Best Violin for Beginners – A Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Is learning of violin one of the things of your wish list? Then you can’t ignore to learn about the best Violin for beginners in any case. There is no such instrument as expressive, solemn, and elegant as violin. It is not only versatile string instrument, but nice to look at, and pleasing to listen to.

Most specially, the violin plays the most important role in the orchestra. It is the highest sounding stringed instrument. It is bowed, not played with air. So it can play a long tuneful musical passage. The melody, churned out of F-hole of the violin, speaks out the language of mind.

The useful tips you should remember before buying a violin

It is true, the buying of a best violin for the beginners can be a little creepy if it is the first time you are venturing to. You will be overwhelmed with number of options. The right option for you is to check a few top violin products and compare them and find out what are common on them.

  •  First, buy a beginner’s violin outfits online. This generally includes a Violin, a Bow and a Case. These are all low-priced and specially designed for the beginners.
  •  Secondly, get your new violin tuned or adjusted with a professional player or a teacher. You can take your violin to any shop where they could help you out with good suggestions and recommendations
  •  Thirdly, make sure that you know the sizes of the violin that will go for your age and form as you know there are lots of violin sizes.

It would an exciting time if your child has just picked a violin to play. It is time to hand him/her the best violin, so that you could see your budding violinist growing little by little every day. Endow your child with the best reward for the better tomorrows.

5 Best Beginners Violin Reviews for All Ages

The playing of violin is challenging, so you must have best violin to play for your children. If you can find the best of its kinds, it will surely help them to play the instrument of fantasy in a perfect way. But here one thing is very important to remember that beginners’ violin doesn’t mean Kids’ violin.

The beginners’ violins include students’ to professionals’ violin. 4/4 size violin is the maximum size of all other specifications. The students of the age group 10+ years onward are considered to be the beginners in the line of learning violins. Here the list of 5 best Violin for beginners are meant for the learners of 10+ years of age.

1. Stentor, 4-String Violin (1500 4/4)

Playing of violin never negotiates with the quality. Only the best violin is the last word. The Stentor is another name for quality and reliability.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Marked with up to the minute accuracy
  • Maple finishes solid back part
  • Ebony fittings
  • Chinrest made of hard wood
  • Composite tailpiece with string adjuster

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

  • The violin is (1500 4/4) Size is very easy for the students to carry. They find it quite comfortable for keeping it with them whenever they move.
  • Carved with moderately strong wood of spruce tree. The back and the sides are made of solid maple wood that has mad the violin durable.
  • The fingerboards, pegs and chin rests are made of blackened rosewood. It protects the violin from easily wearing and tearing.
  • It has red labels strings and the alloy tailpiece, four string adjusters and nylon tailpiece loop. These have made the violin too sturdy to make it the best violin for the beginners.
  • The wooden horsehair bow and the light canvas covered case and the outer shoulder rest compartment all are very much excellent with the violin. These features have made the species agreeable to the form of the player.

What We Like

• If your child want to join in school orchestra, Stentor (1500 4/4) Student is best.
• It equals leading instrument in good condition.
• The strings are made nice to produce good tonal quality.
• The bow is straight enough with enough camber.

What We Don’t Like

• It can’t be regarded absolutely a professional-level instrument.

In Summary

The violin reviews suggest the product is perfect for the learners. It is, in fact, a great learning instrument. It is so cute to look that the beginners can’t wait learning it, soon after coming home from school.
Hurry to the violin store to buy one for your loved ones. For more information about Stentor (1500 4/4) Student Violin Outfit,

2. Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit – 4/4 Sizes

The violin is the better choice for any parents who are looking for the best violin for beginners for their children. The Cremona of this model equates consistency and steadiness.

The features that make it stand out:

  •  Maple wood body with reddish brown varnished finish.
  • Maintaining MENC norms in Californian workmanship
  •  Hand rounded solid spruce with maple body.

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

The varnished finish gives it an attractive look to draw attention. The look gives an added advantage to attract the young stars to play violin.

  • The species give enhanced tonal quality for better beginning. It helps both the beginners and the advanced students to discern the sound quality in a cheerful way.
  • The violin bears the mark of best violin as it contains MENC Standards set ups for its manufacturing in the California workspace. The ‘make’ gives the player self-confidence.
  • It is made with French-made Aubert bridge and US-made Prelude strings. It has made it authentic for the beginners and the primary learners who never face any glitch in the middle of the way to learning.
  • It is carried in a Brazil wood oblong case. The deluxe look makes it thing of proud for the learners to carry.

What We Like

  • Light weight makes it user friendly.
  • Detailed workmanship in every construction makes easier for the learners.
  • Fingerboards are nicely shaped to give out fine tune.
  • Built -in fine tuners produces charming melody.
  • It meets the best violin for beginners’ standard of specifications.

What We Don’t Like

  •  From the scroll to the bridge, there crops up little bump if playing in higher pitch.

In Summary

This violin is so lovely to look at with a big filled tone. One can feel the melody right from the touch to tune. It replicates singing. The height of the strings and pegs has been set up skillfully.
For more information about Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit – 4/4 Sizes.

3.Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin with D’Addario Prelude Strings, Size 4/4 (Full Size)

The Cecilio CVN-500 is one step development to its predecessor. It is rich in tone Cecilio and comes greatly recommended as the best violin violin for beginners.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Full size (4/4) with chromatic tuner
  • The bow made of 2x Brazilwood with Mongolian horsehair
  • The adaptable shoulder rest

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

  • The violin can generates clarity of tune. It results in superior sound that attracts the beginners to be attached with violin extended time.
  • It is approved by the teacher and can be treated as orchestra violin that creates a good backdrop of musical soiree. It trains the tender minds in advance for further learning.
  • The top of violin is made with spruce and the back is of maple wood. The hand crafted pieces has made it beautifully finished instrument and made the best violin for the users.
  • The CVN-500 violin is wound with a set of D’Addario Prelude Strings that is fitted nicely with fingerboard, chinrests, pegs and tailpiece. The melody produced by the strings brings excellent effect on the listeners.

What We Like

  • Great quality lasts forever
  • The decent sturdy case keeps violin safe
  • The flawless workmanship
  • Need minimum adjustment with good tonal quality

What We Don’t Like

  • The wood quality better, but not top notch

In Summary

You can hardly think of such best violin for beginners at very reasonable cost. The tuner of the violin works so nicely that it has turned the violin metronome.If you are really want to know more about Cecilio CVN-500, it is never late. Check out violin reviews will prove ever to be more confident to buy it.

Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed 1-Piece Back Solid Wood Violin with Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge and Strings – Full Size

Mendini MV500 has been highly suggested by the customers as the best violin for beginners for its profound, amusing and powerful tone. Designed from all beginner models, it has been an ideal choice for any experienced student and professional also.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Attractive in dark design
  • Look antique
  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Best wood for different parts

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

4/4 violin maple made neck, back, and side has made it strong. The hand curved elegant top and striking finish with inlaid border ornamentation generate sense of awe in the player.

  • The fingerboard, chinrest, pegs and tailpiece are made of Ebony with removable fine tuners. The feature makes it easier to assemble the violin easier.
  • 92D chromatic string tuner with metronome, 2 x Brazil wood bows with undyed real Mongolian horsehair. The feature has made the instruments sounded melodious.
  • Takes in lightweight solid case, adaptable rest for shoulder, two bridges, usual rosin, and an additional violin strings set. It helps the performer to hold the violin easily.
  • One Year free service against the manufacturing defects. The warranty allows the player to perform confidently.

What We Like

  • Hand crafted instruments tested in factory
  • Good bridge fitting
  • Better tuning
  • Reasonable price

What We Don’t Like

  • The pegs are prone to expand or shrink for temperature

In Summary

The violin reviews suggest this violin as the best violin for the students. With its tempting appearance, design and quality the Mendini MV500 can be branded as first-rate instrument but seem to fit your budget. Want to know more about Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed ? First is first. Read the reviews of the users who always find it as best violin for beginners. Rush now, or never.

5.Mendini 1/8 MV-Blue Solid Wood Violin with Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin and Extra Strings

The Mendini 1/8 MV-Blue Solid Wood Violin is an affordable option for the beginners. It produces a warm and flawless sound that is very simple and easy to play. This is one of the best violin for beginners with impressive quality.

The features that make it stand out:

  • Completely hand-carved
  • An adjustable shoulder rest
  • Light weight
  • Soft satin varnish finish

The best features of violin bring better benefits:

  • The impressive quality with affordable price features best violins for the users. It not only flaunts styles and tastes but also capacity to have one soon it requires.
  • Mendini Mendini 1/8 MV-Blue Solid Wood Violin is very much close to latest violin model with all updated features. The beginners or the students never feel frustrated feeling anything missing.
  • All in one starter set of violin with good shoulder rest and easy tuning. It goes very well with beginners for easy and simple make of the species
  • Maple made fingerboard, chinrest, and pegs with 4 cohesive fine tuner tailpiece. The sturdy piece of instrument bears the tenacity of violin session.
  • One year warranty against the manufacture defects. It helps the players to perform this best violin for beginners with confidence.

What We Like

  • Made of best maple wood
  • Brazilian wood bow with Mongolian horsehair
  • Adjustable shoulder rest
  • Alloy tailpiece
  • Case with strap can be worn a backpack

What We Don’t Like

  • Pegs sometimes don’t stay in position and need to turn back

In Summary

The violin as suggested by the violin reviews suits every requirement of the users. The mellow and warm tone on beautifully varnished finish violin really a species that can be best regarded as best violins, especially for the students or beginners.

As a Beginner, a few things are there that you must know before buying Best Violin

Violin Price

First, have a look at the budget guide for the beginners. Most violins are cased in a box with a bow. The expense of them is included in the amount. For the beginners, violin bow with fiberglass, fitted with horsehair is fine. A hefty investment for a beginner best violin is not a wise decision. A first violin outfit can cost you low if you search for them in the violin stores. A good wooden bow at reasonable cost is available for first violin outfit. For rev up violins, the cost of the violin, case and bow are priced separately.

There is hardly any limit of violin price whenever it is an antique piece or creation of any violin maker. Starting from the budget friendly and inexpensive violin to medium and high range are all in the market place. Buying the best Violin to fulfill your need must be preceded by your experience, lest you might be misguided.

Once you perform violin skillfully, it is the time for you to buy any violin of higher range made of solid tone wood. The violin reviews suggest even better violins of expensive range. As you grow as player, heighten your budget gradually.

Renting a violin for the beginners is best option on the start. It is economical and reasonable options. Rent till you are ready to buy one. Or, you can start with smaller instrument that you can exchange with larger one later on.

Violin Brand

Buying violin with fanciful desire may lead you to put meaningless investment. It needs serious thinking. There are various violin brands in different price range to suit your budget.

Costly does not always equals first-rate, also some lesser cost violins may be great. Considering the quality of sound and durability, here are some of the best violins for beginners. Have a glimpse of it and get a guide to your search for violins.


It is Chinese handcrafted violin and most well-known for its high quality and durability.


Windsor violins are a convincing quality instrument for those who want to buy on a budget. It is chiefly meant for the beginners and the student.


These are lower cost violins for the beginners. These are medium quality violins but a bit expensive. This brand is very popular in violin school because they come in a wide range of sizes.


Mendini is another best Violin for beginners and is of low cost but durable and It produces medium quality tones. As this is not hand crafted, tuning and adjustment is necessary.


It is a low cost student instrument. It is reliable and good investment of money. It possesses good quality string and bow. It is likely to be favorable for practice for the beginners.


It is the most exciting violin brands with only a fingerboard attached. From student to professional level, can have the chance to ask a maker to set up the instrument to suit you.


Cremona is well known for making some useful violins for the beginners for they are suitable for playing easily. Spending a few hours with the instrument will boost the new players to keep continuing through it. The tonal quality of this violin is encouraging.

The Best Violin Sizes – Violins are of different sizes:

4/4 (full size), 3/4, ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/16. The adults and professionals usually use full size violin. 7/8 is another size of violin that is used by the female professional because their hands are a bit small to perform with full size. So the makers make a size of violins that are smaller than full size.

To know what is the right violin size that suits your figure, you are to measure the length between the left side of the neck to the middle of the left wrist or left-hand palm in full extended and vertical form. Most of the violin teachers prefer this length of the violin. However, it is wise to refer a luthier or read violin reviews before you purchase a violin for you.

The following chart shows the length of the each violin size. Determine the sizes of the violin that will suit you and the other way to determine the sizes of the violin is by following the age of the students. Though arm length information is more acceptable than age to determine violin sizes.

Woods and Finishing

The most commonly used woods in making the best violin are Spruce, Maple, Willow Ebony, Boxwood, and Rosewood. It is not the same wood, but the different species are used to make the different areas of the violin. Such as,

Back, neck, ribs and scroll= Made with Maple
Top, Linings and blocks= Made with Spruce
Fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs and end pin= Made with Ebony

Boxwood is occasionally replaced by Ebony because of its availability. Many violin makers today are using North American broad leaf maple. If seasoned properly, this wood can produce better tonal quality.

The knowing about the woods and their uses in the violin only is not enough when you buy the best violin for the beginners. Cutting and seasoning are also equally important. The wood cut from older tree at high altitude on the Northern slopes is preferred by the makers. The wood should be cut during cold months and seasoned (stored) in controlled conditions for several years.

For gaining better strength, the wood is cut or split by quarter sizes. After felling of the trees, the trunks are cut into cylindrical shape which is a bit longer in size necessary for the complete violin.

Every piece of wood of the best violin is dried slowly. The drying or seasoning time generally varies from 10-15 years. The duration, of course, depends on the thickness and the sizes of woods. Longer the period of seasoning, better is the quality of the wood. The kiln [oven/furnace] drying destroys the wood cell and leads to the damage of physical as well as acoustic attributes.

All about Fingerboard

Here’s not all. You can’t play any stringed instruments without placing fingers onto a solid wood. Here in lies the importance of fingerboard. It is a long black part of the wood on which your fingers rest to play the instrument. The best stringed instruments like violin, never compromise in this vital issue. So they always go with best fingerboards.

Is it ebony that makes the fingerboard? The ebony is strong wood, though not exotic to look at. Each time the metal-wound string, in contact with wood, is twang the wood is to take the pressure. So the wood has to be strong and dense so that it can be a strong platform for the playing. Not only that, it must endure the possible wearing in

course of time. Any soft wood would wear away the platform of the string. Remember, each twang deteriorates the string in course of playing for the stress and strain that it has to meet.

The playing a stringed instrument with bow, like violin, single note is played at a time. It means the bow is touching single string at a time. The users’ violin reviews suggest that, in case, the fingerboard is not curved or half rounded, the strings level would give rise to vibration to all the strings at the same time. Here, you must observe, if the arch and the bridge of the fingerboards are rightly designed and measured. It will ensure the playing of each string separately.

So, when buying a violin, take a close look at your fingerboard.

The Basic Differences of the Violins for Beginners, Intermediate and Professional

In addition to Beginners, the other two types of violins are Intermediate, and Professional.

Normally, the violins for the beginners are crafted with less expensive and inferior woods, the assemblage is very minimum and finishing is also not so fine. These instruments are suitable for the primary learners only. The price range is rather cheaper. However, currently there are some brands of the beginners violin that are, of course, excellent.

Intermediate Violins

In between the beginners and professional violins, there are intermediate violins. It is a helpful for those who wish to buy better than the students’ category but aren’t prepared to spend a hefty amount for a professional violin. The beginners who are going well in playing violin and want to excel in their level are generally buyers for intermediate violins.

Professional Violins

Professional violins, on the other hand, are hand built and made with seasoned wood. It is assembled by the expert luthiers. The violins are finished with superior components, like ebony fingerboard, wooden tailpiece with excellent materials. Polished artistic skills instilled in them. This enhances their value, and makes them best violins for the professionals who aspire to be progressive musicians.

The above category is a generalization. They are useful only to set you for buying a violin. In your search, you may find a gem which has been underrated. It’s worth exploring all of your options following violin reviews on Amazon.

Violin Care and Maintenance:

Wondering about taking care of your precious violin? Here is a guideline.


Make sure that the violin case is of good quality. It must strap the violin by the neck in order to make it secure at the time of transit. Your case must have sufficient padding. It is not enough to keep your violin in a case. It is very important that you keep the case in a proper way. Never keep the case in any damp place neither tipped it over. The best violin might also get damaged if your case is not suitable for climate. So take care of your violin case.


Never forget to make use of a humidifier during winter season. The violins are made of organic substances. If the woods get dried out in winter overly, it can be cracked even though it is varnished or treated in other way.

You can place Humidifiers like the Dampit, in the instrument. Keep other Humidifiers in the case. The high-quality violin cases sometimes are found to be in-built humidifiers. This keeps your precious violin safe.

Cleaning Supplies

In order to keep your violin clean and you need no polishing compounds. If necessary buy original violin cleaner and polish. It is the combination of mild cleanser. To know more about it read users reviews. The microfiber cloths work well. Handle the instruments carefully and always avoid touching the ribs and bouts. Just hold the violins by the neck to make it clean with cloths.


Wipe the strings of the violin regularly after every use. Never take a long gap between the cleaning of the strings as it will be difficult to move out rosin from the strings. Place a rag reserve between the violin and bow. If the strings appear still dirty, give it second wipe.

Final Word

After all, If you looking for best violin for beginners here is 5 best violins for you and get your violin best violin. Never allow it to be damaged in any way. Treat it dearly so that it can be played next time smoothly and comfortably to give you maximum satisfaction.

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