Review of Involution song By Martin Del Carpio

Martin Del Carpio mother’s passing has greatly affected him in ways that is difficult to explain simply in words. It was a pivotal moment in his life. To see her health decline month after month throughout the years should’ve prepared him for what was to come. But honestly nothing can truly prepare you for something like that. He was very lucky to be able to have her on film for my experimental short film Mother’s Milk which was done right before her health seriously got worse.

Now Martin Del Carpio have this album, inspired by my first true loss in life, that has served him both as cathartic and life saving. Martin Del Carpio haven’t recorded anything new since late 2015 and honestly, he wasn’t planning to for a while. But Martin Del Carpio had to make this record and he made it for him. Martin Del Carpio needed to try to make sense of what just happened and he did it with the best intentions.

Involution song By Martin Del Carpio

This is a concept album made up of experimental spoken word pieces along with some actual songs. There are also some electronic instrumental tracks thrown in for good measure. There’s a futuristic otherworldly sound to some of the tracks which Martin Del Carpio hope to fully encompass the notion that he believe about death which is that it’s another phase of our existence. Martin Del Carpio believe they are a source of energy, which he guess they call the soul, that’s trapped inside of our bodies and when they die, that energy is set free. Where to exactly? Well, that’s the mystery.

When Martin Del Carpio found my mother in the early morning hours already expired, she had this expression of wonder on her face. Martin Del Carpio will carry that with me for the rest of my life.

Martin Del Carpio would love to know what she saw exactly.  He named this recording project Involution because He believe it fits the overall theme the material carries and the arrangements that are on most of the tracks could be best described as minimalism.

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