DJ Henry Black X Ghost Release New Song

The soundtrack Strike is a house soundtrack, produced by 2 DJs. The Djs, namely Henry Black and Ghost released duo collaboration on the 11 December 2018.
The duration of the soundtrack is 5 minutes and 20 seconds. The duo is based in United Kingdom. The soundtracks are produced are mainly big house genre tracks which appeals to people of all ages who loves fast mixes soundtracks.

Strike is perfect mix soundtrack for club houses and parties. The mix is extremely catchy, that it would get anyone on the dance floor. Additionally, the soundtrack would also appeal to trendy, hip and fresh retail stores such as H&M, Cotton On, Forever 21 and Bershka.
The soundtrack sets the customers mood on, and attracts anyone to purchase happily on the go. The duration itself is awesome with great mix of tunes and electro instrumentation.

The title Strike suits the soundtrack well, in which it shows the power of fast pace and creative sounds, appealing to the young group of people. I am sure the people who love big house genres will come to love this soundtrack.
At the same time, for those who are not into the idea of big house genre, will come to listen to this genre and especially this soundtrack. In no time, Strikesoundtrack will be a trending house genre track which will be used in my DJ parties, remixes and big retail shops.

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