How to become a better guitar player

Hurray! You just got yourself a brand new guitar; in fact, the best guitar for beginners and feel like learning would be much easier. But after spending hours, weeks and months, you are not improving at the pace you wanted.

There are reasons you are not making fast progress with learning the guitar. And until you identify those problems and resolve them, you won’t make any reasonable progress.

In this post, we will try to identify some of these challenges and discuss ways to resolve them. Take a read!

Practice strategically

The simple reason most people do not make progress is that they do not practice strategically. They only practice for practice sake. There is a clear-cut difference between practicing strategically and practicing for practice sake.

Individuals who practice for practice sake get frustrated at the end of the day. The reason is that they accumulate so much material from online and friends that they do not know where to start from.

It will be very difficult to reach your targeted goals if you start collecting random guitar lessons, or exercise materials to practice with. You will not only lose direction but have a hard time measuring your progress.

So how can you practice strategically?

First, begin by paying attention to the goals you want to achieve. Then find out the right way to practice the guitar to successfully achieve your targeted goals.

Do not fall for any distraction to learning with random items that are not related to your targeted goals.

Get Expert Guitar Teacher

Many guitar players consider the option of learning guitar on their own because they believe they can do it alone.

As earlier mentioned, getting random items online or from friends to learn will cause you to make slow progress.

You need a good guitar teacher to guide you whenever you make mistakes. The teacher will help correct finger placement and every other bad guitar playing habits before they become a part and parcel of you.

In addition, working with an expert guitar teacher will help to solve your motivation problem.

A time will come when you will partially if not completely lose focus and motivation to learn. You start coming late for practice and even consider what you are doing as a waste of time and effort when you start losing motivation.

When you get to this stage, you will definitely need a guitar teacher to help out. He or she will also hold you accountable for any progress made and push you to learn faster.

Balance your guitar playing

Another very important thing to do to speed up your guitar learning is to balance your guitar playing. Most guitarist give more time to practicing areas they are already strong in, therefore ignoring their weaknesses.

You will only become stronger in the areas you are already good at and weaker in those you are not paying attention to. This can lead to frustration and also weaken your musical performance.

Become better with every practice session

You must take every practice session serious and work towards reaching your goal. One way to do this is to challenge oneself.

On the other hand, knowing what to practice is not the only way to reach your targeted goals.

As a guitarist, you must also know how to practice to make good use of the materials you have for learning the guitar.

Identify your bad guitar playing habits

No matter the learning material you have at your disposal or learning strategy you have already carved out, you won’t go far if you have bad guitar playing habits.

You need to identify these habits and work towards correcting them. Your teacher can also help to correct you.

Change your mindset

Guess what, many of the professional guitar players that are bursting your bubble with their awesome guitar playing abilities sucked at some point in time.

They didn’t become better because they have the raw talent but worked to become better with each passing day.

Consistency is the key

Consistency is the key if you want to become better with guitar playing. There is a common saying that practice makes perfect; when you do something repeatedly, you’ll become better at it.

Most people skip practice because they feel the time on their hands is not enough.

However, the amount of time one has to practice guitar doesn’t really matter. What matters most is to remain consistent even if you have less than an hour to practice.

Final  Word

Becoming a better guitar player is a very easy thing to achieve if you can avoid making mistakes that will slow your progress.

There are many different ways you can achieve your targeted goal as a guitarist which we have listed here.

In addition to the factors listed, learning with the best guitar for beginners will also make learning much easier for you.

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