How to Tune A Violin: The Beginners Guide

Investing in the best violin for beginners is one thing and knowing how to tune a violin is another. You can solve the former by reading violin reviews but violin tuning is what you have to practice yourself or consult a teacher to help you.

You will get better sound and your violin notes will ring out well with proper tuning. Though to achieve this, you also need to learn how to string a violin.

Because with poor quality strings, the sound will remain bad no matter how good you are with tuning violin.

What to Know before tuning a violin


Learn how to place new strings on a violin:

Let the teacher show you how to fix violin strings, and do it in front of you the first time. If the strings are new, then you will need frequent tuning to get the violin strings notes to ring out well.

When your new strings start to sound off, do not get discouraged. Tune violin with new strings regularly until they break in.

Understand your violin:

You need to familiarize yourself with the violin string order and know the peg that relates to a particular string. Know how to easily adjust the pitch using the peg.

If you want to raise the pitch, turn the peg away from you in the normal playing position. You can also lower by tuning in the other direction.

Do it carefully:

Even the best violin brands need proper care so that it can last longer. Do not tighten the string too fast because it can snap.

Using Piano for tuning Violin

Tuning with a piano or keyboard is quite simple. Looking at the picture above, you can see the keys of the piano that corresponds with the violin strings.

As a beginner, you can learn how to tune violin with piano from your teacher or following this instruction.

The “Middle C” as shown in the picture above should be used, so that you don’t make the mistake of tuning the instrument an octave high or low.

Once you play the note on the piano, match it with the right string.

Tips to remember when using Piano

  • Make use of fine tuners if you discover the strings are out by at least less than half a tone.
  • On the piano, use pedals so the note will sound free.
  • Using pedals will help to free both hands so you can tune with ease.

Using Electric Violin Tuner

Violin tuner app :

The app works like an electronic violin tuner. For players who are always on the go, the app can be very useful. It works great on Smartphone.

And because Smartphone like the iPhone is quite handy, there will be no need to carry extra devices in your student violin case.

There are hundreds of apps you can download on your iPhone to tune your violin. The apps range from beginner level to advanced levels that will help you to create original sound and music.

The violin app has an audio input which is usually set up.

Most of the apps are very easy to operate and have an easy-to-read interface. Examples include; Tuner Lite, Cadenza, Da Tuner and Violin Multi-tuner.

The use of online violin tuner

There are tons of free online tuner beginners can use to tune the violin. You need an internet connection to make use of the online tuner.

If you are using this for the first time, you might need someone to show you how to tune violin using online software.

It is not that difficult but confusing if you don’t know what to do.

The online tuner is almost the same as the electric tuner. The similarity lies in its ability to sense and also tell the exact pitch of the instrument.

Final Word

It doesn’t matter if you have the best violin. What matters is for you to practice well with the instrument and get the right violin notes during practice or performance.

Tuning violin for beginners is very simple. Allow the teacher to do it ones or more times then, attempt to do it on your own.

You need your violin to sound right even when you practice at home. Ensure that your instrument is properly tuned before playing.

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