Best Tenor Ukulele – 3 Top Tenor Uke Secrets You Never Knew

I didn’t know the tenor ukulele was such a great type of ukulele till I played some very nice tenor ukuleles. Well, thanks to my friends, I was able to lay my hands on some of the best tenor ukuleles.

Believe it or not, the type and brand of ukulele you have will influence your love for the instrument and your eagerness to play.

I saying this because some of the ukulele brands may not offer you that unique ukulele tone you are looking for. This may be due to certain features of the ukulele (fret positioning, sound hole, binding and others) and quality of the materials used (strings, wood, frets, fretboard, tuning page and others).

Best Tenor Ukuleles – Why I highly Recommend These Ukuleles

As a beginner, the major challenge you may likely face is finding the best tenor ukulele for beginners. Even if you ask a dealer to give you the best tenor uke, there is no guarantee that what he or she is offering to you is the best tenor ukulele brand after all.

Instead of depending on the seller who might just want to make some money, you can get some vital information that will help you get the best sounding tenor ukulele from tenor ukulele reviews.

And remember, price doesn’t determine the quality of the ukulele as you can get a cheap tenor ukulele that sounds perfect as the other expensive products.

We Recommended 3 Best Tenor ukuleles

Who should play the tenor ukulele?

Before you put your hard-earned money into buying any tenor ukulele you need to ask yourself this question, “can I play the tenor uke”? The tenor ukulele produces a distinct sound from other ukuleles and this makes it a special type of ukulele.

The tenor ukulele is suitable for all players, beginners, intermediate or professional ukulele players because of its size but especially tenor is best for Intermediate players. The spacing of the frets allows players to navigate freely. It is also suitable for people with large hand size.

Tenor ukulele size and measurement

The tenor ukulele is bigger in size when compared to most ukuleles. It has over 15+ frets and it is 26″ long. For performers, this ukulele is a wise choice because it gives a rich full sound. It also has more frets meaning that one can get to higher notes on the ukulele fretboard easily.

The body length and lower body width of the tenor uke are 12 1/16 and 8 15/16 respectively. The length of the scale is 17 while the diameter of the sound hole is just 2 5/8.

Tenor ukulele sound and quality

The quality of sound is the most common feature that motivates people to play the ukulele. That is why you should go for products that sound well.

Generally speaking, the ukulele is known for the wonderful atmosphere and distinct sound it offers. It is also fun and a perfect choice for almost all social settings.

In terms of sound, the tenor ukulele produces a deeper tone that is slightly different from the normal standard uke sound.

However, one very important factor to consider if you are looking for the best tenor ukulele is the wood used in constructing the product.

The wood is important because the quality of the ukulele wood can alter the sound of the instrument.

For instance, tenor ukulele brands made from a mahogany material like the Kala tenor ukulele as well as the Luna mahogany tattoo tenor offers a unique balance between the bass tone and the bright sounds the tenor ukulele is famous for.

In addition, ukuleles made of mahogany material also produce sweet and warm sound. Of course, different woods are used in making the ukulele. But when it comes to durability, sound quality, and pocket-friendly ukulele, products made from a mahogany material will surely stand out.

Also, a lot of tenor ukuleles offer players the option to plug the instrument into an amp to increase the volume. This is very beneficial for professional players performing in a larger arena.

Kala KAA-15T Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

This brand of the tenor ukulele is great. In fact, it is perfect for beginners, intermediate players as well as professionals.

It is ideal for performers and it consistently produces a deeper and bright sound.

It is constructed with a mahogany body, quality geared tuners and the Aquila nylgut strings.

What are the features of the Kala KAA-15T Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Tenor Ukulele?

  • Enhanced durability with quality satin finishing
  • Produces a sharp tune
  • Stays in tune for long
  • Very easy to play
  • Very easy to re-string

Why the Kala KAA-15T Limited Edition Satin Mahogany Tenor Ukulele is best for Intermediate and Multi-level Players

The sound of this ukulele is very sharp. It also stays tuned for long, thanks to the geared tuners and the quality Aquila nylgut strings. Apart from the high-quality sound, the design of this ukulele is amazing.

You will always feel proud to present this ukulele in public because of its amazing satin finish as well as attractive rosette design. This ukulele also comes in a lightweight. It weighs 2.1 pounds and it is also 26 inches long.

Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele

Another tenor ukulele that will give you a good value for your money is the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele.

This ukulele is designed by the famous Alex Morgan and it has everything that can ignite or enhance your passion for the instrument.

One thing I like about this product is the sound. It gives a consistent sound and it also stays tuned for a long time.

What are the features of the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele

  • Very easy to play
  • Produces a very rich intonation
  • It responds well to plucking and strumming
  • Produces a very loud sound
  • Frets are distanced in a manner that is right for the fingers
  • Comes with an appealing tattoo design

Why the Luna Mahogany Series Tattoo Tenor Ukulele is best for Mid-level and all players

The body and neck of this tenor ukulele are made of a mahogany material. In fact, this also contributes to the consistency of the sound produced by this ukulele. The Luna Mahogany Series is what is described as a professional ukulele.

Beginners, intermediate and expert ukulele players with large hand sizes will enjoy playing this ukulele because of the spacing of the frets. The frets are well spaced and it has a scale length of 19″. In fact, this ukulele is perfect for players with large hand size. One can also navigate and also get to higher notes easily.

Oscar Schmidt Spalted Mango TENOR Acoustic

The Oscar Schmidt tenor ukulele is no doubt the best acoustic-electric ukulele. This electronic ukulele does not produce any unwanted noise like other brands. The ukulele sound is also intriguing.

It produces a nice rich sound when plugged into an amplifier. The ukulele is also made of Spalted Mango sides, top as well as back. It is very solid and constructed with abalone binding and rosette. I can say that it is the best great quality tenor ukulele for all ages.

What are the features of the Oscar Schmidt Spalted Mango TENOR Acoustic

  • Looks appealing with high gloss clear finish at the back and front
  • Produces clear sound
  • It also projects very well
  • Tuning is very easy
  • Very comfortable because of its size

Why the Oscar Schmidt Spalted Mango TENOR Acoustic/Electric Ukulele

The manufacturers of this spalted mango tenor ukulele really concentrated on the design and quality of sound of this brand of the ukulele. It is constructed with the deluxe Grover chrome tuners which make the ukulele capable of maintaining its tune for long. It also has an overall length of 26 inches.

This is also one of the best acoustic-electric ukulele brands with the widest string spacing. The spacing on the string is different from other products by about 1/8″. This ukulele is very easy and convenient for beginners, intermediate and professional ukulele players to play.

In Summary

After all, I can say all these 3 best tenor ukuleles are great and very well quality. If you looking for to buy tenor ukulele these 3 Tenor ukes are best choice for you.

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