The story of The Uninc. | South of the Border Song

This great performer, composer and producer and his songs belong predominantly to the alternative and Indie genres. The name of this amazing person is William McLelland. He lives in a small town called Qualicum Beach on an island off the West coast of BC, in Canada.

Music, to him, is an expression of his deepest feelings. McLelland composed the song ‘South of the Border’ when he was sixteen years of age, telling the story of his the first time falling in love.

This song from his solo musical project ‘The Uninc.’ draws out the narrative of youthful love-yearning and fixation, going from the condition of delight to the condition of complete distress in an instant.

The tune and the mood in the song ‘South of the Border’ from the venture ‘The Uninc.’ is attractive to the point that it waits in the psyche of the audience members. The entire tune develops in a progressive, catchy and appealing way.

The guitar in this piece has a straightforward riff which catches the creative energy while the smooth melody section sparkles brilliantly.

In the event that you have an opportunity to play this song, you can find it on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and more. To get more updates on his melodies, you can follow The Uninc. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on all streaming services.

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