Pawn And Prophecy by Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins

Silent Assassins Mike Lepond’s release a new song “Pawn And Prophecy”. This album features great 8 songs. Which truly obscure the lines between different impacts and thoughts.

The record commences with ““Masters of the Hall.” This track just couldn’t be more epic, with a staggering presentation, comprising of ground-breaking drums, enormous stadium shake harmonies, and choral vocals.

The tune rapidly digs into a very quick beat, with shades of melodic hardcore, with great British overwhelming vibes and demise metal.

The amazing song “Black Legend” has a truly in-your-confront plan, with probably the best guitar riffs overall collection. This is a straight-up impact of adrenaline, with solid drums and a one of a kind course of action.

The Great dynamic song  “Antichrist” is with great tune that makes me consider groups like Motorhead or The Misfits, however with a more refined methodology that echoes back to crafted by groups like Whitesnake or Motley Crue.

“I Am The Bull’ commences with an exceptionally unpropitious, yet extremely sweet opening line, with a cool fitting impact and heaps of low end. The tune later forms into a moderate agonizing tune, with a gigantic Sabbath-like feel.

The great substantial “Avengers of Eden” is a metal track, with a quick notch and an extremely epic segment of harmonies and string/synth components underneath the guitars.

“Crowds of Fire” has a snappy and vigorous riff, which makes me consider Guns’N’Roses or Stone Temple Pilot, with vocals that slice through the music flawlessly.

“The Mulberry Tree’ is a shocking acoustic melody with an ageless vibe and a scanty, yet great game plan, nearly helping me to remember European people and rover music. Last yet quite not minimum, the title track is a dirty and engaging number that starts with an extremely ghostly bass line, driving into the melody after about a moment of soloing. The melody detonates with a mix of society metal that feels very dynamic and ground breaking. This tune is relatively similar to a society/metal form of Emerson Lake and Palmer, or King Crimson, with a huge game plan (the melody advances over the range of 20 minutes) and a delicious structure.

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I am totally inspired by the dynamic listening background of this collection. Every melody features distinctive imaginative turns, while the creation is totally spot-on. It couldn’t beat that!

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