6 Tips to help you become good At Playing the Banjo

Let’s say you are in possession of the best banjo and have been practicing for years without any meaningful improvement. Since your Banjo Instrument is good quality, then what is preventing you from becoming a better banjo player?

Many instrumentalists are facing this problem today. After practicing for years, they hardly make progress.

If you are not happy with your status as a banjo player, do not worry because help is right here for you. These 8 tips will make you a better player whether you are learning with a cheap banjo or not.

Always Remember to Warm Up Before Practicing

It is common for athletes to warm up first before going into action. They do this for two main reasons, though there could be other reasons; one is to avoid injury and the other is to be in a sporting mode.

The same thing applies to banjo players. You can come up with effective warm-up exercises that will specifically work on your left-hand techniques or right-hand picking patterns besides the banjo music.

The duration of warm-up is different for different players. Some might need just a few minutes to become ready, while others can take up to 40 minutes to be fully properly warmed up.

Learn to always practice within your zone. It is better than wasting your time and energy doing something that is extremely difficult for you.

Be Consistent with Practice

One proven way you can get better with banjo guitar playing is to practice regularly. You need to practice as often as possible even though it is just for a few minutes after work.

Waiting for the right time or spending longer time to practice on some few days will not make you progress faster; remember the saying that “practice makes perfect”.

Unzip the banjo case, remove the instrument and place it on a stand. Seeing the instrument everytime you step into the practice area will lure you to pick it up and practice.

You don’t need to worry about exposing too much of the banjo parts since the instrument is out of the case. Just ensure your practice area is conducive.

Get the right banjo

You will find many types of the banjo for sale but whatever choice you make should be centered on the genre of music you are venturing into.

You’ll find the 4 string banjo, 5 string banjo, and 6 string banjo. You have to decide if you will be interested in rock, country, bluegrass or any other music before buying a banjo.

For instance, the banjolele (4 strings) is a versatile banjo suitable for Irish music, Dixieland, bluegrass and classical.

Also, ensure that you have the right banjo string on that will be more comfortable for your fingers.

And do some light banjo tuning before each practice session to get the right tone.

Be a good listener

Being a good banjo buyer and player entails more than just sourcing for information online. You must also be a good listening in order to become a better player faster.

Take out some time to listen to banjo music on the genre you are interested in. Listening to musicians who are ahead of you performing at concerts or any jam session will make you better.

Have future goals

Your banjo price or worth will not make you become a better player; what will is the commitment you make. You need to set realistic goals; set short term, medium, and long-term goals to help you stay motivated.

Setting goals will also make you accountable and be able to assess your progress. You will be able to determine how much progress you have made.

Lower dependence on Tablature

Tablature is another word for written music. There is no doubt you’ll be exposed to many tunes amounting to hundreds including subtleties of a pro banjo player, but overusing it isn’t a good option.

Though you will learn how something is being done with tablature, having the ability to read as well as play tab should not be confused with being able to play the banjo.

You may do well to internalize the sound you are hearing so that you can pay full attention to what you are playing.

Final Word

Many claim the Fender banjo is one of the best, but whether you are learning with the electric banjo or an acoustic-electric banjo made by Fender will not make much difference.

Though good quality means access to go features on the banjo whether you will get better is up to you.


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