A Ukulele Buying Guide Before You Choosing The Best Ukulele


The first time buying a best ukulele can be a baffling experience. The buyers never want to waste their hard earned money on any instrument that is not really goes for their budget, style and event. More unfortunately, it happens that, you might not get shop attendance’s full attention as he might busy with phone calls etc.

even when you get the attention of the shop assistant, it might be that the person lacks the knowledge of the product, and also the enthusiasm to explain about the ukulele, let alone the best ukulele.

  Why do you need a Ukulele Buying guide

Here comes the need of a guide that can help you to know about the Ukulele brands before you step into choosing yours. The Ukulele buyers are in troubles and confusions whenever they wish to have the best ukulele for beginners as there are multiple models, brands, sizes and prices. Looking for right Ukulele, you are to hold it, twang it and feel the sound that feels right.

Whatever uke you decide, the best ever technique is to check its sound. As ukulele is very simple to be trained and play, the newbies’ finger also can go with the instrument.

Some guides are heading for new ukulele players, while others are for more advanced players. But, there are three kinds of ukes that are not only affordable for the beginners, but also perfect for the beginners. Ukuleles fall under four standard sizes with corresponding tonal ranges.

What is Ukulele?

The ukulele is a small 4-stringed lute family instrument of Hawaiian Originated but this instrument also giving a total of 6 or 8 strings (primarily for good strumming volume.) and also called familiar musical instruments. People being realized around since 1879 has been this instrument and trying how it can make such enjoyable sound of music.

When the ukulele has first invented the Hawaiians didn’t think with this beautiful music instrument would be capable of composing great music. Around 1915, the ukulele didn’t popular come over to the mainland. After that people began craze about it and made a great popularity of this instrument.

Nowadays the ukulele is a wonderful music instrument like a small guitar. No matter what was the past behind this small music instrument, the ukulele is now Hawaii’s being a most popular musical instrument. Now Peoples start loving to play to this great small instrument.

The Structure of a Ukulele you should know

Usually, the body of ukulele has a figure-eight shape and it’s almost like a guitar. However, other shapes do exist.

The another most popular ukulele shape is the pineapple-shaped body, others such as the triangular shape and the rectangular cigar-box shaped present by the custom builders. The ukulele’s body from an acoustically superb piece of wood made artisans construct.

For An example of the Koa, the wood of an acacia tree that is local to Hawaii. Another choice is Mahogany, but most cheap ukulele manufacturers use plywood or laminate. A better tone produced by better woods, that’s why most of the professional musicians always prefer Koa wood ukuleles.

As a musician, I suggest you to must know about the ukulele size because is much important before you start playing or buy a ukulele.

How many Types of Ukuleles in the market

There are different main four sizes of ukuleles in the marketplace, People rating by the size and scale length. The soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone are the main classifications of this four type ukulele.

The Ukuleles are separated following by their shapes. There are some more shapes of the ukulele in the market but not much popular, their names are Bell, Cutaway, Vita.

A playable string is a length of the scale length and it’s from the nut to the bridge. The sound becomes fuller when the scale length increases. The different jangly sound of a ukulele is more visual in soprano-ukuleles; the sound more closely likes as a guitar when the size raise to baritone.

This is an amazing type of musical instrument that can bring years of musical entertainment as you explore its history and no doubt about its musical flexibility. All in all, this articles provides information that could help you before purchasing your first ukulele.

Let’s start to talk about the popular size of ukulele family. This size details will help you decide which uke is perfect for you which I have given below.

The Soprano Ukulele – Best ukulele for Beginners

The smallest size of the ukulele is soprano which is 21 inches from top to bottom with around 12 to 14 frets. It’s is the best standard size of ukulele. Most of the people think of it when they want to buy a ukulele. There are two common Tuning of this ukulele which are given bellow.

The most associated sound produced with a soprano ukulele. Some of the hardcore uke players considered as the only true ukulele.

The soprano is the perfect instrument for a child but also best for beginners. This Uke is not perfect for larger hands, people, this is the disadvantage of soprano and another side the advantage of the soprano uke is the price but also perfect for Kids and small hands people. The cheapest ukulele always starts with the soprano.

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The Concert Ukulele – Best Ukulele for Beginners

The Concert ukulele being slightly larger than soprano which is around 23 inches. From top to bottom this uke has 14 to 17 frets. You can get more space to moves fingers with the concert ukulele and can feel it comfortable to play.

But the Concert uke size is close enough to a soprano ukulele to keep the sound distinctive. This size ukulele is the best ukulele for beginners and it’s also my favorite size.

The Common Tunings of concert ukulele is C-tuning: G-C-E-A.

The Concert ukulele is a great alliance between the soprano and the tenor ukuleles which produced the classic ukulele sound. It is larger than soprano which allows you for a little extra large room for playing chords.

The concert is compromised, candidate .We Recommending this size ukulele for beginners who have slightly larger than small hands.

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The Tenor Ukulele – Best ukulele for multi-level players

The Tenor is considered larger than Soprano and Concert. It’s called the largest of the traditionally tuned ukulele.

Today, the most popular size is Tenor ukulele. Tenor is the best ukulele if you are looking for playing in outdoor or indoor. Tenor is around 26 inches and from top to bottom this ukulele has 19 to 21 frets. The neck of tenor uke is larger that makes you feel easier to playing different chords and solos.

The Common Tuning of Tenor ukulele which is given below.

C-tuning: G-C-E-A

A-tuning: E-A-C#-F

Bb-tuning: F-Bb-D-G

The tenor ukulele is very popular to professional also starter players start loving . It’s a great uke for those who looking for performing outdoors because it has rich full sound with large fingerboard that you are able to reach higher notes. The tenor is also being popular to beginners, most of the guitarists like the tenor ukulele.

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The Baritone Ukulele – Best ukulele for professionals

The Baritone is the largest ukulele in the ukulele family. The tuned of this uke is DGBE and the tune of the bottom four strings of a guitar which is same of this uke. It’s around 30 inches and from top to bottom this ukulele has 21 to 23 frets. This uke produce deeper sounds but you can strum like any other ukulele.

The Common Tuning of Baritone ukulele is G-tuning: D-G-B-E.

The Baritone ukes are great for those players who play blues and finger pickers but also for those who looking for deeper and fuller sound.

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The prices of ukulele before you decide to buy

Every buyer intends to buy the cheapest and the best. Ukulele buyers are also not exception. It is not the cheapest but the one you should afford should be your first choice.

If you want to buy your choicest brand, it must be the best cheap ukulele that you should look for. Some brands are as high as $ 2,500. What we need is the commitment of the instrument to the players.

As you can guess that, the question of Ukulele’s price is not a very simple question to solve. Many ukuleles, many prices. There is a wild variation of prices of Ukulele depending upon the sizes, brand, quality and many more. There is a handful of price range. But prices are simply the guidelines to guess the range following quality.

It is not all. You can consider spending little more, if you are a serious learner. With progress of learning, you will gradually be come to be acquainted with better brands.

At this level, the price may not be deterring you from buying a costly one. The cost and quality are the right combination chosen by the real learner.

The Helpful Hints of Buying a Ukulele

People are always looking for best Ukulele buying guide before they buy a ukulele and also wants to meet their expectations.

Comparatively speaking, beginners will start out on playing the soprano ukulele with low price as it is the most affordable ukulele with a quality sound. Follow the Hints before buying a ukulele which is given below.

The Most Helpful Tips For Beginners to make Decision

  • • Available for purchase within the range of 50 to 100 dollars. The prices are affordable such that you are able to upgrade your ukulele model or purchase more than one.
  • The soprano ukulele is the best ukulele for beginners and also for those who are with small hands, especially children.
  • The Concert ukulele for those who are with larger hands and also prefers a louder sound and comfortable to play. This uke is best for beginners and intermediate players.
  • The Tenor ukulele for those who looking for playing solo riffs or who wants an extra louder sound or intricate chords and better strumming. This ukulele is best for performer also for professionals.
  • The Baritone ukulele for those who looking for play blues and better finger pickings and also for those who want deeper and fuller sound.

Is choosing the best ukulele strings for beginners relevant?

There are many features that come with the best soprano ukulele, the best tenor ukulele, the best concert ukulele and the best baritone ukulele but guess what, the ukulele strings is one of the most important of them all.

The strings of your ukulele will determine if you will enjoy playing the instrument or not. So, before you buy any ukulele, know that there are different strings in the market with different features and playability.

However, good ukulele strings should be very smooth and polished, stay tune for a long period of time, and protected from wear caused by the frets, nuts, and your fingernails. Also, if you want to replace a ukulele string, know that different types of products have their own strings. For instance, soprano ukulele string will not fit properly into a tenor ukulele strings. So, buy strings based on the type of ukulele.

Should a beginner pay attention the type ukulele finishing?

Yes, the ukulele finish is also very important. The wood material used in making the ukulele needs to be properly protected and that’s why you need to select a ukulele with a quality finish. You should also be aware that there are different types of finish used on the ukulele wood, so you should be careful when you get one.

Do ukulele tuners matter to a beginner?

If you don’t want to buy a ukulele that will require you to tune regularly, then I suggest you get ukulele with quality tuning machine. Different ukulele brands come with their own tuning machine, so you must pay attention to the quality and type of tuning machine used.

A good quality tuning machine will keep your ukulele tuned for long no matter what. So, beware of low-grade tuning machine that will need you to tune always.

In Summary

Finally, it is very important to make a thorough search about Ukulele that you need to buy. After you buy the one, you will probably use it for playing melodies for years.

So make it a treasure. Either try the instrument at any local music store, or read the reviews of the users. I would like to suggest you to skip the cheaper Ukulele, try decent one first. It will lead you to a real enjoyment tuning and intonation of Ukulele.

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