Dyli Releases a Lovely Pop Tune music, “Low Key”

Dyli is one of the youngest Singer from Stockton, California. Few months ago, she released a lovely pop tune song, entitled, “Low Key”.

She is the most emotionally connected to this. This song is composed as a love story with soft romantic and the meaning represents the challenges are they faced and overcame.

For her actually it was quite hard song to write. The moment was the most difficult to them that they have ever done. And her producer’s laptop had been stolen start of the weekend, all of the works was done one that that stolen laptop. And when they again sat back to work and they faced so many trouble with lyrics and melodies.

Dyli couldn’t concentrate on writing again but the hopes was not lost. Dyli’s Producer was thinking to get help from his close buddies. And they went to him for his support.

Finally her producer was decided that the music track send to his one of amusician friend. That musician friend helped come up with lyrics and melodies where Dyli was not happy about his works, but to her looking to back , she got a great idea. Most of the Los Angeles was on fire while all of this going on. After her session got word that her aunt had passed away. To her everything was possibly going wrong. The song ended up to her being a symbol of her strength as a team.

Final words:

Holy crap! We discovered DYLI on Soundcloud and were blown away by her two newest singles, “Cherry Coke” and “Low Key”. We were even more floored when we found out how young she is. DYLI is writing songs well beyond her years, as indicated by the maturity of “Low Key” and the overall direction of her brand

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