Interview of The New age artist Blow Flyy

Blow Flyy is a new age artist that is passionate in hip hop music. His hip hop music however, has a new taste and thought process that focuses more on story telling rather than ensuring that the music rhymes.

His music appeals to all the young generation especially those who loves hip hop. Blow Flyy performs out of Canada , Toronto currently spreading his music worldwide with the help of various online social media and music platforms.

His new soundtrack titled ‘This is not a dream’ is released from the album, Its Like I Got a Set of Wings. The track ‘This is Not a Dream’ is a 3 minutes 50 seconds audio track that is appealing to the female hip hop music listeners and Blow Flyy fans.

The soundtrack sets the mood in the room and it is great for hip hop music lovers. It connects opposite genders who loves the mood that is set with the music.

Relatively, the entire soundtrack is a slow paced music which does not involves fast and hard instrumental beats. While listening to it, it is quite relaxing and goes with the flow.

Also, the soundtrack is clean. With the continuous clean content and more meaningful storytelling in hip hop music, Blow Flyy will gain many fans worldwide.

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