Best Concert Ukulele 2019 – Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele review


The Hola! Music HM-124ZW is a good concert ukulele for multi-players, and it is among the best concert ukulele in the market. It is also a great option for people with low-budget, or who are planning to buy their first ukulele.

Like always, I am going to reveal some of the features of this ukulele, and why it is one of the best.

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Specification & features of Hola! Music HM-124MG Ukulele

A look at the premium Italian Aquila nylgut strings

The Hola! Music HM-124ZW ukulele comes pre-strung with premium Italian Aquila nylgut strings. Most new ukulele strings get players replace their ukulele strings because of poor quality.

However, this Hola music ukulele Best concert ukulele brand has good quality strings, so there is no reason to replace them. Note that new strings need some time to stretch and stabilize.

Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele body and neck

This Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele is made of mahogany body and Nato neck.

Also, the ukulele body is flawless, and the construction is solid.

Although the wood is laminate and not solid wood, but I am very optimistic that players who like laminate uke will enjoy playing it. In fact, it doesn’t weight much like other ukuleles, and it has a great tone and resonance.

The Fingerboard, bridge, and frets

The fingerboard and bridge of the Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele is made of rosewood material. It has 18 nickel frets which have the same level. The fret arrangement is also flawless and there was no buzzing during robust strumming.

Tuning keys

The Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele comes with geared tuners as its tuning keys. They are good tuners and made the ukulele very easy to tune.

Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele sound

In as much as I love ukuleles that have a beautiful body, I also like to pay more attention to the sound. However, this Hola music ukulele brand has a soft mellow full bodied sound, although ukulele sound on its own is subject; someone else may give a different interpretation of how the instrument sound.

Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele Playability

The larger body size and long scale length of the Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele makes it more comfortable to play, especially for people who have bigger fingers. However, the ukulele has a good intonation, and I also enjoyed playing even up to the 12th fret.

So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele


  • Solid construction
  • Flawless matte finish
  • Quality geared tuning keys
  • Genuine Italian Aquila strings
  • Lightweight and comfortable to play
  • Nato neck and mahogany body


  • Large body size and scale – this makes it more comfortable for people with bigger fingers


1. What is the total body length of this ukulele?

Answer : The total length is 24 inches

2. What is the type of strings on this ukulele?

Answer: It has genuine Italian Aquila nylgut strings

3. This ukulele look really beautiful, am guessing the finish is satin, right?

Answer : Not at all, it has a matte finish and not satin.

4.How good is the sound of this ukulele? I want to know before I place an order online.

Answer : The ukulele sound really good. It has a mellow full bodied sound.

5. I like this concert ukulele, but I have small fingers. I have read too many ukulele reviews that said the concert ukulele is not a good option for people with small fingers, how true is that?

Answer : Having small fingers doesn’t disqualify you from playing concert ukuleles, although you would need to play and practice more to be more comfortable with the size of the ukulele since you have small fingers.

6. I am a beginner looking for a good quality ukulele to buy. Will this brand be okay for me?

Answer : Yes of course, it is okay for beginners and professionals, and I am sure you will enjoy playing it.

In Summary

The Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele is the best concert ukulele I have ever played. The sound of the ukulele is good and it also looks very attractive on the outside. However, if you are looking for a good quality ukulele to buy without breaking the bank, then this Hola music ukulele brand is a perfect option.

This ukulele review is based on my assessment of the product. So, you can borrow from a friend or purchase yours on Please feel free to leave a comment on this platform after purchase.

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