Armada Named Sound release a brand new EP “Social Media Sadness”

“Social Media Sadness” is the 5th release by Armada Named Sound, and electronica project which is diverse, highly artistic, and entertaining while still having multiple layers in the songs produced, thus one might indulge in the music or go a bit deeper and understand that each song is a story of its own.

“Love me, hold me, dance with me” is the opening track: Fast paced, synthpop track, with lush soundscapes and a fragile, melancholic voice, singing about a girl looking for love on Tinder.

“SMS” is a very particular track, in the sense that it gives a first impression of being just a bouncing electro-pop song, but the main instrument here is Irony. Keeping that in mind, opens a door to a much deeper understanding of the song, a door I highly recommend you should go ahead and open!

“TLDR” is most likely inspired by genres completely different, one can hear distant jazz references, even a slight influence from 60s psychedelia. What a great way to talk about people’s ridiculously short attention span nowadays.

“Too many Words” is an “Out of this world” track, sounds like a bonus track finding its way here. Again, ironically, there are no lyrics, just music. And as a final touch, it is great in its simplicity and beauty.

Check out this brand new EP, well thought of music with great production value, especially if you like surprises and twists in music!


Released December 1, 2018

All music, including all instruments, vocal lines and bass lines, written by Spiros Maus

All vocal melodies written by Spiros Maus, except Track 4: Vocal melodies written by Bellabeth

Arranged, recorded, mixed and produced by Spiros Maus

All bass parts recorded by Eli K (Tracks 1,2,3)


Lead vocals on Track 1 by Yeva

Lead vocals on Track 2 by Toni Nzilani Francq

Lead vocals on Track 3 by Sofia Woolfe

Lead vocals on Track 4 by Bellabeth

“Batman” vocals by Spiros Maus

All lyrics written by Spiros Maus

Mastered by Andrew Mitchell at audio Bay Mastering, U.S

Cover artwork by The Phantom Wanderer

All rights reserved 2018

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