Best Soprano Ukulele – Entry Level Uke For Beginners

The soprano ukulele on its own is the best ukulele for beginners. Although there are other types of ukulele that beginners will enjoy playing, the soprano ukulele is unique for its natural ukulele tone.

But before you take the decision to get a brand new soprano ukulele, I will like you to ask yourself this question, “How do I get the best soprano ukulele”? Well, the reason this question is very important is that not all soprano ukuleles are truly the best. Some are just best in words but may disappoint you in a short time.

Another thing you need to know is that low price doesn’t mean the ukulele brand is of low quality. I can remember a cheap soprano ukulele I got that sounded even better than my friend’s high-cost ukulele. So, price doesn’t mean best or high quality.

There are many ukulele brands considered the best soprano ukuleles for beginners. In fact, some of these products are not worth calling best in any way. The best soprano ukulele should be best in terms of price, material quality, playability and every other thing that a ukulele should have.

So, to make things easy for you, I am going to show you three soprano ukuleles that have all the qualities which make them the best soprano ukuleles.

Best Soprano Ukuleles For Beginners

CLOUDMUSIC Mahogany Soprano Ukulele – Best Beginner Ukulele

The CLOUDMUSIC 21 inch Mahogany Soprano Ukulele packs a punch with its warm and bright tone. The construction is solid and smooth, as you won’t feel any irregularity on the body or moving up and down the neck.

Though this ukulele sports a laminate mahogany top and does not project better than a solid wood ukulele, the projection at this level is great for starters.

The Aquila nylgut strings sound good. Beginners will like the fact that these strings feel smooth to the touch and great to play.

Why CLOUDMUSIC Mahogany Soprano Ukulele Best Uke for Beginners

This soprano ukulele plays very well. It is among the best soprano ukulele, crafted to suit beginners and their playing styles.

Weighing in at just 1.4 pounds, this ukulele is just very comfortable to hold and play. Beginners can carry this pretty little uke even without the strap for hours without complaining of fatigue.

It is among the best cheap ukulele models with quality tuners that can hold its tune. The black sealed gear tuning pegs are great, beyond what is expected for a ukulele at this price point.

The fretboard is straight as it should be and smooth all around. This is never the case for most ukuleles at this price point. Some have fretboards

with poorly finished edges that can even cause players to sustain cuts while moving up and down the fretboard.

Features of CLOUDMUSIC Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

  • Very affordable
  • Great travel ukulele
  • Produces warm and clear tone
  • Great ukulele to learn on
  • Plays better than many starter ukuleles at this price point

Kala KA-S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele – Best Learner Ukulele

The Kala KA-S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele is one of my favorite ukuleles. The value you get the best ukulele for the money is fantastic.

It also has a simple but classy design that makes it look very expensive. What really impresses me about this product is that the manufacturers placed more emphasis on its playing quality.

It is also finished with mahogany material to an exceptional standard and has accurate intonation.

Why Kala KA– S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele is best for Leaners

This brand of ukulele is one of the best for Learners. It comes with the Best ukulele tuner that will make your ukulele produce consistent sounds.

For beginners who don’t want to go through the stress of tuning their ukulele always, the Kala KA-S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele is a wise choice. It is produced with special chrome die-cast tuners which keep the product in tune always.

This ukulele also has 12 frets and the popular figure-eight shape, which also makes it very easy to play. Although the compactness of the frets makes it a little bit uneasy for experts to maneuver, it is very easy for beginners especially those with small hand sizes. In terms of its tone, the Kala soprano ukulele has a quiet but captivating tone due to its small body size.

Specifications of the Kala KA-S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele

Features of Kala KA-S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele

  • Rich satin mahogany finishing for enhanced durability
  • It comes with high-quality Aquila strings
  • The product is easy to re-string also.
  • It is very easy to play and tune
  • Produces a rich tone

Lohanu Ukulele Review – BEST UKULELE BUNDLE DEAL

The LU-S soprano ukulele comes with everything beginners need to get started on learning the ukulele. Beginners often find themselves making an extra financial commitment to accessories they require to play the ukulele.

This soprano ukulele comes with two strap pins solidly installed to enable beginners to play this ukulele with comfort. So there is no need spending extra to install strap pins.

The free video lessons that come with this bundle will help beginners learn the basics of this instrument on their own. So many best beginner ukulele lessons and information are included in the video as well.

In addition to offering the best ukulele bundle deal for beginners on a budget, Lohanu also ensured that the strings installed on this pretty instrument sound as beautiful as it looks. There might not need for beginners to consider changing strings given its quality.

Why the Lohanu (LU-C) is the best ukulele for beginners

This ukulele bundle will get you started quickly on the ukulele. It is the best cheap ukulele bundle deal you may possibly find, with unimaginable features at this price point.

Beginners that enjoy traveling a lot will not have problems transporting this great travel ukulele. It is very portable and weighs 1 pound.

The construction of the Lohanu ukulele looks pretty solid. The ABS binding is handmade and made with great attention to detail. It does not have any irregularities beginners should feel concern about.

The 12 frets installed on this ukulele are all even. The sound is crisp and clear. And it is also buzz-free.

The smooth action makes this ukulele more comfortable for beginners to play. Beginners do not need to apply much pressure on the strings to get them to touch the frets.

The soprano ukulele size (smallest ukulele size) with closer fret spacing, is a great option for beginners with small hand and finger sizes. It is also great for players with larger hand and fat fingers, though they need to practice more often to get used to the closeness of the frets.

The strings, tonewood, and arched back combine to make this ukulele sound great and have more volume.

Specifications of the Lohanu (LU-C) Soprano Ukulele

Features of Lohanu (LU-C) Soprano ukulele

  • Decent gig bag, though not protective enough
  • Smooth action, making it comfortable for beginners
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Includes accessories beginners need to get started without spending much.

Donner Soprano Ukulele Mahogany DUS-1

The careful and proper screening of tonewood makes the DUS-1 superior to other ukuleles at this price point.

The smooth feeling of this instrument on the hand also makes it more tempting to play. It is a good musical instrument and the best soprano ukulele for the money.

It comes with great carbon nylon strings, which are smooth to the touch and break in faster. The strings are great for strumming, and notes also ring out well.

The fretboard has 15 frets in total, with all properly installed, smooth and durable. In addition, there is no room for buzzing, making it superior to other ukuleles in the same price range.

With proper care, this ukulele will last longer. The finish is natural, light and appealing. It protects the body of the ukulele, thus making the wood grains visible.

Why Donner Soprano Ukulele Mahogany DUS-1 Best Ukulele For Beginners

The sound of this instrument is unbelievable. It is crisp and resonance at an acceptable level for a budget ukulele.

The chrome-plated guitar style tuners holds the tune well enough. Beginners will not be overburdened with tuning the ukulele every minute while playing, as many ukuleles do.

The tuners are very stable and comfortable to hold. They don’t look cheap either. And they help to tune the ukulele accurately with ease.

Specifications of Donner Soprano Ukulele Mahogany DUS-1

Features of Donner Soprano Ukulele Mahogany DUS-1

  • Digital clip-on tuners for accurate tuning
  • Lovely satin finish
  • Well polished frets
  • Comes with extras; decent gig bag, strap, and more

The Fender Soprano Ukulele “Piha’eu” – Mahogany receives its name from the Hawaiian word that means “tiny.” Just like other types of soprano ukuleles, the Fender ukulele is small in size but its elegant design and great sound make it a superb ukulele for beginners.

The Fender ukulele soprano body is perfectly constructed. It is made of a mahogany body with superb soundboard bracing which offers a brighter tone.

The exclusive Fender headstock shape of this ukulele makes it more captivating. It also has 12 frets with durable rosewood fingerboard.

Everything about this brand of the ukulele is perfect. It comes with special open-gear chrome tuners and good quality Aquila strings.

Why the Fender Soprano Ukulele “U’Uku” – Mahogony is best for beginners

This soprano ukulele is made of mahogany material but the weight of the product is still very light. In fact, beginners won’t feel any stress or tiredness playing this ukulele for long.

It is also made with quality mahogany material and special satin finishing that makes it highly durable and irresistible.

For easy playability, the Fender ukulele has a scale length of 13.66″ (34.7 cm). It also comes with an open gear chrome tuner, which keeps the ukulele constantly in tune.

Ukulele with a good quality string is always the best choice for beginners. This brand of ukulele also comes with the Aquila nylgut soprano C string for enhanced playability and it is not slippery like other strings.

Specifications of the Fender Soprano Ukulele “U’Uku” – Mahogony?

Features of Fender Soprano Ukulele “U’Uku” – Mohagony

  • Works perfectly with any amp
  • It has mahogany body together with sound board bracing
  • Rosewood fret board for a brighter sound
  • It is produced with a smooth natural satin finish which makes it more durable

Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele – Best Soprano Ukulele

The Cordoba soprano ukulele is a special brand of the ukulele. This ukulele is completely handmade with solid acacia top, side, and back.

It also comes with a soprano sized gig bag. The binding and bridge of this ukulele are perfect.

It comes with a rosewood bridge and a unique herringbone pattern tie block. The neck of the Cordoba 25SK is made of mahogany.

In fact, the quality of the material used in making this brand of ukulele together with the satin finishing, also makes it durable.

Why the Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele is best for beginners

The Cordoba 25K has a scale length of 13.5″ and a total of 16 frets. Beginners will find this ukulele very easy to play as it also comes with an overall length of 21.25″. The 25SK Cordoba comes with special gold tuners with pearl buttons.

This makes the ukulele stay in tune for long and it is also very easy to tune. The Aquila nylgut strings also make this ukulele very easy for beginners to play. It is not slippery as other traditional strings and it consistently produces quality sound.

Specifications of the Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele

Features of Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele

  • It is made of mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard for quality sound
  • Made of solid acacia back, top, sides and a nice satin finish
  • It produces a mellow war tone
  • It is also very easy to re-string, tune and play

Kala MK-SS-GRN Makala Shark Soprano

Kala is recognized worldwide for making beautiful, affordable and great sounding ukuleles.

Almost all Kala Makala soprano ukulele review you will come across contains more positive comments about the brand.

It is one of the favorite ukuleles for many starters and comes with great features that make learning the ukulele a fun thing.

This ukulele features a mahogany neck that is sturdy and straight as it should be. The rosewood fingerboard comes with frets with all of them of equal level.

The action of this ukulele is smooth. And coupled with the equal leveled frets and smooth neck, the playability is great for a ukulele at this price range.

The shark-shaped bridge makes it more attractive. Considering its price tag and fun design, it will make a fine gift for adults and children eager to learn how to play the ukulele.

Features of the Kala MK-SS-GRN Makala Shark Soprano

  • Easy to tune
  • Beautiful sound
  • Great price and value
  • Durable and solidly built
  • The bundle comes with a free clip-on tuner, polishing cloth, gig bag, instructional video

Final Thought

This sawtooth ukulele review depicts the superiority this ukulele brand has over others at this price point. But you will understand how great a budget ukulele this is when you play it. Considering the price tag and features, investing in this ukulele would not be a bad idea.

ADM 21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele

This ukulele is one of the brands made with all categories of players in mind.

It is built for everyone including children and adults who are novices or professionals.

It is rated one of the best uke for beginners on a tight budget who still desire to make good music.

The ukulele is constructed with well dried selected basswood bridge and fingerboard making it so smooth to the touch.

You can have your hands move up and down the fretboard without any fear of sustaining a cut.

Specifications of the ADM 21″ Economic Soprano UkuleleView Customer Review And Price @ Amazon

Features of the ADM 21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele

  • Great travel ukulele
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Great sound and no buzzing
  • Hook-in strap let it stay in the right position while playing
  • Good quality bag and other starter kits included

Final Thought

Besides reading this adm ukulele review, the features of the instrument will get you interested in learning the ukulele when you come in contact. It is rated as the best uke under 100 for starters itching to learn the ukulele.

As the name implies, it offers great economic value and comes with complete accessories to get you started on learning the ukulele without spending extra money on accessories.

Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT-2 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

With a great combination of tonewood coupled with tons of other features, the Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT-2 is the ideal ukulele for starters getting serious in learning the ukulele.

This ukulele is the best uke under 100 with regards to sound and feel.

It produces great sound, thanks to its mahogany back, side, neck, top and a built-in pickup.

It has a sweet resonance and projects well when well played.

The beautiful laser-etched rosette and dot inlays set it apart from many ukuleles at this price point. The rosewood bridge is sturdy and also contributes to its great lovely sound.

The Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT also comes with an inbuilt tuner that makes tuning very easy, making it the best starter uke for new players. It has great tuning keys on which not only makes tuning easier but holds the tune better.

Specifications of the Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT-2 Mahogany Soprano UkuleleView Customer Review And Price @ Amazon

Features of the Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT-2 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

  • Easy to tune
  • Holds tune well
  • Neck is sturdy
  • Comes with well-padded gig bag
  • Kit includes starter guide, padded gig bag, tuner and metal folding ukulele stand
  • Built-in pickup with great sound adjustment and control options

Final Word

This sawtooth ukulele review depicts the superiority this ukulele brand has over others at this price point. But you will understand how great a budget ukulele this is when you play it.

Considering the price tag and features, investing in this ukulele would not be a bad idea.

Soprano Ukulele Best For Whom

The soprano ukulele is very easy and convenient to play. This type of ukulele comes with small body size. It is the smallest ukulele of all the ukuleles but even with the small size, it still does its wonders.

The Soprano ukulele is one of the best for beginners, intermediate and expert players. The soprano ukulele’s frets are closer together. So, beginners or intermediate ukulele players with small hand size won’t have problems trying to form a chord.

Soprano Ukulele Size and Measurement

I guess you already know that the soprano ukulele is the smallest among the four types of ukuleles. It has between 12 – 15 frets with a length of 21″. The body length of the soprano ukulele is 9 7/16 while the width of the lower body and depth of the lower body are 6 3/8 and 2 5/16 respectively.

Soprano Ukulele Sound

The soprano ukulele is often referred to as the “standard ukulele” because of its sound and size. This type of ukulele gives the real classical ukulele sound and it is also tuned to GCEA, ADF#B.

However, not all soprano ukuleles will give you that real high and crisp ukulele sound because the quality of sound produced by a ukulele does not depend on size alone. It also depends on the quality of the material, the strings, fretboard, tuning pegs, and other factors. So, whenever you are ready to get the best soprano ukulele, pay attention to these features.

In Summary

It feels great to find that perfect ukulele that will tempt you to play all the time. Well, let me say I wasn’t that lucky when I started my ukulele journey because of the fact that I didn’t find much information about the different products.

I got products that almost shattered my ukulele dream because of the quality of sound they produce and I also went through stress tuning anytime I want to play. Hmm, well, that’s all gone now.

At least, I have you to make the right decision and with all my experience with the instrument, I will guide you to choose only the best soprano ukulele. The ukulele brands listed here are perfect for beginners, intermediate and expert players. In fact, I have tried other products and the quality these possesses is worth your investment.

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