction. The back, side and top of this Oscar Schmidt ukulele are made of superior Hawaiian Koa wood.

On the other hand, the bridge and fretboard are constructed with rosewood material for better sound and durability.​

EQ pickup system

The EQ pickup system is user-friendly. In fact, it is one of the important features that distinguish this brand from the others. The equalizer is very easy to operate. You can adjust it easily to fine-tune the uke’s sound to suit your taste.

I have read a lot of electric ukulele reviews about different ukuleles and players always seem to talk good about this product. So I tried to look at both the pros and cons of this ukulele, to see if it’s worth buying.

What We Like 

  • Abalone binding and gloss finish
  • It is lightweight and very comfortable to hold and play
  • Superior electric pickup for better sound quality and loudness
  • Frets are even and the instrument doesn’t produce a buzzing sound
  • It is made of premium Hawaiin Kao wood for better resonance and durability

What We Dislike

  • One thing I noticed about this instrument is that the action is a little bit high, but lowering the saddle can solve this problem.

In Summary

If you are buying your first electric ukulele or planning to switch over to an inexpensive but great quality ukulele, I would suggest that you try these four acoustic electric ukuleles on this list. They have great sound and features that will make you love the ukulele even more.

Top 3 Best Baritone Ukulele Reivew 2020 – Facts Ukulele Players Should Never Forget

There are some main points you should know about the Best Baritone Ukulele before buying or playing it. Best Baritone ukuleles are great instruments with features that make it different from other ukulele types but amazing to play.

Baritone offers an interesting cross section of ukuleles and guitars. With regard to sound, they also sound different from other uke types.

Besides the sound, baritone ukuleles are bigger than the other ukuleles. They are the largest of the ukulele family and are suitable for guitar players switching to a ukulele.

Here, we are going to look out features that make baritone ukulele different and why they are also suitable for all players.

3 Best Baritone Ukulele Reviews

Kala KAA-15S Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele Review

Is it really the best baritone ukulele? The Kala KAA-15S Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele is believed to be one of the best baritone ukuleles, and if you enjoy the deep, mellow sound of a baritone ukulele like me, you will easily fall for this uke brand. I always enjoy myself whenever I pick up this instrument to play.

My old ukulele was no longer delivering as I expected, so I decided to hunt for a new baritone ukulele that will not only deliver but be within my budget. Of all the baritone ukuleles I researched about, one stood out above the others the Kala KAA-15S Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele.

I liked this product a lot and that’s why I have decided to share my research findings with everyone.

Premium Geared tuners

A ukulele needs good quality tuners to ensure the instrument stays in tune for long, and the Kala KAA-15S Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele with its top-quality geared tuners is up to the job.

This geared tuners tune the strings of the ukulele at a lesser ratio per rotation, which is why the Kala KAA is much easier to tune and also stays in tune better.

Quality Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard

The Kala KAA-15S Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele features a good quality rosewood bridge and fingerboard that gives it a brighter tone. One of the factors I always consider when buying a ukulele is durability, and this depends largely on the quality of material used.

Though only time will tell if a particular instrument is durable but I like the texture and tone of the Kala KAA-15B Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele because of its material. The ukulele gives a sharper sound that is immediate.

Quality Nickel frets

Kala KAA-15S Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele has lots of features which make it sound well, and of course, one of such feature is the quality of the nickel frets. It has 18 frets that are all well-spaced on the fretboard. And the nickel frets are also highly durable and well-leveled. This explains why the ukulele does not produce a buzzing sound like other brands.

Features and specifications

  • The Kala KAA-15S Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele is pre-strung with premium Aquila nylgut strings.
  • The body and neck of the ukulele are made of a mahogany wood material that resonates well.
  • It is made of 18 nickel frets that are well spaced and leveled on the fretboard.
  • It has a lightweight and weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • It is coated with a premium satin finish. Rosette’s design makes it look highly attractive.
  • The Kala KAA-15B Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele is approximately 34 inches by 7 inches by 13 inches.

The Kala KAA-15S Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele is an extremely wonderful instrument for starters and pro uke players. It is very comfortable to play, tune and re-string.

And if you like playing blues, or you enjoy listening to the deep mellow sound of the baritone ukulele, then you will really appreciate this model.

This makes it very easy for me to also recommend the Kala KAA-15B Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele as well.

Cordoba 20BM Baritone Ukulele Review

The Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele is a great instrument, and if you have plans to add a pocket-friendly and consistent ukulele to your collections, this ukulele will thrill you. I got tired of my old ukulele, so I thought it would be nice to get a replacement before things get worse. Of all the ukulele brands I researched, one product that really got my attention was the Cordoba 20M Baritone ukulele.

I discovered a whole lot about this product that increased my love for the instrument. So, here are my research findings.

Premium Aquila Nygut Baritone strings

Strings matter a lot as far as the ukulele is concerned and if you are looking for the best baritone ukulele, try not to overlook the quality of the strings because it can ruin your ukulele journey. Ukulele needs good strings to sound well, and the Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele with its premium Aquila nylgut strings is a perfect match.

The strings produce a bright tone with added volume and even though it may require constant playing and stretching for a while in order to settle, the strings remain tuned for long once they settle down properly. The smoothness of the Aquila nylgut Baritone strings is another attribute that makes them more comfortable to play.

Quality mahogany wood (Back and Sides)

The back and sides of the Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele are made of mahogany materials. The natural wood pattern and quality make this beautiful ukulele perfect for both beginners and professional ukulele players. The ukulele produces a bright tone and has superior resonance.

Natural satin finish

A ukulele finish is also very important. It coats and helps to protect the surface of the wood material from damages. The Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele is made of a natural satin finish, which protects the ukulele wood material and gives it a soft appearance, thus making it more attractive. The finishing also helps to round the sound out a little and make the bass sound of the baritone ukulele very rich and smooth.

Features & specifications

  • The Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele has 18 frets, installed on a solid rosewood fretboard.
  • Body and sides are made of mahogany material
  • Premium Aquila nylgut strings and easy to use silver tuners with pearl buttons.
  • Mahogany body and sides, while the top is made of solid mahogany material
  • The Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele is approximately 29 inches by 9 inches by 19 inches in dimension.

The Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele is an extremely great ukulele for all players. It stays in tune for long and delivers the great sound baritone ukulele is known for.

If you like larger ukuleles and products that deliver deep sound, then you will like this ukulele model too.

However, no one has experienced this same thing about the ukulele string, so perhaps it is not a general problem.

Professional Choice Baritone Ukulele – Who Is It Meant For?

If you love doing finger-picking a lot, then baritone ukulele will make an excellent match. In addition to finger pickers, the baritone ukulele is also suitable for blues players and people looking for a deep sounding ukulele that matches their voice better.

Beginners can also play the baritone ukulele very well but the major hindrance that may occur is when the player has a small hand size, which might make it difficult for him or her to reach some notes. A better way to solve this problem is to exercise and do lots of practice.

How Should The Sound Of Best Baritone Ukulele?

This question is very important for first-time ukulele players and buyers who are familiar with the other ukulele types or a guitar. The baritone ukulele has a deep sound that is not as full-toned or loud as a guitar.

Also, it does not have that crisp sound or high pitch associated with standard ukuleles. The ukulele is also recognized for its mellow sound which makes it suitable to soothing music.

There are many baritone ukulele brands in the market and finding a brand that sounds great can be very demanding. Don’t forget that the different brands are produced with different materials and so may sound differently.

To get the best baritone ukulele that sounds reasonably well, you have to play the instrument first or read some reviews to know what other players are saying about a particular brand.

Baritone Ukulele Strings & Measurement – Things You Must Know

When compared to the standard ukulele tuning, the tuning of the baritone ukulele strings are usually lower. They are turned to DGBE instead of GCEA.

Features That Makes Baritone Ukulele Different From Others

Baritone ukuleles are called small guitars because of their size, sound and other features. They are a nice instrument everyone can play, including professional guitar players who want to cross over to a ukulele.

Amazing Facts About Baritone Ukulele Tunings

Normally, the standard tuning of this ukulele is non-entrant which makes it different from the other ukuleles.

The strings of the baritone ukulele are tuned from low to high (D3-G3-B3-E4), which is the same pattern of tuning as the top four strings of a guitar.

This is the basic reason why some ukulele purist does not think baritone ukuleles should be regarded as a ukulele.

Another thing players should know is that even though the baritone ukulele is said to have a different tuning style from other guitars, it can still be tuned to G C E A (Re-entrant tuning) which is in accordance with the other ukulele types.

Alternatively, it can be tuned to D-B-B-E but this time the D string will be higher than the non-entrant tuning by an octave.

Another thing is that the G-C-E-A tuning of the baritone ukulele cannot be achieved without changing the string used for standard tuning.

You will also require a different D-string too for the high-D tuning of the baritone ukulele.

Note: Some ukuleles come with the re-entrant tuned strings but these models are very rear.

These top 3 ukuleles are worth trying. If you are planning to buy your first ukulele or want to make a change to your old baritone uke, these top 3 ukuleles will be a good replacement.

You can read about the features of these products and why they are considered as the top 3 baritone ukuleles.

In Summary

The baritone ukulele is a nice instrument to try out. Though it is larger in size than the other ukulele types, it is still very easy to play.

The best Baritone ukulele is also the deepest sounding ukulele and because the ukulele has features similar to that of a guitar, professional guitar players usually find it very easy to play.

The Kala KAA-15B Limited Edition Satin Mahogany, Cordoba 20BM Baritone ukulele and Diamond Head DU- 200B Deluxe Natural Mahogany Baritone Ukulele are three great ukulele brands on the market.

These are the best baritone ukulele brands for players on a budget. The sound, finish, wood material and everything single thing about these ukuleles are flawless.

Things to Know Before Choosing the Best Electric Ukulele


Are you planning to buy your first electric ukulele or you want something better? However, if you are buying an electric ukulele for the first time, you need to have some basic knowledge about the instrument.

Electric ukuleles are useful for two reasons: if you want to play or practice quietly at night without disturbing anyone, and secondly, when you want to play really loud. But the major reason people go for electric ukulele is because of the noise.

There are two types of the electric ukuleles: we have the electric ukulele and the electri-acoustic ukulele. Shortly, we shall learn about the features, similarities and advantages of these two ukulele types, and how they work.

What Is Electric Ukulele?

The electric ukulele has a solid body, which is just like a single plank of wood. It has a great volume when it is plugged in. Acoustically, the electric ukulele produces a very little sound that is when it is unplugged, making it suitable for late night practice.

What Acoustic – Electric Ukulele Means

The acoustic-electric ukulele is the same as standard ukulele, though it has a built-in electronic component that allows it to connect to an amplifier externally and project the sound.

Unlike the pure electric ukulele, the acoustic-electric ukulele produces a great sound even without the amplifier.

The Difference between the Electric, Acoustic-Electric and Acoustic Ukulele

If you plan on buying any of these, I suggest you learn about their differences first. Once you know their differences, you would be able to make the right decision.

The electric ukulele is known to produce a heavier, rock and metal sound when plugged in. It comes with a pickup you can plug into an amplifier to produce louder volume. Electric ukulele sound is similar to that of an electric guitar. It has a solid body and no sound hole.

The next is the acoustic-electric ukulele. This ukulele resembles the normal traditional ukulele but has a pickup which allows it to be plugged into an amplifier.

The input jack differentiates the acoustic-electric ukulele from the traditional ukulele, but apart from this, the two ukuleles are similar.

The input jack is usually placed on the bottom area of the ukulele and sometimes it comes with a panel that contains volume and EQ control features.

You can also boost and modify the sound of an acoustic-electric ukulele with an amplifier. In fact, the type and settings of the amplifier used can alter your uke tone, especially with features with echo and reverb.

However, one major difference between the acoustic-electric ukulele and the pure electric ukulele is that the sound of the acoustic-electric ukulele is loud whether you play it when it is plugged or not.

The acoustic ukulele referred to as the traditional ukulele does not come with any electronic fittings, like a pickup, volume, and EQ controls.

In fact, it doesn’t need an amplifier to produce lots of noise but the sound it gives isn’t as loud as the electric or acoustic electric ukulele because of the amplifier those have.

Another difference of the acoustic ukulele from the others is that the ukulele’s body is exclusively used to resonate sound. And It doesn’t need amplification like the others.

How the Electric & Acoustic-Electric Ukulele Works

The electric ukulele has some components that detect and captures the vibration from the ukulele strings. It converts the vibration captured into an electric signal, which is then sent to the output jack that an amplifier can be plugged into.

However, if your electric or acoustic electric ukulele comes with an active pickup, you will find a few sliders or knobs on it.

They are basically used for volume control and to also adjust the sound levels such as treble, bass, and mid range using a pre-amplifier which helps to adjust the sound before sending it to the amplifier.

This helps to capture the right sound you are looking for. It also gives you much control over what the amplifier produces.

The only thing you have to be concerned about is that your ukulele will look a bit heavier and need a 9V battery.

However, another option is to use a passive pickup, which doesn’t need any batteries. It sends the sound to the amplifier and does not have the capacity for pre-amplification adjustments.

How To Care Your Electric Ukulele

If you want your ukulele to last long, then you must always take care of it. There are simple ways you can care for your electric ukulele.

1. Get A Ukulele Cover

No matter how solid you think your ukulele is, do not forget that environmental conditions can affect its health.

The first is humidity. Ukuleles are made of wood material and wood has the capacity to either absorb or lose moisture, depending on the weather. When it is too dry, it can shrivel and crack.

When the wood is too moist, it can also swell and crack.You can build a climate control room for your ukulele.

Get a ukulele cover that has a humidifier if possible, and sometimes, take them out from the case to dry out. Always remember to inspect your ukulele regularly.

2. Clean Regularly

Clean your ukulele regularly. It is the same thing as cleaning and caring for a guitar. You can get a cleaner or branded polish and fretboard oil.

In fact, they are all specifically designed to care for musical instruments.The skin produces sweat, and sweat has lots of chemicals, especially salt, which has the capacity to deteriorate wood as well as wood finishes.

It can corrode fret wires too. The most disturbing thing is that they do not evaporate, but instead gather on the uke’s surface, and trap more dirt and dust.

Cleaning and polishing your ukulele will get rid of many of these compounds and help protect your instrument. But remember not to use compounds meant to clean the uke’s body on the fretboard because they have different needs.

The finish will also determine what you should use to clean the ukulele fretboard. To clean maple, you can use a very light spray, but avoid aerosol polishes and do not use on unvarnished fretboards.

For cleaning the fretboard, use a microfibre cloth to get rid of dirt. After that, you can use a plastic scrubber to remove materials that accumulate especially the ones beside the fret wires.

How to Protect Your Ukulele during Transportation

It is normal to take your ukulele anywhere you go, but make sure it is well protected during transportation.

Protecting the ukulele during transportation depends on the means of transportation being used and where you are taking it to.You can use hard-shell cases and gig bags, but know that they have their pros and cons.

You can protect your ukulele with a padded gig bag when transporting it to the pub but don’t forget that using a gig bag doesn’t guarantee that your uke won’t be damaged. You need to take extreme care, handle it well and be careful of where you keep it.

For gigging musicians, it is not advisable to keep your gig bag and instrument in the back of a van or car boot together with other hard objects. You can always use a hard shell case if you are a gigging musician. If you are traveling by air, you can also use a hard-shell or flight case.

The Solution Of 3 Common Problems For Ukulele Starters

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument to learn and play, but it also comes with some challenges. Good preparation can be the best steps beginners can take to combat the challenges are bound to face.

In this article, we shall be looking at those 3 common challenges beginners usually encounter while playing the ukulele and ways to solve them. I like to call them challenges because they are solvable.

1. Sustaining Passion

Beginners always have what I would like to term “initial passion” when they start out with playing the ukulele.

The feeling of owning a new instrument and the appeal of the new instrument itself, can give them that initial passion to always wanting to pick up their tiny ukulele and play.

But the big question is, how long can the passion be sustained? The truth is learning any musical instrument can be frustrating and without passion, you may get tempted to put an end to your musical career.

After you may have tried to play some chords and failed the thought of quitting that’s creeping in.

Passion is everything you need to become a successful ukulele player. Without passion, there will be no love for the ukulele or anything that will make you practice consistently.

What drives you crazy should be more than just the looks of the instrument. It should be the determination to succeed like the likes of “Jake Shimabukuro” and other great ukulele players out there.

How to sustain your passion for learning the ukulele

Attend Workshops

Attending workshops will keep your passion for playing the ukulele alive as a beginner. You will meet new people who have similar challenges as you and also learn new things.

Listening to another instructor and not only your teacher that you see almost every week can help to rekindle your passion.

Play With Different People

Depending on your skill level, try to play or practice with other people. This is a very great way to rekindle your passion, as you will be learning something new from the other players and also rate how good you have become. A poor performance will give you the urge to work harder.

Get New Software

One of the reasons why starters go for the best ukulele for beginners is because nothing kills passion faster than a poor quality ukulele. But if you somehow purchase a poor quality ukulele, then get new software if that’s what is required. If the ukulele software has also worn out, get a replacement immediately.

Learn New Songs

Give yourself some challenges and aspire to learn new songs everything. This will keep you motivated and make you want to practice harder.

Re-learn Songs You Already Know

This is another great way to sustain your passion. You will see how easy songs you couldn’t play in the past becomes when you start practicing again.

Be around people of same interest

Just the way you like the ukulele, there are also people who don’t like the instrument and will discourage you in a single heartbeat.

Be around people who have the same interest to grow and become a successful ukulele player.

2. Know & Master Rhythmic Structures

One common problem beginners face is recognizing and mastering rhythmic structures. Some books teach beginners to count quarter, half and whole notes as one, two and four beats respectively.

However, teachers also teach students how to count beats but they forget the basics most times because their minds are clouded with strumming, finger picking patterns and how to read notations.

How to sustain beat and master rhythmic structures

As a beginner, one of the ways to stay focused and sustain the beat is to find songs that are rhythmically enjoyable to play. Select songs that will motivate you to maintain the beat, a song people would love to dance.

In addition, another great way is to use a metronome. This is a tool that can help you as a beginner to control the time as you perform. It will help you learn how to play evenly, create steady accelerando and retard as you play.

Besides the metronome, another great tool that can solve your reoccurring rhythm problem is the TakaDiMi. It was developed in 1996 by William Pelto, Richard Hoffman, and John W. White. The TakaDiMi teaches rhythmic skills.

A distinct syllable is assigned for each attack point within a beat.

3. Mastering the Ukulele

All instruments have their own challenges. For the ukulele, you will notice that the notes didn’t ring out well because much pressure wasn’t applied. This can also be as a result of your finger or hand placement.

Your thumb should remain at the fretboard’s backside. This will make the angle of contact between your fingers and the strings better to have great pressure.

The transition between chords faster on the fretboard is another major challenge you might face as a beginner.

However, the best way to achieve great finger motions is to practice consistently but slowly. Know that practicing for extended periods without consistency will not make any impact. Practice at least 30 minutes or 1 hour daily and increase as you make significant progress.

Final Word

Playing the ukulele comes with tons of happiness but there are challenges too. Please feel free to share the challenges you are encountering below let’s work together to proffer a solution.

The Most Common Questions Every Beginner Ukulele Player Ask


Before I started my ukulele journey and progressed into a professional ukulele player, there were a lot of questions I needed answers to.

Well, when I started there was little or no information I could find online except for the questions I specifically asked some uke players who were experts at that time.

So, before you start your own journey, it is good to ask any question about ukulele brands that are bothering your mind. No question is too little because the decision you make now and what you know today will determine how successful your ukulele journey would be.


What is the best ukulele for beginners ?

There are many ukuleles in the market but the best ukuleles for beginners are the ones that produce great sound and it’s also very easy to play.

On the other, a good ukulele should also be very comfortable to tune. Even after tuning, the ukulele should maintain its tune for a long time.

What is the best size ukulele for a beginner ?

In terms of the size, the best size of ukulele for beginners is the one that can be played comfortably. There are different sizes of ukulele such as soprano, concert, tenor and baritone but the main thing is finding the one that suits you.

The soprano ukulele is termed as the smallest size of ukulele and it can be played comfortably by people who have small hands.

What is the best wood for a ukulele?

There are different types of ukulele wood in the market but in terms of durability, mahogany is one of the best wood materials used for making a ukulele.

The tone of ukuleles made of mahogany material is usually very rich and high that’s why a lot of people prefer ukuleles made of mahogany material. Unlike other wood materials, another feature of mahogany is that it does not crack too easily.

What are the best strings I should get?

If you want to enjoy playing your ukulele, then go for strings that are smooth, durable, and also gives great tone.

However, there are different types of strings in the market but the Aquila nylgut strings are considered as the best ukulele strings that are suitable for beginners, intermediate ukulele players and professionals.

The Aquila nylgut strings can also withstand adverse weather conditions. These strings can stay tuned for long without losing their tune.

What is the best place to buy a ukulele?

There are different types of ukulele and finding the right one can be very stressful especially when you are buying from a local store.

However, the best place to buy a ukulele is online because you will come across different ukulele brands and read their descriptions and comments from other players. You will also see the different prices and determine your financial strength.

What is the best place to play ukulele?

Ukulele produces great tone and it is best for entertaining people. However, you can take your ukulele along with you to the beach side, picnic or any special occasion. You can also play the ukulele at home, just to entertain your family and friends.

I’m a beginner / have small hands -would a larger ukulele be better for me?

If you are a beginner with small hands, it would be best for you to play the smaller sized soprano ukulele. However, players with small hands can also play a larger ukulele but the best ukulele size to play is the soprano ukulele.

I have been playing for a couple of weeks and my fingers hurt / I can’t form this chord – what am I doing wrong?

If you are a beginner, then look for the best ukulele brands for beginners. In most cases, the reason why you find it difficult to form that chord is because your finger might be too small or the ukulele might be too big for you.

The fretboards on larger sized ukuleles are usually longer, so it will be easier for you to form chords if you have bigger hands.

Can you recommend some good tuition videos ?

The internet is filled with a lot of good tuition videos and you can click here for one of the best.

I am finding it hard to hold my ukulele. Is it ok to use a strap ?

Yes, it is okay to use a strap in order to get a firm grip of your ukulele.

The Great Seventeen Year Old Ukulele musician Choice McKinley

Choice McKinley is a seventeen-year-old upcoming ukulele musician and singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Alabama, ever since she was very young music has always been a part of her life. At an early age, her mom introduced her to classical pieces, jazz, electronic chill-out, Celtic music, and Christian hymns. Though for many years McKinley was too shy to sing in front of people, her natural talent was there. When she was seven years old, her mom heard her perfectly singing soprano in her bedroom. Growing up her life wasn’t easy. Between skin infections, asthma attacks, and ultimately leaving the house she grew up in because of domestic abuse, McKinley knows what means to have lived uncertain of tomorrow. Through it all, music was still there.

“My mp3 player was my best friend. Wherever my mom and I were, if I could just have my music with me to sing alone in private, I knew I’d be okay.”

In 2016 McKinley’s life began to change for the better. God led her and her mom to a new church where McKinley sang a solo for the first time.

“God wanted me to sing, so as scared as I was, I knew I had too!”

It was at this church that McKinley met a mother whose two adult sons played a multitude of instruments. The Celtic style of playing the violin had always inspired her, so she was able to borrow a violin from this new found friend. But in July of 2016, McKinley discovered her friend’s son’s ukulele and a new, greater passion was born

“After playing the violin for a time, I just knew that perhaps I would gel better with another stringed instrument, just perhaps not the guitar because it’s so big. When my friend showed me her oldest son’s ukulele and I picked it up, I just knew that this could be it. Her younger son plays the mandolin, which I tried out that day as well. But I wasn’t feeling the fact that all the strings were doubled. I sat down with that ukulele and began to strum it instantly. The first chord I ever played without even looking up chord charts was C. My friend let me borrow her son’s uke until he needed it back a month later. I took it home feeling like I had found the best instrument ever. I got up at 6 am every morning to practice and write songs about the wonder of the morning.

Music was just pouring out of me. My mom loved hearing me play every single morning for a whole month. When my friend’s son needed his uke back, I remember getting serious about playing the piano the two weeks I had no ukulele and no violin. Once you have instruments in your life, you can’t go without them! I purchased my first ukulele that August, along with a dulcimer my mom and I fell in love with.”

In the coming months, music flowed from McKinley. Harmony after harmony on her ukulele, dulcimer, and piano. She even picked up some guitar playing skills, though she doesn’t play it at a professional level. She soon began to dream of having a career and making an album. On YouTube, she watched videos of other great ukulele musicians such as Honoka and Azita, Taimane, and Jake Shimabukuro. She was so inspired by them she decided to study their videos since she learns by visuals.

“I could watch what they were doing on the ukulele, and sitting there with my uke I found myself doing it too. I personally think being self-taught has been an amazing experience. I never had to watch tutorial videos, and honestly, if I did I was super confused.”

McKinley wanted to debut an album for 2017, but it wasn’t God’s timing. In 2017 she became greatly ill with another skin infection, the worst she had ever had. It got so bad, she was no longer able to play any of her instruments.

“Through those long three months of pain and discomfort, all I had was my mom and music. I constantly watched videos of the ukulelists that inspired me. I constantly dreamed of being like them one day. I knew God had better things in store.”

Choice McKinley has now been a musician for two years and God is taking her places with it! In the early months of 2018, McKinley was invited to be apart of a praise team. It was through getting on stage every Sunday that she learned to no longer fear singing and playing for people.

“Thinking back just a few months ago, I was terrified of playing on stage. But now, I love it. When I plug my ukulele in, I just sit down and feel the music that I’m playing. There’s nothing like being on stage.”

This year McKinley has also started a YouTube channel, purchased her dream ukulele, debuted at a local open mic, self-produced a track for SoundCloud, designed and build her own website, and started growing her presence on Twitter. After years of uncertainty and living by faith, Choice McKinley is finally living her dream. Having been homeschooled all her life, McKinley is now studying at Berklee College of Music online to hone her skills in the music business.

“I’m coming at my career from the angle of being an indie artist. I’ve always been an independent person, so I think creating my own music and being my own producer and manager is definitely the route I’m taking and sticking with. I’m currently working on my debut album for 2019. I have a great deal of classical, folk, and jazz influence. My plan is to show my musical diversity in everything I create. My first album is going to be called ‘Journeys’. It will include new originals and old originals from my early days as a musician. I’m very excited about it!”


How would you describe your music?

“It’s going to definitely be a mix of classical, folk, jazz, inspirational, and there might be a little pop influence in there too. This is how I like to describe myself; I’m a ukulele musician and singer-songwriter. As a ukulele musician, I do all kinds of instrumental Aesthetics. As a singer-songwriter, I sing and therefore I write songs with lyrics as well. From what I’ve noticed, most musicians either specialize in instrumentals or songs with lyrics. I personally do both.”

What does the ukulele mean to you?

“The ukulele is such a simple instrument, yet it can do anything! If you have ever watched Taimane Gardner, you know what I mean! We only have 4 strings to work with, yet that’s enough! The ukulele also brings people together. It’s almost impossible to hear it and not smile. It carries the spirit of Aloha! It’s honestly more than just an instrument, it’s a lifestyle. I couldn’t live without it.”

What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

“I post a YouTube video every week on my channel. One of my favorite things to do is take a song that I love and cover it incorporating my own unique sound and style. I also post originals, impromptu, and in the coming months, I plan to incorporate some lifestyle videos too! I can’t say for sure how much music I will put out professionally in the coming years. It’s honestly a matter of where my inspiration takes me. I write music all the time, but not every song is album worthy if you know what I mean. I plan to have a lot of gigs in the future. As I said, there’s nothing like being on stage. My uke and I could play away for hours it feels sometimes. I want to inspire people with beautiful harmonies and the ukulele’s undeniable spirit of Aloha. Whatever I create or cover, I deeply feel the music and I want you to as well.”

The History Of Ukulele And Its Origin


When was the ukulele invented by the Hawaiians? That was the question I got asked by a friend. She has already been brainwashed that the Hawaiians invented the instrument but was shocked when I answered; “it wasn’t invented from Hawaii.”

She isn’t the first person to ask this question. Others still believe the instrument originated from there. The truth is, the history of the ukulele began from an Island but unfortunately, not the one in Hawaii or the Pacific Ocean.

Madeira, a small mountainous region in the Atlantic southeast of Portugal is the birthplace of the ukulele. The area is approximately 350 mile from the North Africa coast.

Now we already know about the birthplace of the ukulele, let’s find out what brought about the name “Hawaiian” in the origin of the ukulele.

The name “ukulele originates from Hawaii. It was used for a small instrument know as the machete, which as earlier said, developed in Portugal in the Madeira Islands.

This instrument called the machete is a descendent of the early Middle East and European plucked stringed instruments like the lute. The instrument was given different names. It was called Cavaco, machete, and cavaquinho.

In the late 1800’s, Portuguese immigrants were moved to the island to work in a sugar cane field in Hawaiian. They did not only arrive with some working tool, but went with a small instrument which of course is the ukulele we know today.

However, the people believe to have made the first Hawaiian ukulele are Augusto Dias and Manuel Nunes. They arrived in Hawaiian in 1879 from the Madeira Islands in Portugal.

How did the name “Machete” change to the Hawaiian name “ukulele”

There are several legends about this. But the thing is there is no substantial evidence to prove that stories that are backing how the name changed are real.

The “Jumping flea” legend

The ukulele is roughly translated as ‘jumping flea in the English language. There is a story of how the ukulele got the name “jumping flea.”

According to the story, Joao, one of the passengers on the Ravenscrag finally reached the Honolulu port after spending four months at the sea. Overjoyed to have reached his destination, Joao jumped off the ship and started playing Madeira folk songs.

Some of the Hawaiians who saw him play the tiny instrument thought his fast-moving fingers where fleas jumping over the fingerboard. So was how the instrument’s name was born.

Story of Edward Purvis and Royalty

Edward was an assistant Chamberlain to King David Kalakaua. David was Hawaii’s last reigning king and a very influential man in the ukulele early life.

Edwards small stature and energetic personality made them nickname him as ‘ukulele.’ The instrument Edward played for the king also had this name.

There are different translations of the term that was used as evidence. One of them is the explanation of Queen Lili’uokalani, the last Hawaiian monarch.

She explained that the term ‘ukulele’ simply means ‘the gift that came here’. the ‘uku’ translates to reward or gift while ‘lele’ translates to come.

King David was fond of the ukulele. His love and passion for the instrument also made it very popular. King Kalakaua was very concerned about developing the Hawaiian culture due to the opposition faced by a missionary group.

He did all he can to revive and reignite people’s interest in the Hawaiian culture. Surprisingly, the king was the one that promoted the ukulele as an instrument made in Hawaiian. He also allowed the instrument to be played at royal functions basically to play Hawaiian music.

The Portuguese Settlers

The three Portuguese settlers; Augusto Dias, Manuel Nunes and lastly, Jose do Espirito Santo were pioneer ukulele makers. After concluding their work on the Hawaiian sugar plantations, these three went into their woodworking roots in the capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu.

They made most of the ukulele at the time the instrument got very popular under the King David’s patronage.

Introducing the ‘machete’ to Mainland Americans

While the Portuguese settlers travel around the world with the machete, the Hawaiian’s stand on the tiny four-stringed instrument wasn’t introduced to a majority of American audience until the early 1900’s.

The instrument made a lasting impression on mainland Americans, particularly during the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. It was held in 1915 in San Francisco. Hawaiian ukulele players were featured in the exposition. They performed in group settings and also did some individual solo.

The ukulele started becoming more popular in mainland America. Its fans increased tremendous and another era was born. Local mainland musicians started to play traditional Hawaiian music and after some time, they started using the instrument for other genres.

Hawaiian music started to boom in mainland America, it became almost as popular as the major music in the Mainland America.

The Ukulele and The Opportunity for Mainland Instrument Producers

The popularity of the ukulele increased from 1915 to 1920. During this period, instrument manufacturers in Mainland America saw the increase in popularity as an opportunity to make money.

Manufacturers from various America cities including New York started producing the instrument so as to meet the growing demand and make money.

This created a lot of tension between ukulele manufacturers from Hawaii and those in Mainland America. But even though the number of manufacturers increased, there was still a high demand for the instrument.

However, the increased popularity of the instrument led to the production of inexpensive models. This gave many people access as many best ukulele for beginners where being made. The ukulele was adopted by many people as a good beginner instrument due to its small, portable size and a low price.

People with a low budget who could not afford other musical instruments channel their resource to buying the ukulele. a lot of ukuleles were manufactured through the 1920’s. In fact, the ukulele didn’t only become popular during this time but was one of the musical icons of the Jazz-age.


Hawaiians played a major role in increasing the popular of the instrument. Without them, the ukulele wouldn’t have had the recognition it has today. Though the ukulele popularity started diminishing in the late 1930’s but today, the instrument is widely recognized and passion for playing the instrument has also increased tremendously.

The Best Tenor Ukulele – Caramel Ukulele Review

Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele is one of a kind. And if you are looking for quality but affordable ukulele, this product will make a fine choice.

I didn’t know the reason some players described this Caramel tenor ukulele as a great sounding ukulele for the money until I played it myself. Now I concur with what they said, and in this Caramel ukulele review, I am going to show you why this ukulele is among the best Tenor ukulele for beginners.

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Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele Review

Flawless Zebra wood body of this Caramel Tenor Uke

A ukulele needs a good quality wood material to deliver good quality sound, and that is why the Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele is regarded as the best tenor ukulele with respect to its price.

The Zebra wood body gives it a bright sound with more bass resonance. The Caramel ukulele body is also laser etched and looks very attractive. This laminate zebrawood material has proven to be a good quality wood material, especially considering how well the Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Acoustic Ukulele sound.

Super Aquila nylgut strings and frets

The Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele comes pre-strung with good quality Aquila nylgut strings that are very comfortable to strum and it holds its tune better.

Another feature of these Aquila strings is that they do not take long to stretch until to get in the right tune.

The frets are properly arranged on the fretboard with equal heights. There is also no irregularity in the sound of this Caramel ukulele like buzzing even during robust strumming.

Unique Tuning keys

The Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele comes with open geared tuners that make the ukulele so easy to tune.

The tuning keys are also coated with a special kind of rubber that makes it easier to grip and tune.

Quality Rosewood Bridge and Fretboard

The Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele comes with a good quality rosewood bridge and fretboard. The rosewood fretboard and bridge contributes to the great sound of this ukulele. And the ukulele comes with 17 frets which are well installed on the fretboard.

This ukulele is no doubt the best Caramel ukulele in this price range. The fretboard is straight and the bridge is solidly constructed and installed on the ukulele.

Features and specifications

  • The Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele comes with quality Aquila nylgut strings.
  • Durable Zebra wood body and lightweight.
  • Quality rosewood bridge and fretboard.
  • Open geared tuning machine with buttons coated with rubbers to make it more comfortable to grip and tune.
  • Straight and solid rosewood fretboard with 17 equal leveled frets.
  • The Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele weighs 2 pounds and has a body length of 26 inches.

Caramel ukulele Reviews

The Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele is a gem! It has a clean construction and looks fantastic. The neck is made of solid wood and the Aquila nylgut strings stretch on time and hold its tune well.

The tuners are also perfect and hold well. However, if you are looking for the best sounding tenor acoustic ukulele, this Caramel brand is a perfect match.

Apart from this Caramel ukulele review, there are lots of reviews on the internet. And a majority of people who actually bought this Caramel ukulele are offering good remarks about it.

However, no one seems to complain about this, which means they are comfortable playing it that way. The ukulele is lightweight and very comfortable to play even without a strap.

Other users who got this ukulele brand said “Great sounding ukulele” and “unbelievable value! Love, love, love” and finally, I will recommend it.

This makes it much easier for me to recommend the Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele as well.

In Summary

The Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele is a great ukulele brand for all categories of players. It is well made and very comfortable to play.

In fact, most real buyers of this Tenor acoustic ukulele are extremely pleased to have purchased this brand of Caramel ukulele and would recommend it to others.