The Most Common Questions Every Beginner Ukulele Player Ask


Before I started my ukulele journey and progressed into a professional ukulele player, there were a lot of questions I needed answers to.

Well, when I started there was little or no information I could find online except for the questions I specifically asked some uke players who were experts at that time.

So, before you start your own journey, it is good to ask any question about ukulele brands that are bothering your mind. No question is too little because the decision you make now and what you know today will determine how successful your ukulele journey would be.


What is the best ukulele for beginners ?

There are many ukuleles in the market but the best ukuleles for beginners are the ones that produce great sound and it’s also very easy to play.

On the other, a good ukulele should also be very comfortable to tune. Even after tuning, the ukulele should maintain its tune for a long time.

What is the best size ukulele for a beginner ?

In terms of the size, the best size of ukulele for beginners is the one that can be played comfortably. There are different sizes of ukulele such as soprano, concert, tenor and baritone but the main thing is finding the one that suits you.

The soprano ukulele is termed as the smallest size of ukulele and it can be played comfortably by people who have small hands.

What is the best wood for a ukulele?

There are different types of ukulele wood in the market but in terms of durability, mahogany is one of the best wood materials used for making a ukulele.

The tone of ukuleles made of mahogany material is usually very rich and high that’s why a lot of people prefer ukuleles made of mahogany material. Unlike other wood materials, another feature of mahogany is that it does not crack too easily.

What are the best strings I should get?

If you want to enjoy playing your ukulele, then go for strings that are smooth, durable, and also gives great tone.

However, there are different types of strings in the market but the Aquila nylgut strings are considered as the best ukulele strings that are suitable for beginners, intermediate ukulele players and professionals.

The Aquila nylgut strings can also withstand adverse weather conditions. These strings can stay tuned for long without losing their tune.

What is the best place to buy a ukulele?

There are different types of ukulele and finding the right one can be very stressful especially when you are buying from a local store.

However, the best place to buy a ukulele is online because you will come across different ukulele brands and read their descriptions and comments from other players. You will also see the different prices and determine your financial strength.

What is the best place to play ukulele?

Ukulele produces great tone and it is best for entertaining people. However, you can take your ukulele along with you to the beach side, picnic or any special occasion. You can also play the ukulele at home, just to entertain your family and friends.

I’m a beginner / have small hands -would a larger ukulele be better for me?

If you are a beginner with small hands, it would be best for you to play the smaller sized soprano ukulele. However, players with small hands can also play a larger ukulele but the best ukulele size to play is the soprano ukulele.

I have been playing for a couple of weeks and my fingers hurt / I can’t form this chord – what am I doing wrong?

If you are a beginner, then look for the best ukulele brands for beginners. In most cases, the reason why you find it difficult to form that chord is because your finger might be too small or the ukulele might be too big for you.

The fretboards on larger sized ukuleles are usually longer, so it will be easier for you to form chords if you have bigger hands.

Can you recommend some good tuition videos ?

The internet is filled with a lot of good tuition videos and you can click here for one of the best.

I am finding it hard to hold my ukulele. Is it ok to use a strap ?

Yes, it is okay to use a strap in order to get a firm grip of your ukulele.

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