Heather Whitney Music Review

In Texas she is  the great Country Music artist and Songwriter. Heather Whitney has release her great new single “What Part of Life.” On 8th September 2018.

She is originally from Southeast Texas. She is a Great Songwriter and also a Singer. Recently she is back with a New Soulful and significant Single “What Part of life”

MTS Management Group is glad to report Heather Whitney as joined the “MTS Family.” She has deal on with MTS for viral and promotions of her Music collection, “Moving On,” including her most recent single, “Movin’ On Song,” and her own video, “Shut up and Dance.” The video was created by Mr. Cherish Lee, little girl of nation legend Johnny Lee and “Dallas” lady, Charlene Tilton.

Whitney composed this new melody and it was therefore delivered by Buddy Hyatt. She keeps in touch with her music as a matter of fact and it appears. “What Part of Life” is advancing up the New Music Weekly Country Charts, and which is all well and good.

In Summary

Finally, Heather Whitney has done it again by publishing another amazing touchy Country Tune. “What Part of Life” is Heart Touchy and relatable. Whitney turns out to be a standout amongst and she is the most underrated female for Country recording specialists within recent memory. Her adaptability as an artist lyricist is mind blowing. “What Part of Life

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