Best Ukulele Brands -The Essential Uke Brands Buying Guide For All Player


Are you interested in finding the best ukulele brand without any mistake? Then this guide will help you achieve your goal. This guide was prepared without bias for any product. It is basically my experience with different uke brands both the ones I could afford and the ones I got from friends to try out myself.

So, if you are a beginner planning to buy your first ukulele, this ESSENTIAL UKULELE GUIDE will be of great help to you.

Do ukulele brands really matter to uke players ?

You might think this when you visit the ukulele market and see lots of flashy ukulele staring at your face, but the truth is, yes, ukulele brands really matter to all players and here is why !

  • Durability

Durability is a very common challenge that ukulele players battle with. With lots of products released into the market every day, the best option is to rely on brands that are consistent with their product’s quality.

I have used and tested brands like Lanikai, Kala, Cordoba, and Mahalo and I think they really give a good value for money. The quality of the wood material and finish also make these uke brands highly durable .

  • Sound

I can vividly remember the first ukulele I got that was producing a buzzing sound. In fact, the sound of the ukulele was so annoying that I totally lost interest to continue playing it.

When it comes to sound, brands matters a lot because not all brands will sound the same way. The fretting, strings wood materials and fretboard used can also affect the quality of the ukulele sound.

  • Price

The price for a ukulele varies from one brand to another. Some brands are even cheaper and yet they give better output. A lot of people have been brainwashed into believing that one cannot get top rated ukulele brands at a low price.

There are cheap ukuleles in the market that do not only give great output but are also highly durable. You can find top ukulele brands at a cheap price when you do proper research.

How to spot the best ukulele brands without mistake

How can someone spot the best ukulele brand when all the ukuleles in the market look similar and attractive? Well, let’s find out how.

  • Fretting

The fret arrangement on the ukulele fretboard matters a lot. If it is not properly arranged, it can affect the ukulele tone. You can spot the error by carefully looking at the fret arrangement and the frets are not arranged properly, then that ukulele is not a good choice.

Also, check if all the frets are on the same level. This means that they should be on the same level, not that one will be higher than the other.

If they are not well-leveled, it can cause a buzzing sound in the area, which will affect the output. From the pictures below, figure 1 is showing a well-leveled fret while figure 2 shows a poorly leveled fret.

  • Body

The ukulele body is the first part that makes contact with the eyes of the buyer. The body, especially the neck must be smooth and straight to give that excellent intonation that will blow your listener’s mind away.

Some of the best brands of ukulele have straight neck and body. The manufacturers are also very consistent the quality of ukulele they produce.

  • Ukulele finishes

The ukulele finishing matters a lot. Don’t forget that it acts as a protective cover for the ukulele body, so if it’s not quality, am afraid your uke’s body might get some bruises soon.

Sound & Quality: Are they same or different for all brands?

If you want to know what the answer is, just play and listen to two different soprano, concert or tenor ukulele brands and see for yourself. You will notice that the sound is slightly different between the two brands. The major reason is the material used in making the ukulele.

Other factors like the strings, neck, and strings can also contribute. Ukulele has a unique sound it is known for and you can get this sound only from the best uke brands.

Therefore, if you are planning on getting your own ukulele, you need to find out which brand has the best sound and quality.

3 Best ukulele brands every beginner should try

Kala ukulele, Luna ukulele, and Cordoba ukulele are among the three best ukulele brands every beginner should have. They sound great and are also very portable.

Reasons beginners should consider brands before buying a ukulele

Ukulele brands are very important. There are some brands that are very consistent with the quality of their products. They use the best materials, design, and finishing to make their ukulele’s sound great.

The durability of this instrument is also a very serious challenge. And if you don’t want to spend more than you budgeted for, then buy from the best ukulele brand markers in the industry.

For beginners, below are some tips on why brands are important

  • Price

Beginners may not like to spend too much on a ukulele since it is their first. Maybe as the love for the instrument grows, then they can splash some more cash.

Beginners can get best brands ukulele at a very cheap rate. When we say cheap, it means ukulele worth less than $100.

  • Ukulele accessories

This still boils down to cost of the instrument. There are some ukulele brands that come with accessories like carry pouch and others.

Beginners don’t need to spend more money to acquire these things. They may also come with instructional manual to guide the play in so many ways.

  • Playability

As a beginner, finding the best ukulele brand that is comfortable to play is very important. Though ukuleles are very comfortable to play, but some brands offer better playability.

They don’t give buzzing sound and are also very easy to re-string and tune. Once you are done tuning, they also stay tuned for long, so there is no need to re-tune consistently.

4 best ukulele brands every intermediate player should try

If you are an intermediate ukulele player, then you should try the following ukuleles

  • Kala Ukulele
  • Kohala Ukulele
  • Mahalo Ukulele
  • Lanikai Ukulele

These ukulele brands come with the Aquila nylgut string and sound so bright. For intermediate players looking to enhance their skills, these ukulele brands will make a fine option.

Reasons intermediate players should consider brands before buying a ukulele

You have put in so much energy to become an intermediate uke player, now it’s time to grow. If you are planning to get your next ukulele, know that brands are still important. Below are some of the reasons.

  • Sound

Do ukulele brands sound differently? The answer is yes they do. That’s why you need to go for brands that consistently deliver great sound.

At this level, every player wants to get the best and right sound when they strum the ukulele

  • Consistency

When we say consistency, we also mean the sound the instrument produces. Ukuleles are known for the unique sound they produce. After tuning, they should also stay consistent.

Well, this is possible but not with all brands. That’s why you must consider ukulele brand type when buying.

  • Appearance

Some ukulele brands don’t retain their beauty for long, which is of great concern to players. The finishing and ukulele material plays a vital role when it comes to appearance. And the finishing and material differ from one brand to the other.

5 best ukulele of best 5 brands for all advanced players

For every advanced player or professional uke player, the 5 best ukulele brands I recommend are :

  • Kamoa Ukulele
  • Caramel Ukulele
  • Fender Ukulele
  • Oscar Schmidt Ukulele
  • Luna Ukulele

Reasons advanced players should consider brands before buying a ukulele

Do ukulele brands also matter to advance players? The answer is still yes. Brands really matter to professionals or advanced players because now they are ready to face the big stage.

As an entertainer, this is very important if you truly want to thrill your audience. Now, here is why brands should be of great importance to you.

  • Sound

Ukulele brands sound different because of the material, string, fretting, fretboard and other features. It is difficult to find two brands that can sound differently unless they have the same specifications.

  • Price

Ukulele brands have different prices. Some are very expensive but that doesn’t mean the output will be great. There are some cheap ukulele brands with great output.

Some even outclass the so called expensive ukuleles in the market. You just need to consider the brand and the feature it has before buying. Features like the strings, fretboard, fretting, material, binding and others.

Choosing the right ukulele for kids

The size of these ukuleles makes them comfortable for kids. They also have a lightweight, comfortable to grip, and look very attractive. The finishing on these ukuleles also makes them special for kids.

The finish gives maximum protection to the ukulele body that they can’t have scratches even if handled roughly.

In Summary

At the end choosing the best ukulele is very essential to know about the ukulele brands. This article can help you to choose the best ukulele bands and make you comfortable to play. Check our reviews to feel you easy to choose best uke .

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