A&L is Releasing Their 8th Single We Are Love

A&L is using music to express the need for love and acceptance!

A&L is releasing their 8th single We Are Love. A&L’s new song We Are Love celebrates diversity, acceptance and love! With a Beatles inspired string arrangement, and and upbeat feel, you will get lost in the melody and the message. “We hope to share a positive message that we feel is needed in today’s divided world.” says Anthony Casuccio.

A&L was started by two seasoned industry professionals: Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie. Anthony is a 20-year music veteran whose production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards, been featured in major music publications and topped the music charts. Anthony’s received RIAA certified gold records for his production work. Lana is an award-winning vocalist who has been a long-time force on the NY music scene and voice to many jingles on radio and television. Although both have worked in the music business, neither has released original music before creating A&L after they worked together on a few jingles Casuccio was producing.

Adding to the success of A&L is Rich Smith who has been behind the drum kit since A&L’s 3rd release, Smith is a hard-hitting rock drummer who always puts song writing and band chemistry first. Smith’s raw energy and powerful technique drives A&L’s live shows and bleeds through the song compositions. And Matt Sunick, whose bass playing has been influenced by progressive roots, gives A&L that groove and feel that they have been striving for.


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The past 4 years have included various live shows, radio interviews and features in leading music publications. Their songs have been in rotation on over 150 radio stations both terrestrial and internet based all over the world. Their videos have been featured on top video sites. They have released eight singles over the past four years and released an EP with an additional song. A&L has received radio play in over 70 countries. Their single Cliché released in the summer of 2016, peaked at #9 on the Euro Indie Music Top 200, was on the countdown for over 3 months and made the Top 100 songs of 2016.

The winter release Singing My Life Away peaked at #3 after 31 weeks on that chart and made the top 50 Indie songs of 2017. A&L’s other songs have also charted on that countdown as well as in other countries. Their videos have topped various popular video platforms. Recently A&L’s Winter 2018 release Tell Me When It’s Over peaked at #16 on the Euro Indie Top 200 and has charted on other world-wide musical charts.

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