The Very Talented Musician Ying-Ting Luo In Music Industry

Ying-Ting Luo is a NYC film and game composer originally from Taiwan. She specializes in tailoring exquisite music that can fit a wide variety of media content.

She started playing piano at the young and tender age of 4. With her ingrowing passion, she added up the flute at the age of 8, which when subsequently became her main companion. Her honed musical skills were impressive. She also showed a strong ability in interpreting musical content, be it technically or emotionally.

Moving through, she pursued her passion academically at the most prestigious university in Taiwan, Taipei National University of the Arts, where she received a Bachelor Degree in flute performance.

Further on, her curiosity and eagerness to learn more led her to expanding her musical world at Berklee College of Music. Luo decided to study film and video game scoring, where she embarked on a journey that exposed her to the various new music genre, diversifying her mostly classical world. The outstanding musician graduated from Berklee with honors while attaining many awards for her outstanding performances and compositions, continuing her streak of excellence.

Ying-Ting Luo’s music is interestingly suitable for films and video games. Her compositions offer a wide range of emotional content, from love to thriller and even mysterious at times. Using many expressions in her craft exhibits how talented she is as a music composer, combining different tunes into a beautiful uniformed piece.

In addition, Luo has collaborated with many major artists such as Latin Grammy Award winner Susana Baca, Wang Leehom, Toninho Horta and Joyce Moreno. Her collaborations show her professionalism as a musician and her ability to work hand in hand, producing a beautiful piece for the artist.

All in all, Ying-Ting Luo’s passion for music and her constant hard work towards improving and learning more has allowed to her to get so far. I believe her effort will be providing us more creative, innovative new melodious tracks that we will delight on our ears.

The story of The Uninc. | South of the Border Song

This great performer, composer and producer and his songs belong predominantly to the alternative and Indie genres. The name of this amazing person is William McLelland. He lives in a small town called Qualicum Beach on an island off the West coast of BC, in Canada.

Music, to him, is an expression of his deepest feelings. McLelland composed the song ‘South of the Border’ when he was sixteen years of age, telling the story of his the first time falling in love.

This song from his solo musical project ‘The Uninc.’ draws out the narrative of youthful love-yearning and fixation, going from the condition of delight to the condition of complete distress in an instant.

The tune and the mood in the song ‘South of the Border’ from the venture ‘The Uninc.’ is attractive to the point that it waits in the psyche of the audience members. The entire tune develops in a progressive, catchy and appealing way.

The guitar in this piece has a straightforward riff which catches the creative energy while the smooth melody section sparkles brilliantly.

In the event that you have an opportunity to play this song, you can find it on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and more. To get more updates on his melodies, you can follow The Uninc. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on all streaming services.

The Story of Gliffo

You whistled a melody in your smartphone and a couple of months later you hit the charts! This happened to Gliffo, the German newcomer, who woke up one morning with a melody stuck in his head. He whistled this melody in his smartphone and sent it to a friend in Berlin who – as it happens – is a music producer.

His friend spotted the catchiness of the melody, completed it and created – in cooperation with the artist – a rock/pop arrangement with interesting guitar licks and two house remixes for the Dancefloor. “ Get The Sun In Your Head“ hit the German and Italian Amazon Download Charts – in Germany it even reached the 10th place – already shortly after its release.

The Music Video Also Produced By Jörg Sieghart – Earned 100.000 Views Only In The First Four Weeks And It Has Received A Great Deal Of Positive Feedback From Radio Stations, Music Blogs, Music Magazines And Playlist Curators . At The Beginning Of April 2019 “Gliffo” Had 10.000 Monthly Listeners On Spotify.

The good-vibe-song „Get The Sun In Your Head“ has been very well received by quite a large audience so it is not really surprising that the first remixers are eager to create their own versions of this song. An a capella version is already under progress and a new single is in the planning stage so we are quite curious what will be Gliffo`s upcoming release.

The best move is to subscribe to Gliffo`s Youtube channel and follow him on Spotify and Facebook…

The Secret of Successful MUSIC of Sachi And Sarka

Sachi and Sarka released their New song. Sachi and Sarka are new music duo from Europe, based in Brooklyn, US.

They are always interested in making new beats and inspired by Asian and American culture since Sachi is half Japanese. They sing and rap in English language and create unique music videos L.O.A.T.

One of their most popular songs is called It’s 12:21, which sounds like modern hip hop music combined with alternative pop L.O.A.T. They have done such a great music. And they are showing their innovative idea on their music.

Best Wishes for Sachi and Sarka.

The Review of Sawyer’s 4 Hit Songs

Sawyer is a 4 man group from Bucks County, PA. The lead vocalist is a 28 year old man, Jacob Sawyer.

The songs, “You never know”, “Hey DJ”, “Sleep” and “Down Motown” are driven by soul, rock and roll and modern motown genre. The band, Sawyer, performs them.

These songs are composed and released in their new album, Soul City, which is popular among the youngsters. It was released on 2018. The songs were released at different intervals in 2018, from October and coming soon in November.

The soul, motown and rock and roll songs appeals to majority who are interested and prefers old school. The raspy voice of the band lead singer and the mix of tunes are filled with beats and and cymbals.

The song is quite loud. Thus, to enjoy the song, it is best with music speakers which fills the entire room. The songs can be used in parties or bars as the tunes are generally in the vibrant and enthusiastic vibe. It keeps the person feeling energetic for the day and also dancing on the dance floor.

I think these songs will go far in the entertainment and dive bar music, in which many will find it appealing and to enjoy.

The New released Music “Girl In a Gilded Cage” by Fitzsimon and Brogan

“Girl In a Gilded Cage” and “Big Blue World” are new singles that was released by a London-based songwriting and production team, Fitzsimon And Brogan. The video is in a video lyrical form.The songs that were released are appealing to pop music fan.

The title track is extremely catchy that spreads through the pop culture and fan-bases.According to MusicExistence, it says, “A welcome addition to any rock, adult contemporary radio playlist. The release of their new album Big Blue World have attained worldwide critical achievements, international radio airplay and charting and also, achievement award for the Top 2 performance of their lyric video, the renowned on Beat100 video charts. Introducing the London-Based songwriting and production team Fitzsimon And Brogan.

Neil Fitzsimon is the songwriter and Bee Brogan is the vocalist target to produce “Pure Pop For Now People.” The duo pair team focused to remain low key in the realm of entertainment, while hiolding a high image based on the songs that the pair produces.

The pair placed their songs in Film and TV. The pair duo also wrote and produces a musical, Jack Dagger, which was showcased at the Greenwich Theatre, London for the Musical Futures Award. Furthermore, it was also showcased at the Bridewell and the Royal College of Music in London. They have also just had a song placed in a USA Sci–Fi Feature film.

The song that was produced by the duo have tracked up and reached number 3 on a French National Download chart. The song that the duo attained in the Semi-Finalist status in the Eurovision Contest is, “This is Love”. More to come, their lyric video for “Big Blue World” have attained number 2 on the Beat100World Videos chart.

Fitzsimon And Brogan songs have also been featured on the NBC Radio and Westwood One Radio networks. FaB are currently recording new tracks for WTPL Records with legendary Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars’ (David Bowie) drummer, Woody Woodmansey.

The New Release single “Second Time” by Ferera Swan


Ferera Swan is an emerging pop singer-songwriter,vocalist lyricist, author of film music, musician, arranger, composer , GRAMMY voting member of The Recording Academy.

This rising youthful ability won’t just move you by her thorough vocal pipes yet additionally by her crude and genuine lyricism.

Ferera is set to publish her debut single “Second Time” on February 1, 2019. She describes the complexities to selection in her profoundly awakening pop melody. The track was composed for Ferera’s own introduction to the world mother after their gathering, where they encountered the misfortune for one another once more.

By rousing others with her story through music as a craftsman, adoptee, and a voice for adoptees, Ferera is an energetic promoter for bringing issues to light in mental/passionate wellbeing, injury instruction and research, unfortunate casualty misuse, child care, and reception.

Her new single “Second Time” will be the principal track to present Ferera’s new music and undertakings that will fill in as a battle to spread mindfulness in these territories.

“Second Time” is additionally the introduction releasing from her up and coming EP, releasing later in 2019. Her new record will give fans a fresh out of the box new point of view on this artist from the back to front. Her music reveals the battle of inside clash and the continuous adventure of recuperating through unfiltered genuineness.

Ferera uncovers a personal gathering of messages applicable to us all and expects to achieve the core all things considered. Her new venture incorporates music created by previous Seal drummer, Ramy Antoun (A&F Drum Co.); crafted by Jacob Hildebrand (Miranda Lambert), Jake Riley (The Spazmatics), Sergio Andrade (Lifehouse); and blends/experts by the prominent, multi GRAMMY grant winning Reid Shippen, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Legend of Country Music Margie Singleton

The Legend of Country Music Margie Singleton Hopes New Gospel Release Will Bring People To Jesus

Margaret Louis Ebey Born in October 5, 1935, everyone known Professionally as Margie

She is an popular American Country music Singer and Also Songwriter. In 1960s, she was a great popular as duet and solo recording singer, She was working with Another Country Music Stars George Jones and Faron Young. Singleton had her greatest hit with Young called "Keeping

In 1964 She up With The Joneses". After hard struggle she got a very successful career with an effective solo profession in the 1960s,

That year, Her tune song achieved the Country top 5, and moved toward becoming Singleton's

Singleton kept on recording for her significant other’s name, however with no further graph sections. She visited with her significant other Leon with the Country Music Spectacular, and with his band, Strings of Nashville.

He kicked the bucket in 2014. Singleton came back to the studio recording another gospel CD and also returning to yesterday and re recording a portion of her past hits and top picks. She keeps on playing dates and appreciates composing.

Final Word:

Now 82 years old, Margie Singleton is back! Her last single and video, "Jesus Is My Pusher" got universal praise and outlining, winning a LA Music Video Honor, and achieving the Top of the Indie Country charts! She was Honer into the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame and the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Journey of SONG OF LOVE

SONG OF LOVE truly starded in Los Angeles California when metal was rulling the world, and everyone was tuning in to genuine music. Fabien, Song of affection’ s bass player and arranger Was at the time drummer. He was drawn nearer by various groups like Corrosion of congruity, Ratt’s De martini’s sibling. He used to spend time with The Mentors and would meet metal stars regularly

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Armored holy person, Helloween, Voivoid piggy. A metal has blurred from standard, Fabien discovered he could wite very astounding melodies which can mirror an alternate exhibit of substantial metal music.

Song of love’s affection is likely take substantial metal music back to the cutting edge. Everywhere throughout the world in the greatest fields and before a large number of individuals, which can at long last tune in to genuine music once more.

Now a day when many metal groups sound the equivalent and are deadened. Song of Love want to take innovation and uniqueness back to the music world. For the metal fan’s joy.

You have seen that Song of love essentially discuss two vital theme. Their firct collection Orgasm planet has opposite sides. Side An Orgasmic side 2 Prophetic side The orgasmic side of Song of adoration is to tell you that life is short. That you should carry on with your life minus all potential limitations. Months and years pass and you probably won’t have fun minus all potential limitations.

The prophetic side of Song of Love is to give an indepth take a gander at the delightful and mysterioud otherworldly world around us. Of such many metal groups have discussed which make us dream Heaven or hellfire Black sabbath. For whom the ringer tolls Metallica, Halloweed be thy name Iron lady among numerous others.

Furthermore, the occasions that need to before long happen on earth. Tune of affection promising first album is prepared to hit the stores in fourteen days. The main single A young lady named clit turned out. Song of love ought to take off soon and going to a city close you. You would now be able to hop on the fleeting trend and appreciate this delightful assorted variety of substantial metal sounds that will truly make you day more brilliant and enabled.

Review of Involution song By Martin Del Carpio

Martin Del Carpio mother’s passing has greatly affected him in ways that is difficult to explain simply in words. It was a pivotal moment in his life. To see her health decline month after month throughout the years should’ve prepared him for what was to come. But honestly nothing can truly prepare you for something like that. He was very lucky to be able to have her on film for my experimental short film Mother’s Milk which was done right before her health seriously got worse.

Now Martin Del Carpio have this album, inspired by my first true loss in life, that has served him both as cathartic and life saving. Martin Del Carpio haven’t recorded anything new since late 2015 and honestly, he wasn’t planning to for a while. But Martin Del Carpio had to make this record and he made it for him. Martin Del Carpio needed to try to make sense of what just happened and he did it with the best intentions.

Involution song By Martin Del Carpio

This is a concept album made up of experimental spoken word pieces along with some actual songs. There are also some electronic instrumental tracks thrown in for good measure. There’s a futuristic otherworldly sound to some of the tracks which Martin Del Carpio hope to fully encompass the notion that he believe about death which is that it’s another phase of our existence. Martin Del Carpio believe they are a source of energy, which he guess they call the soul, that’s trapped inside of our bodies and when they die, that energy is set free. Where to exactly? Well, that’s the mystery.

When Martin Del Carpio found my mother in the early morning hours already expired, she had this expression of wonder on her face. Martin Del Carpio will carry that with me for the rest of my life.

Martin Del Carpio would love to know what she saw exactly.  He named this recording project Involution because He believe it fits the overall theme the material carries and the arrangements that are on most of the tracks could be best described as minimalism.