Best Cajon Buying Guides with Reviews 2019

Now that your interest for drumming has increased, you will definitely want to buy the best Cajon even on a tight budget.

Do not compromise on quality. You can still find a good quality drum to play even with a low budget.

We are aware of the challenges buyers or beginners face when making buying moves for their first Cajon. And if you are here, then you have nothing to worry about.

We have prepared this Cajon review to help you buy your first drum like a pro.

Recommended 5 Best Cajon For All Players

Best Cajon Brands for All Drummers

If your fingers are already itching and you just can’t wait to start drumming, here is a quick glance at the Cajon brands and models that has met all our requirements.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Cajon Drum

If you desire to buy your first drum like a pro, then these factors are a must for you to consider. Read them carefully before buying the instrument.

Get some tips about Cajon

Before concluding your decision to buy a Cajon, you need to learn about the instrument. A little research about the instrument before buying one would go a long way.

Know exactly what you are looking for in a drum before making any buying decision.

Ask yourself these simple questions :

  • Where will my Cajon be played? (Home, concert or other places)
  • Am I looking for the best Cajon under 100 or 200?How often will I likely play the druDo I need it for casual use or serious playing?
  • What type or size of Cajon will suit me?

Answering the questions above about best comfortable Cajon

1. Where, and how the Cajon will be used

If you intend to use your drum for frequent gigs, go for a brand with high-quality materials. Since you will be transporting and playing more often, a drum with rugged construction will be fine.

For home use, buy a good quality drum still, even if it is not rugged.

2. Budget size

Are you looking for the best Cajon under 200 or the one less than $100 dollar? Whichever one may be your need, remember to conclude on what you intend to spend before hunting for a drum.

Also, remember you can get a good quality drum on a budget.

3. Cajon Types

You should be familiar with the different types of Cajons before concluding on your buying plans. These will help you choose the right Cajon for the music you intend to make..

The Peruvian Cajon is one of the types of drums without a snare. It is widely known for its Afro-Peruvian sound.

The flamenco Cajon is another type of drum used for many types of music. It is mainly used for Latin styles and for Flamenco too.

You will also find the snare Cajon, which is the modern day drum. It is made to accentuate the kick as well as snare sound produced by the Cajon.

Some Helpful Tips for choose the Best Cajon

  • Perform your own research and decide on the kind of sound you want.
  • Know where you intend to use it. Indoors or for playing gigs.
  • Remember to always purchase a carrying bag for your drum. It will damage faster without this.

What are the reasons to read this Cajon Drum Review & Buying Guide

We understand how time-consuming and confusing it is to search for good quality Cajon on a budget. We have had similar experiences in the past, and now is time to share our experiences to help you through the process of buying a good quality drum.

We bring to you detailed Cajon review, based on comments from professional players, real buyers, and experience of our Cajon experts.

Our aim is to provide an unbiased review of some of the popular Cajon brands for you to make the final decision.

The Best Cajon Drum Review

These are the drums that met all standards set by our editors and Cajon experts. You will find details of each brand listed here.

Pearl Primero Jingle Cajon Gypsy Brown

This drum might not the prettiest in the market, but is the best sounding Cajon for very little money.


The instrument measures 12.5 inches wide x 18 inches tall x 12.5 inches deep. Though small, it is portable and has a solid construction.

Its fiberglass shell gives it additional strength and durability. It also comes with a highly responsive snare system which is the best you can find among other brands at this price point.


The Pearl Primero Jingle Cajon will open your ears to sounds you never thought a budget drum can produce. In fact, it offers four different sound possibilities.

This Cajon produces a rich bass sound and is suitable for recording. You can adjust the snare for an awesome Flamenco performance or silence it while playing Peruvian music.

What or who is it suitable for Pearl Primero Jingle Cajon?

It also has a rich bass sound that makes it suitable to play in any musical genre.


  • Huge tone
  • Easy to tune
  • Sounds great
  • Solid construction
  • Snare is tight & responsive


  • No bag included
  • Having a knob on the side for adjusting the snare would have been a great option instead of doing it by passing through the hole.
  • Though finish looks great, it is not the prettiest of Cajon on the market.
  • You need to master it in order to get the sound you are looking for.

Experts View

In this Pearl Cajon review, we pointed out that the Cajon is not prettiest on the market but the amazing thing is that it does pack a punch with its sound if only you can tune it properly.

It is small in size but sounds great. Overall, it is the best hand drum for beginner players.

Sawtooth ST-CJ121SL-KIT-1 Maple Back and Sides Cajon

In this Sawtooth Cajon review, you will discover that the drum suits the style of many drummers given its features. It is a little bit lighter in weight and taller than the Pearl Cajon.


The Cajon is comfortable for taller players above 5’7” because of its height. It measures 11.8 inches deep x 11.6 inches wide x 19.5 inches tall.

The playing face is made of maple ash wood which gives it a very warm sound. The internal snare wire system and playing face can also be adjusted to get desired sound.

Overall, craftsmanship and playability are outstanding for a Cajon at this price point. And is no doubt one of the best Cajon under 100 with such high quality.


The perfect combination of maple and ash enhances the tone of this drum. It produces warm bass tones with plenty of punch.

The adjustable snare is also a plus for players. You can adjust the snare’s tension to get any sound you desire.

What or who is it suitable for Sawtooth Cajon?

This is the best Cajon for the money. It is great for beginners and intermediate drummers looking to change their playing styles.

It is also suitable for professional players looking for great sounding Cajon on a budget. It is great for playing acoustic rock or worship because of its great sound.


  • Decent bass tone
  • A free Carrying bag
  • Padded seat cushion for extra comfort
  • The rubber feet keep the drum stable and help its body to resonate well.
  • Measures 11.8 inches deep x 11.6 inches wide x 19.5 inches tall


  • The free carrying case does not last long. It should be made with a sturdier material.
  • The snare wire sometimes produces too much buzz.

Experts View

If you are playing songs that require little or no snare sound, this drum might not be the right choice for you.

But if you are looking for the best Cajon under 100 to use for songs were the snare sound is a great addition, this drum will be suitable for you.

Schlagwerk CP404-BLK 2 in One Black Edition Cajon

The Schlagwerk 2 in 1 Cajon is a more premium brand with exceptional sound and construction.

Though it doesn’t come with a padded seat for additional comfort like the Sawtooth, it does sound as beautiful as it looks.


It is a well-made Cajon with 8 Plies of Birch. The finish on the Beachwood front plate and all over the instrument is flawless. It also has smooth edges and corners all over.

The Schlagwerk has up to 40 snares. Though it does not have a tuning apparatus, the instrument is constructed in such a way that the snares are very easy to remove.

It measures 11.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches deep x 19.5 inches tall.


The adjustable snare is also a plus for players. You can adjust the snare’s tension to get any sound you desire.

What or who is it suitable for Schlagwerk 2 in 1 Cajon?

This is one of the best Cajon for acoustic rock. It is great for starters who can affordable spending above 100 dollars for their first Cajon.

It is suitable for professional drummers to use for stage performance. And for players looking for Cajon a beautiful playing face, the drum is a beauty to behold.


  • Plays well
  • Lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • Great sounding
  • Flawless finish


  • Snare is not loud enough
  • Snare is removable, but the tension cannot be adjusted
  • The size will make it too small for some players.

Experts View

Though the snare isn’t as loud as higher priced models but is the best you can get at this price point. It is a great instrument for starters and professional players looking for a great Cajon for stage performance.

The snare according to what is mentioned in this Schlagwerk Cajon review isn’t very loud. But overall, the instrument has a decent tone.

Tycoon Supremo Series Cajon

This is probably one of the best Cajon for the money. It is affordable, great sounding and comes with a free carrying bag.


The Tycoon Supremo is handmade with one of the best wood for Cajon. It is the biggest in terms of size among the other brands listed here, measuring 13 inches wide x 13 inches deep x 21 inches tall.

The body has great finishing on it, making it look like higher priced drum. But don’t be deceived, it is highly affordable. It comes with four rubber feet for protection. The edges and corners on this Cajon are smooth to the touch.


This drum has loud and deep bass tones with sharp and high slaps. The snare wires are also very easy to adjust.

With good quality control in place, the Tycoon Cajon is believed to be one of the flawless and great sounding Cajon on the market.

The Cajon is tested individually tested to ensure optimum performance and sound quality.

What or who is it suitable for Tycoon Cajon?

The Tycoon Percussion is great for novice, students, and beginners looking for great quality Cajon on a budget. Its big size makes it comfortable for taller and heavier players to sit on and play comfortably.


  • Durable
  • Great bass sound
  • Large, solid construction
  • Snares produces good high-end tones


  • Considering its size, it might be too tall or wide for some people
  • It doesn’t come with a carrying

Experts View

You will be astonished to find many positive tycoon percussion Cajon reviews on the internet. With great quality sound and affordability, choosing this Cajon will make a fine choice.

Though the big size might make it too large for some people, it sounds well and looks very attractive too.

Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT Headliner Series

Solid wood Cajon is known to produce richer and more natural sound. That is one of the highlights of this Meinl Headliner Cajon Review.

The Cajon is made with solid wood to give you a naturally pleasing tone.


Both the body and playing face of the Cajon are made from rubber wood, a hardwood with exceptional resonant qualities. The entire body of the Cajon is designed with superior matte finish throughout.

The Cajon will be easy on your back if you are taller than 5’7”. It measures 11 3/4″ wide x 12″ deep x 18″ tall.

The rear facing sound port makes mic usage much easier. It also makes it perfect for music styles where responsiveness is highly needed.


The Cajon delivers a rich and deep bass sound, thanks to its solid wood construction.

There are many ways you can tweak the sound of this Cajon if you are not comfortable with the way it sounds right out of the box. The snares are also very easy and comfortable to adjust.

What or who is it suitable for Meinl Headliner Cajon?

This Cajon is great for people with beginning to mid-level experience. It is also a great option for people on a budget.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to transport
  • Perfect matte finish
  • Anti-slipping sitting face
  • Solid wood construction
  • Rear facing sound port makes mic usage much easier


  • Though not the best sounding Cajon if you can spend a little extra, it is the best you can get at this price point.
  • Carrying bag is not included like other brands. You will be spending some extra bucks to get one.

Final Thought

This drum really produces a rich bass sound and is no doubt a great drum for live or studio performance. Such budget drums with good sound and quality are hard to find.

In fact, this is the best solid Cajon you can find on a budget.

Cheap Cajon Drum vs Pro Level

Even if you are looking for cheap Cajon drum or you need something with better quality, you need to make this decision by yourself.

As a beginner, you might decide to go for under $90 to $150. But if you want to really go professional, invest in Cajon that cost between $150 and above.

How to Choose Best Cajon

Choosing a musical instrument, be it your first instrument or not, is a gradual process. It needs some level of commitment from you like taking the time to read the material used in making the instrument among others.

However, these are factors you should consider.

1. Construction

Examine the quality of material used; the attention to details, quality of the wood and joints; finishing. Your target should be higher density hardwood construction such as beech and Finnish birch ply delivers a wide frequency range.

You will get a rich, punchy bass, bright high tones and clear mids from these wood types.

On the contrary, softwoods deliver a duller sound. While Cajon made from fiberglass and plastics are durable, they tend to produce a more colored sound that can be best described as warm and rounded.

2. Sound

To get the best sounding Cajon, you should base your search on the tone the drum produces. Cajon with high tones sounds sharp and crisp. Cajons with bass tones will have a deep and well-defined sound.

3. Sound hole

The soundhole in this instrument gives it a resonant bass tone. Without the soundhole, the instrument will only produce high tones.

Many players prefer Cajon with sound hole situated in the rear. With such position, they can use microphone conveniently without getting worried about their foot knocking the mic away from its position.

Players should also choose soundhole position they find suitable for them.

  • Off center position – With this position, the notes will have more sustain
  • Center Back position – Great option for recording. With such soundhole position, the Cajon will deliver quicker and precise notes, though you might not get the resonant bass and tone depth that captivates most players.
  • Side Hole – The bass tone is drawn towards the front area of the instrument and closer to the audience.
  1. With or without snare

Know that Cajon with snare will sound different from the one without a snare. Cajons with snare will buzz when you play higher notes. You won’t hear the buzzing sound when playing bass notes.

Most Cajon with snares is adjustable. You can tighten or loosen them to any level you want.

5. Playing Face

The tapa is not just the most played area of the Cajon it gets the most attention from the audience. The tapa contributes greatly to the tone.

So if you are going to choose any brand, consider the material used in this area.

The playing face is usually made of more than one layer of ply wood. The typical thickness of the plies is between 3 to 4 mm. Playing face made with more plies will be able to produce the crisp and high tones the best Cajons are known for.

Final Words

We hope you are able to find the best Cajon of your dream after going through this review. Our aim is to provide you with information about each great brand, the final decision is yours to make.

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