Top 16 Ukulele Questions and Answers For Beginners

Now that you have finally made up your mind to play the ukulele, the next step is to familiarize yourself with all the questions about the instrument.

Buying the best ukulele for beginners isn’t enough to have a good start. You need to understand the similarities and differences that exist between the ukulele and other instruments; including features of the instrument.

So here you have it, the 10 craziest questions and answers every beginner should know.

1. Are ukulele easier than guitar?

If your definition for “easier” is making music in a short time or with less effort at the start, then the ukulele can be said to be easier than a guitar. The thing is to become proficient at playing any instrument you have to put in more time and practice more often.

You may not make any sense the first day or two with other instruments but with the ukulele, you may be making music the second or third day.

Other reasons the ukulele is easier are; the low tension on its four nylon strings compared to guitar steel strings. The strings make forming chord much easier for a beginner. In addition, the ukulele chords are much easier.

So to answer your question; if you want to make music in a short time as a beginner, I recommend the ukulele.

Also, if you plan to play the guitar in the future, then you can first learn the ukulele. Baritone ukuleles are tuned the same way as guitar; DGBE, which is the same thing as guitar’s high-pitched four strings. In other words, chords you learned from the baritone ukulele will be easily transferred to the guitar.

2. Are ukulele and guitar tuners the same?

Ukulele and baritone ukulele tuners are not the same. But you can use guitar tuners to tune the ukulele. The best option for the tuner to buy is a chromatic tuner. This tuner can recognize all notes and make tuning easy. Also, keep it at 440 Hz as you tune.

3.Is the ukulele easy to learn?

I like to tell people that the ukulele is not easy but comfortable to learn. The reason is because telling someone that the ukulele is “easy” to learn will make him or her lazy.

All instruments need dedication and constant practice to get better at. The ukulele has only four strings, so learning chords will not be too confusing for beginners.

Buying the best ukulele for beginners can make learning much easier too. Nothing can frustrate your teacher or even you more when you have a uke that just can’t stay in tune for a minute or that sounds terribly bad.

4. Is the ukulele strings different sizes?

Yes of course. The ukulele also comes in different sizes so is the string size. Every ukulele has different scale length, which is the distance measured from the bridge to nut. The soprano ukulele has a scale length of 13 inches and overall length of 21 inches.

While the biggest of the four ukulele sizes, baritone ukulele, has a scale length of 19 inches and overall length is 30 inches. Coupled with the fact that the ukulele has different scale length and overall length, the instrument also has different tension requirement.

Therefore, every set of strings will not perfectly fit on every type of ukulele. Also, the scale length and overall length may be indicated on the packaging of the set of strings.

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5. Are ukulele and guitar strings the same?

The ukulele and guitar strings are not the same.

6. When should I change the strings on my ukulele?

It depends on the state of the strings and what you want. For me, I would say when the strings are not sounding the way they use to, you should consider changing them.

Another situation is when any of the string is broken; change all the strings at once to have a uniform and well sounding ukulele.

7.  Are ukulele strings plastic?

Not all ukulele strings are plastic but the most commonly used strings are plastic strings.

8. Do all ukulele strings have the same thickness?

All ukulele strings do not come with the same thickness.

9. Is the ukulele hard to play?

All instruments are not hard to play if you dedicate more time to learn. Compared to other string instruments, the ukulele has just four strings and is much easier to learn.

10. Is it possible to find the best ukulele for beginners?

Most beginners usually choose wrongly when it comes to picking a ukulele. There are numerous options available on the market so that is expected. And yes! It is possible to find the best ukulele but with a little research. You can read through the best ukulele reviews to find some more clues.

11.Where can I get good tuition videos?

There are many places you can get good tuition videos. The internet is filled with lots of good stuff. One of the places you can get good tuition videos are YouTube. Of course, there are other sites too.

12. Are ukulele and bass chords the same?

The answer is no. Both instruments are tuned differently. The ukulele is tuned GCEA while bass is EADG (from lowest to highest string).

13. Are ukulele and mandolin chords the same?

Ukulele and Mandolin chords are not the same. In addition, both instruments are not tuned the same way. The ukulele’s strings are tuned GCEA while mandolin strings are tuned GDAE.

14. Are ukulele and banjo chords the same?

The answer is yes but there is more. Both instruments will only use the same chord when you tune the same.

15. Are ukulele and guitar picks the same?

Picks for ukulele and guitar are not the same but you can use guitar picks to play the ukulele. However, the problem with using guitar picks is that it can scratch your ukulele more easily.

16. Are ukulele and guitar capos the same

Ukulele and guitar capos are not the same but you can use a guitar capo for a ukulele.

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