10 Tips That Can Help You Become A Better Violin Player


All violin players like to be perfect when they perform. You feel happy when you listen to yourself play well. No one is satisfied with a poor performance. And if you are someone who plays to entertain others, your income definitely depend on how well you play.

However, here are 10 tips that can help you improve your violin skills. Read on and enjoy.

1. Use Correct Tools

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, the right violin tool will make a whole lot of difference to your playing. The basic tools you need to play the violin are :

  • The right instrument (size)
  • Good quality bow
  • Rosin
  • Metronome

Also, the place of practice should have good lighting. Other things needed are pencils, erasers, and a good violin case to protect the instrument.

The size of the violin is another important area you cannot neglect. Do not always follow the standard guideline that says the 4/4 is the right size for adults. Some adults are short and smaller than the average size. These set of people might do better and be more comfortable with a 7/8 size violin.

2. Contact A Good Teacher

Any investment you make to learn the violin is never a waste. If you invest money, time or energy, you will have a good reward. Get a good violin teacher to help make your violin journey a success.

But remember, there are different violin teachers for a different level like from beginners to professionals.

A good violin teacher has a great wealth of knowledge and exposure on the violin. He or she has invested a lot of time, energy, and may have always made huge financial commitments to get to that level.

3.Have A Daily Working Plan

There is a popular saying that practice makes perfect! This is so true with learning or playing the violin. Most violin players may not see it that way but it is, of course, the truth.

If you read a novel once, you might forget some vital points. It is not because you are dull but because you need to read repeatedly to get better.

The same thing applies to playing the violin. If you don’t use it by practicing harder you may lose it sooner. It is not rocket science but happens to everyone.

You don’t need to spend longer periods practicing every day. You can achieve great result practicing smaller amount of time each day.

The ideology some players have is that they need to practice at least 10 hours each day to get better. The truth is, what you need most is to practice consistently.

Plan your daily schedule and play at least 5 days a week.

4.Listen Careful

If you want to properly learn an etude or new piece, then you must be a good listener. You also need to listen to it first. Your teacher can help you play exactly what you were listening to, get a phone or computer to record and store. You can visit what has already been recorded for reference purpose.

Check YouTube to see if the video of the same piece you are listening to can be found. There are other sites you can find great violin videos.

5.Let Others Listen To You Play

You listen to other people play right? Guess you liked how composed and awesome their performance was. If you want to build great confidence, improve and get your name out there, you need to let others listen to you play.

Recruit your family members, friends or other violin players to listen to you. Apply to play for a nonprofit organization, group or church.

The bottom line is, do not always ask your teacher to listen to you. Other people’s opinions and criticisms can make you become a better player.

6.Explore Other Areas

Maybe you have been spending too much time on one etude or piece. If you have, then it’s time to make some drastic changes. Share your time properly to accommodate more than one project in a practice session. You can handle two projects at once.

However, this will not only help improve your concentration but help to improve your technical skills in other areas.

7.Don’t Forget To Warm up

It is funny when players say their fingers are still sleeping, so they need to warm up to wake it up. It may sound hilarious but there is some sense in that.

The thing is you need to warm up properly before you start playing. You can warm up with at least a scale or two to wake your fingers a bit.

8.Relate with other violinists

The violin is a great instrument so players are everywhere. Look for them in schools, churches, street festivals, and orchestras in your locality. Your next door neighbor could also be one of them. Find and relate with them.

You will enjoy playing with other violinists. There are many songs 2, 3 and even 4 violinists can play together. You can also form a small group where all of you will play and practice together. You can start earning money playing at weddings, churches, and other events.

9.Encourage yourself

Don’t let criticism pull you down. So many people have gotten frustrated because of this. Be inspired and practice consistently till you master the instrument. Know that the professionals you see playing perfectly today were once like you.

Take every criticism as a challenge to improve yourself. If no one criticized your performance, you won’t know if you have improved or not.

10. Practice and Learn from Others!!!

Be consistent, be creative. Always look for how to better yourself. There are a whole lot of resources to grow your skills. Talk to players who are ahead of you. They can help you grow faster. Your teacher might be doing a great job but having someone around who can play better than you might be of great help.

Final Word

Learning the violin is a privilege. It is one of those things I hold dearly to heart.

However, these 10 tips can help you become a better player. They will help you achieve your dream of becoming a better player. Just read on and enjoy.

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