Kamoa E3-T Tenor Brown Ukulele Review

The Kamoa E3-T Tenor Brown is a great ukulele brand, and if you are looking for a ukulele that is fit for a stage performer or crossover guitar player, this ukulele is a perfect match. A lot of uke players refer to it as the best tenor ukulele for the bucks, because of their experience with the product. I also had the pleasure of playing Kamoa E3-T Tenor Brown Ukulele myself, and I quite agree with them.

I am going to share my experience in this Kamao ukulele review. I will reveal the pros and cons of this ukulele, and the reason I am recommending it too.

Specification & Features of Kamoa E3-T Tenor Brown Ukulele

Let’s talk about the Kamoa ukulele Fit and Finish

The fit and finish of the Kamoa E3-T Tenor Brown are exceptional to me. It comes with a smooth satin finish that looks very simple but yet attractive.

Another thing that caught my attention is how tidy the inside of this Kamoa ukulele is.

It is very neat on the inside and the bindings and joints are also intact. In general, this ukulele has a solid construction good ukuleles should have.

Kamoa did a very great job on the fit and finish of this model. The translucent finish, also adds to its beauty and I could also see some of the wood grains through the irresistible coloring.

Quality Aquila nylgut strings

The Kamoa E3-T – Tenor Brown comes with a good quality Aquila nylgut strings. These strings are very comfortable for picking or strumming even though new.

Also, the long string length gives it more advantage over smaller sized ukuleles with respect to sound. It has more sustain, projection as well as richness.

Generally Solid Wood Material

The Kamoa E3-T – Tenor Brown is made of solid wood material. It comes with a spruce top, and the back and sides are constructed with solid maple.

The neck is made with solid mahogany wood. The quality of the material contributes to its great sound and intonation.

It has more sustain and volume which can also be attributed to its arched back design and solid wood material.

Fingerboard and bridge

The Kamoa E3-T – Tenor Brown comes with rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The frets are well leveled and the neck of the ukulele is straight. In fact, I didn’t notice any buzzing sound while playing which is a big plus to this Kamoa brand.

Tuning keys

The Kamoa E3-T – Tenor Brown comes with quality friction tuners with Pearloid buttons.

This makes it very easy and comfortable to tune, and also hold its tune well.

What is special about the Kamoa ukulele sound

This Kamoa ukulele model produces one of the biggest fullest sounds among other tenor ukuleles. The sound is bold and balanced. The projection and volume are also good.

As I mentioned earlier, the sound and volume can also be attributed to the solid wood material and arched back design.

At this point, let me walk you through the pros and cons of this Kamoa ukulele model


  • Lightweight
  • Quality friction tuners
  • Premium satin finish
  • Very comfortable to play
  • Completely made of solid wood material
  • Sound is great with good projection and volume


Well, I didn’t see anything wrong with this ukulele except that:

  • The tone is much bigger than that of a soprano ukulele

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the back and sides of this ukulele actually made of solid wood?

Answer: Yes, it is made of solid wood back and sides, maple to be precise.

2. Does it come pre-strung with the Aquila nylgut string as described?

Answer: Yes, it does!

3. How good is the intonation?

Answer: It is very good. The intonation is spot on and it has more volume and projection

4. For crossover guitar players, is this tenor ukulele suitable?

Answer: Yes, it is suitable for crossover guitar players too.

5. I am a beginner, planning to buy my first ukulele. Would you recommend this ukulele for a beginner?

Answer: Yes of course. It is also suitable for beginners. The sound is great and everything about the ukulele is amazing. You will enjoy playing.

6. Please, can someone give me information on the number of frets on this ukulele?

Answer: It has 14 frets to the body and 18 in total. Do you have any more questions?

7. I like this tenor ukulele but I want to know what the total length is?

Answer: The total is 27 inches.

8. Is this ukulele suitable for multi level players?

Answer: Yes, it is suitable for multi level players.

In Summary

I have revealed to you the exceptional features of the Kamoa E3-T – Tenor Brown in this ukulele review and it’s one of the best tenor ukuleles. This Kamoa ukulele model is amazing and the sound is great.

In fact, both the finishing and solid wood make it outstanding. I would like you to give this ukulele a try. You can borrow from a friend or purchase at amazon.com. Please share your experience after purchasing for others to learn too. I will be expecting more ukulele reviews on this product from uke lovers. Thanks.

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