How To Get Better Sound From Mandolin with Accessories

Mandolin is a great musical instrument. Before you play Best mandolins, you should know how to get better sound from your mandolin .This article about How to improve your mandolin sounds.


Mandolin picks can go as far as helping even a budget mandolin to sound better. It can also enhance your speed of play and volume.

The pick material matters a lot when choosing a pick. The edges of some picks do not wear off quickly after using them for extended periods.


There is nothing like the best mandolin strings. What you will find are different strings with a variety of coatings. Examples are silver-plated copper, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, and nickel mandolin strings.

Strings are vital for better sound. So if the strings on your mandolin are not sounding well or look worn out, you have to change them to improve the sound of your instrument.


You need better cable for better sound, especially if you are playing the electric mandolin. Most cables develop fault faster, so choose the right cable to avoid any problem that may result.


Using a Mandolin Strap won’t change your mandolin tone one bit but it will help your playing position. It will also help you play for extended periods, especially when play while standing.

There are many great straps you can invest in, just choose the one that suits your budget and color preference.

How to Care for your Mandolin

It is very simple to care for a mandolin. The instructions provided in this section are common sense, but read on as there are things you will find that may help you maintain your mandolin better.

How to care for the strings:

  • Regularly wipe the strings with a little bit of oil. Apply the oil gently on the strings with a soft cloth.
  • Do no tune the fragile strings higher than what is required.
  • Clean off sweat and oil that your fingers leave on the strings after playing.
  • Replace strings regularly to enhance sound and playability

How to care for the wood & fretboard:

  • Remove dust from the body of the mandolin with a microfiber cloth
  • Polish the wood regularly. A soft cloth and furniture polish will do the job.
  • Protect the instrument from coming in contact with water to prevent damage.
  • Clean the fretboard regularly after playing.
  • Do not leave your mandolin for children when you are not around.

Things You Need To Keep Your Mandolin Safe

Read below to know what Things you need to keep your Mandolins safe


A mandolin case will help extend the shelf-life of your mandolin. It will keep the strings and body of the mandolin from being destroyed by moisture, dust and other things.

In fact, the case would place some restriction when you leave your mandolin unattended to. It would discourage others, including little children from playing with your mandolin in your absence.

Though there are numerous options available, you will find the best mandolin gig bag on a budget to help transport your mandolin with ease.

Stand or Hanger:

Even though your new mandolin is worth less than $100 dollar, you still need a stand or hanger to keep it safe.

Placing it on a stand or hanger would prevent the body from having some scratches which can dent the appearance of your precious mandolin.

It will also keep it in good playing condition, pending when you pick it up again.

Popular Mandolin Questions and Answers

1. What is a style mandolin?

We have different types of categories such as flat back, bowl back, carved arch top and back.

The arched mandolin type further divides into the curly bluegrass F style as well as the teardrop A-style mandolin.

2. How many strings are on a mandolin?

Mandolin commonly has four metal strings, doubled and tuned in unison, making it a total of 8 strings.

There are other types of mandolin which have double five strings (10 strings in total) and double six strings (total of 12 strings).

3. How is a mandolin tuned?

The mandolin is tuned the same way as a violin. It is tuned G D A E from the lowest to highest. Since the strings come in doubles, each pair of strings is tuned to the same tone. That is, the strings are tuned G-G D-D A-A E-E

4.bWho made the mandolin?

Mandolin is from the lute family and evolved from Italy during the seventeenth as well as the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century, the deep bowled mandolin which was originally produced in Naples was very popular.

The mandore is the original instrument which in the fourteenth century, evolved from the lute family.

5. How much is a mandolin?

Mandolin comes at different prices. You can have mandolin as low as $50 or more than $1000.

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