Mendini Violin Reviews : Best Violin Brand in 2020

The resonance, sound, and appeal of the best violin will not only inspire your listeners but make learning the violin much easier for you.

In this Mendini violin review, you will find reasons why this violin model is superior to others at this price point.

What You Will Find In the Guide

We also discussed in details, features, pros, and cons of some Mendini violin models.

Mendini 4/4 MV200 Review

The Mendini 4/4 MV200 is one of the best models created by the company for beginners and students.

It comes with everything beginners need to get started immediately, such as bows, shoulder rest, additional strings, rosin, and case.

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Sound Quality

The MV200’s sound is quite impressive. It has a vibrant and bright sound that makes it more interesting to play the violin.

Though the sound is not the best compared to other highly-priced models, it is perfect for beginners and students just starting out with learning the violin.

Not many violins at this price point can deliver such sound quality.


The MV200 has an adjustable shoulder rest that stays comfortably on your shoulders. Shoulder rest of the MV200 is well-padded with soft foam making it more comfortable to play for extended periods.

The bridge is at the normal height so players do not need to apply much pressure to get the strings to touch the fretboard. Overall, this violin model plays very well.


The quality of wood used in constructing the fingerboard of the Mendini violin MV200 will make you doubt its price.

The fingerboard is made of maple – though the wood is harder but feels smooth under the fingers.

Tuning Pegs

The violin comes with ebony pegs which are not just hard but stable.

They do the job of holding the violin in tune very well and are far better than plastic pegs found on many inexpensive brands.

Strings & Bow

The strings on the Mendini violin MV200 are great in terms of quality. It also has extra strings beginners will find very handy.

Unlike the bows found in other inexpensive violins, the bow on this model is made with superior Brazilian wood and genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair.

Body Wood And Finishing

The MV200 is hand-carved with a great choice of tone wood even though it is less expensive. Back and sides are made with maple while its top is solid spruce wood.

The quality of tone wood used shows why this model sounds so amazing.

It also has a beautiful but light varnish finish that makes it look more appealing.


  • Additional strings and bridge which are very handy for beginners
  • The kit comes with everything beginners need to get started without spending too much.
  • Good quality ebony pegs and fittings.
  • Backpack strap makes it convenient to take to school or orchestras.


  • Bridge and sound post might not be in the right place when it arrives. You may get someone to help you set them properly or do it all by yourself.
  • The tension on the strings causes the pegs to slack a bit. But The liquid rosin will take good care of this problem.

The final word on Mendini MV200 Violin

We think the Mendini MV200 is a great violin for beginners and students. It sounds great and comes with accessories that beginners need to get started.

Unless you are ready to cough out more money for other expensive violins that cost thousands of dollars, the MV200 is a wise buy to start your violin learning goals.

Mendini MV300 violin Review

Mendini 4/4 MV300 is the next model from Cecilio after the MV200.

It is also a great instrument that offers great value for the money.

Just like the MV200, this violin comes with accessories important for beginners just starting out – shoulder rest, hard case, additional strings, rosin, and bow are all included in the package.

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Sound Quality

It is obvious from the sound of the MV300 that Cecilio manufactures great instruments and offer them at a giveaway price.

Otherwise, such a great sounding violin shouldn’t be this cheap.

This violin has a mellow and warm tone that is very clear. And considering the sound quality, beginners will have a blast playing this violin.


The adjustability and soft foam padding of the shoulder rest are the features that make this violin more comfortable for learning/practising for extended periods.

It is comfortable to bear its weight on the shoulder for long. And in addition to the soft foam padding, the shoulder rest has soft rubber feet for enhanced comfort.


Everything about the fingerboard is awesome. First, it is accurately cut out and installed on the neck.

The fingerboard is made of ebony, which is a great wood that can prevent wear and tear common with this string instrument.

Tuning pegs

The tune pegs on the Mendini MV300 are maple pegs, which are great quality pegs for a violin at this price point.

Unlike other plastic pegs, maple pegs are very easy to work with and hold tune well.

It also comes with alloy tailpiece which has four integrated in-built fine tuners.

Strings And Bow

The Quality of the strings on this budget violin is surprising. It also comes with extra strings as the MV200; this will be helpful to beginners in emergency situations.

Its bow, on the other hand, does not lose its hair extensively like other poor quality bows. It is genuine Mongolian horsehair that has not been bleached.

The hair on the bow is intact, though you need to rosin the bow for it to produce appropriate vibrations as it glides across the strings.

Body Wood And Finishing

The body and sides are made of maple, while the top is made of solid spruce wood.

The beauty of both tone wood is also enhanced with a soft satin varnish finish.


  • The violin has beautiful inlaid purfling and finish
  • Features maple chinrest, fingerboard, and pegs
  • Excellent tone wood and sound quality
  • The package comes with extra strings, shoulder strap, chinrest, rosin, and other things beginners would need to get started.
  • Construction is solid


  • Built mostly for beginners
  • Not the prettiest violin on the market.
  • Great mostly for practice and not for stage performance

The final word on Mendini MV300 violin

Every other part of Mendini MV300 violin is made of metal and wood, apart from the shoulder rest and chin rest that is made of plastic.

This violin is not mind-blowing based on our opinion but will offer beginners what they are paying for and more. It is also far cheaper than renting a violin to play.

Mendini 4/4 MV400 Review

The Mendini MV400 is another beautiful violin from Cecilio.

Weighing in at just 4.8 pounds, this violin really packs a punch with its unbelievable sound.

The awesome varnish finish makes it look like those higher priced models.

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Sound Quality

The MV400 is an upgrade of the previous model. It has a bright and very rich tone that produces energetic sound.

The beautiful resonance and sound can be attributed to the quality of fittings and materials used in making this model.


The bow is very light and comfortable to use. The violin on its own is also lightweight, portable and comes with a well-padded shoulder rest.

The action is smooth and perfect for someone who is just starting out; strings do not need to be pressed down with much pressure as you play.


Accurately and sturdily fitted fretboard makes the MV400 buzz free and great sounding.

The great attention to details given to this violin makes it superior to other violins at this price point.

Tuning pegs

The ebony tuning pegs on this violin are great. It offers what every beginner wants, where by the instrument can hold its tune for long – especially throughout the practice session.

Strings And Bow

Cecilio did a commendable job on this violin for these aspects. It comes with an additional set of strings too, which acts as a backup in case the one in use goes bad.

Though these strings are great sounding and will last for quite a long time, they are not the highest of quality on the market.

It also comes with an extra good quality bow for such a cheap violin, which has unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair.

The bow delivers great sound and makes playing this violin more enjoyable.

Body Wood And Finishing

The back and sides are made of maple wood while the top is solid spruce wood, which contributes positively to its great sound.

The beautiful varnish finish makes this violin irresistible. But too much of it can hinder the sound quality too.


  • Great for teaching the violin
  • It can hold tune better than other violins at this price point
  • Price is great – purchasing this is better than renting or borrowing
  • It also comes with all of the extras; additional strings and bows, quality case and chinrest.


  • It is not a professional grader but plays very well – plays even better that other violin at this price point.
  • Again, it is not a performance violin but great for advanced students who want to learn the violin. It can be used and passed on to a younger sibling.

The final word on Mendini MV400 Violin

The Mendini MV400 is made for beginners and advanced students. The package comes with everything individuals eager to learn the violin need to get started.

It sounds pretty good for a low priced violin, and need little or no setup on arrival before playing.

Mendini MV 500 Violin Review

The Mendini 3/4 MV500 is one of the top models from Cecilio approved by violin teachers.

It is suitable for students on a budget and gives better tone and projection as one would expect from highly priced violins.

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Sound Quality

It does not sound like a lower priced violin. It sounds full and bright; it also projects very well.

The quality of tone wood used is the result of its great sound. It is also handcrafted from a single piece of solid wood, which offers better projection and resonance.


The MV500 weighs more compared to other models in the Mendini violin series.

It weighs approximately 5 pounds but comfortable for both young adults and advanced players to hold and play for extended periods.


The ebony fingerboard is also perfectly fitted on the instrument. It looks neat on it, which goes to show that Cecilio pays great attention to details and has great quality control.

Tuning pegs

The tuning pegs are made of ebony, which is great for beginners to learn with.

Its ebony tuning pegs hold the strings well and will stay tuned even when played for extended periods

Strings And Bow

The strings sound great when fingering. They produce a much fuller and warmer sound and projects better than most strings found on other budget violins.

It also comes with Brazil wood bows and Mongolian horsehair that is unbleached and genuine. This bow produces great sound and is very comfortable for beginners.

It also comes with extra strings which might be helpful some day.

Body Wood And Finishing

The fact that the MV500 is hand-carved from a single piece of wood means there is little room for error in its construction.

It is hand-carved with a spruce top as well as premium solid flamed maple sides and back.


  • This model is hand-carved from a single piece of maple wood and comes tailpiece has 4 detachable fine tuners, ebony fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs
  • The gloss finish is even throughout and makes it look classy.
  • It comes with high-quality rosin, extra strings, and lightweight case, so students and parents will not be spending the extra money to acquire these things.
  • The bridge is slightly thicker than most violins in this price category.


  • This violin model is a bit on the expensive side, and some people may not want to spend this much for a student violin, but then it offers great value for money and your child will use it till he or she finishes high school and beyond.

The final word on Mendini MV 500 Violin

If you are looking for a durable and beautiful violin to get for your child, the MV500 is a wise buy.

This violin offers great value for money and will stick with your child throughout high school and beyond.

Mendini 4/4 MV Review

The Mendini violin 4/4 MV is a great choice for students with diverse color preferences. It comes in a wide range of colors and is well constructed.

This violin plays well and is very easy to use; this makes it a perfect choice for students and beginners who are just starting.

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Sound Quality

This instrument sounds great for a violin at this price point. Though the sound is not the best when compared to other higher priced model, you may not find a violin that would sound better than this in this price category.

The sound is clear; the tone is mellow and warm.


The 4/4 MV is very simple in design. It is also very easy to use and tune. The action is smooth and the shoulder rest is built with enough foam to make it comfortable.

The shoulder rest can also be adjusted to any level you feel is comfortable for you.


The fingerboard is maple wood, which is great for a beginner violin. No one would expect a better wood considering the price, but the company uses quality materials in building their violins and still offers their violins at a giveaway price.

Tuning pegs

Like the fingerboard, the tuning pegs are maple woods. The pegs are capable of holding the strings properly and are better than the plastic pegs found in many cheap violins at this price point.

The pegs are comfortable to hold and easy to tune with. They are sturdy and holds tune for long too.

Strings And Bow

The strings on this violin deliver a great sound which for a beginner is perfect, but these can be upgraded with higher quality strings.

The violin comes with extra strings and bow which is great to have around in case a replacement is needed urgently.

Body Wood And Finishing

The Mendini violin 4/4 MV’s construction is solid. It has maple on its back and sides, while the top is solid spruce wood.

It is durable and very comfortable to hold and play and does not appear as other cheap plastic violins in this price range.


  • It comes in many bright colors students can choose from.
  • The bow has genuine Mongolian horsehair which doesn’t pull off quickly
  • The hard case is lightweight and secures the violin completely.
  • Handcrafted with good quality tone wood.


  • The Mendini 4/4 MV is a durable model and would stick with your child up to grade 4 or 5th; although one or two upgrades would be necessary along the way.
  • It comes in a variety of colors which is beautiful but the extra varnish and paint layers can hinder how the violin sounds; it might become muffled.


The final word on Mendini 4/4 MV Violin

This violin is great for the price and delivers the good sound that would make anyone doubt its price.

If you are looking for a cheap and colorful violin your child can learn with, this model should be on your list.

It is also great for students and adults who want to discover their passion for playing the violin before investing in a higher-priced violin.

Final Word

You can see from this Mendini violin reviews that the brand uses a good quality wood material for its lower-priced models.

The sound produced by each of these instruments are great; considering the price tag most of them come at, it would be out of place to expect more.

The choice is yours to choose any of the models listed here that suits your needs and budget.

Please leave comments below so others can learn from your experience playing any of these violin models. Thanks for stopping coming around.

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