How to maintain Guitar Amps: 5 Awesome Tips For Beginners

Bravo! You have got the best electric guitar amp for your precious guitar and now you feel relaxed after making that huge financial commitment.

Let’s be honest here, buying a good quality tube amplifier or bass guitar amp isn’t going to make it last longer.

You must render some level of maintenance for your amp or be ready to get a replacement sooner.

We are going to look at some simple everyday tips which some of us neglect after buying our guitar and amp. Let’s have a look at the maintenance tips one by one.

1. Handle the electronic amplifier with caution

Even though you invested in cheap guitar amps, one way to avoid repair expenses and make it to last longer is proper handling.

Amps are electronic appliances and may pack up easily when exposed to extreme weather conditions or manhandling.

Apart from exposing them to extreme weather conditions, children can also handle them roughly in your absence if not kept properly.

Tips :

  • Always remember to keep your guitar practice amps at your studio in a particular area where it will not be moved around often.
  • Though modern tube amplifier is built to handle the rigors that come with regular gigs, do not drop or shake the amp because the socket and tube can break easily.
  • Whether you have the guitar tube amp or bass amp, extreme care should be taken during transportation. Avoid obstructions and potholes that might shake your amp too much.
  • Don’t kick your tube amplifier when performing.

2. Don’t use under extreme conditions

Not just the amp but the guitar amp kits shouldn’t be used under extreme conditions. Both the interior and exterior cabinet must be prevented from getting wet at all cost.

The reason is that getting it wet will affect the look of the electronic device and also lower the resale value when need to sell it to upgrade to another amp arises.

Getting the interior part of your amp wet can damage it or get you electrocuted.


  • Do not expose the amp to rain. Performing under the rain with the amplifier isn’t a good option.
  • Store your amp in a cool dry place. Of course, your studio must be cool and dry as this condition is good for other electronics.
  • Avoid poor drinks or other liquid on your amplifier. Even the top amplifiers will not last long with this.
  • If you happen to take an amp to a cold location, allow it to warm up a bit to room temperature after unloading before you plug-in and play.

3. Keep the cables properly

The amp cable will also contribute to good guitar tone. And of course, that’s what every guitarist wants, right?

However, not taking good care of the cable will cause the output to be horrible. Without a good cable, you won’t get better sound and therefore performance will certainly be poor.

4.Avoid moving your tube amp around when it’s running

The tube’s filaments and other parts in it become very weak when hot. Moving the amp around when it is hot or after immediate use can damage these parts.


  • Allow the tube to cool down after using it for extended periods before moving to another location.
  • Give the amp some time to cool down after use before loading out.

5.Get the valve replaced

Check if the power amp section tubes are isn’t performing well and respond by making some changes. Though most guitarists are of the opinion that changes should be yearly, this also depends on the amount of time and how hard the instrument is being played.


  • Inconsistencies in tone, noise, and drop in volumes, are signs that the valve needs replacement. You can use your ear to monitor these features.
  • A tube tester can be used to determine the condition of the valve. There are great options from the best orange amp.

Final Word

There are hundreds of cheap guitar amps for sale and thankfully, cheap doesn’t translate into low quality. And even when you end up investing on a cheap amp, you can make it last longer with proper maintenance.

We have highlighted tips on how to maintain both the tube amp and others to get better sound, now is your turn to take action.

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