Reveal The Story of Great Musician Cory M. Coons

The Great Musician Cory M. Coons Canadian Recording Songwriter and Artist / Performer of many years from just south of Ottawa, Ontario. As we seen, he have long been very passionate about music since he can remember… Back to his early teens.

Since the age of 13, he has been starting performing, Song writing and recording music. As a performance recording musician and songwriter, Cory has released his new melodic rock Cd/Album, “The Long Road Home”, in early 2018

Once again it was produced and mixed by Multi-Gold and Platinum veteran music Producer, Alongside extra following/overdubs, Ron Nevison,  (Heart, Bad Company, Styx, Night Ranger Damn Yankees, Survivor,) , and main impetus on guitar on this new record, Guitarist/Engineer, Marc D. Muir. Cory was selected at the Producer’s Choice Award. He also got another Los Angeles Music Awards in the Rock Artist Of The Year class for 2015. MTS Management Group has been brought in to publically and promotions the single release.

He got the 2014 beneficiary of the Producer’s Choice Award for Studio Album Of The Year, for his Independent EP, “Share A Little Time”

Mr. Michael Stover, President of MTS said “I’ve known Cory for several years, and it’s been a real pleasure watching his career develop,” and also said “Cory has a real gift for melody and the ability to deliver a message to his listeners, in a way that doesn’t knock them over the head. We’re really looking forward to finally getting to work with him.”

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