The Journey of SONG OF LOVE

SONG OF LOVE truly starded in Los Angeles California when metal was rulling the world, and everyone was tuning in to genuine music. Fabien, Song of affection’ s bass player and arranger Was at the time drummer. He was drawn nearer by various groups like Corrosion of congruity, Ratt’s De martini’s sibling. He used to spend time with The Mentors and would meet metal stars regularly

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Armored holy person, Helloween, Voivoid piggy. A metal has blurred from standard, Fabien discovered he could wite very astounding melodies which can mirror an alternate exhibit of substantial metal music.

Song of love’s affection is likely take substantial metal music back to the cutting edge. Everywhere throughout the world in the greatest fields and before a large number of individuals, which can at long last tune in to genuine music once more.

Now a day when many metal groups sound the equivalent and are deadened. Song of Love want to take innovation and uniqueness back to the music world. For the metal fan’s joy.

You have seen that Song of love essentially discuss two vital theme. Their firct collection Orgasm planet has opposite sides. Side An Orgasmic side 2 Prophetic side The orgasmic side of Song of adoration is to tell you that life is short. That you should carry on with your life minus all potential limitations. Months and years pass and you probably won’t have fun minus all potential limitations.

The prophetic side of Song of Love is to give an indepth take a gander at the delightful and mysterioud otherworldly world around us. Of such many metal groups have discussed which make us dream Heaven or hellfire Black sabbath. For whom the ringer tolls Metallica, Halloweed be thy name Iron lady among numerous others.

Furthermore, the occasions that need to before long happen on earth. Tune of affection promising first album is prepared to hit the stores in fourteen days. The main single A young lady named clit turned out. Song of love ought to take off soon and going to a city close you. You would now be able to hop on the fleeting trend and appreciate this delightful assorted variety of substantial metal sounds that will truly make you day more brilliant and enabled.

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