The Best Violin Reviews – Top 10 Violin Brand Wise

Violins have always been considered as a delicate and beautiful orchestral instrument which is the perfect hallmark of classical music. With a sleek, spunky, and stylish look, this musical instrument can produce a great tonal quality. That’s why violins are widely regarded as a popular instrument for both aspiring musicians and enthusiastic audiences.

So, are you also planning to purchase a violin? Since violins can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of bucks, it may be quite confusing and cumbersome task to purchase the right violin.

Obviously, price plays a key role while purchasing any musical product including the violin. Enter your text here.

However, apart from the price range, there are multiple factors to consider while purchasing a violin.

For example, if you are a first-time violin player, then you may be needing a student violin or a beginner level violin.

Similarly, if you are a professional player, then you should purchase an advanced level violin. For your reference, the following sections will reveal more insightful details on this topic.

Top 10 Best Violin: Our Expert Recommended

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How to Choose the Best Violin in the Market?

Purchasing a violin is a daunting task as it depends on multiple factors that are briefly summarized below (for your quick reference).

The Materials

While purchasing a violin, we recommend you to provide careful attention to the material of the violin body, the back, the fingerboard, and the tailpiece. The body of an ideal violin should be made of high-quality wood.

Likewise, the backside of a violin should be made of a large cut of wood so that it can feature excellent sound quality. In some cheap violins, two parts may be stuck together in order to form the back.

However, the two-piece backs should be carefully and precisely assembled to prevent any cracking and produce a melodious sound.

The fingerboard is a key component of a violin that is typically designed with ebony, rosewood, or any other type of hardwood. The tailpiece of any violin is an essential component that will have a bearing on its sound.

In general, the tailpiece is made of ebony, boxwood, rosewood, or other types of hardwood. Note, the tailpiece must be light in order to allow the best resonance and reduce some undesirable frequencies.

The Bow

While the materials serve as the primary component when purchasing a violin, it is also important to ensure that a violin should feature an excellent bow.

The best violin bows are either made of synthetic hair or horsehair. Plus, it should have enough capacity to offer great playability and tonal quality.

The Rosin

Rosin is a type of treated resin which is generally obtained from some coniferous trees.

When they are applied to the violin bow hair in a rubbing motion, they form a powder that smoothly coats the hairs and produces sufficient friction for the violin bow hair in order to grip properly to its strings.

There are various types of rosin that are currently available on the market. Depending on the brand, the rosin quality will differ as per the ingredients used; it can vary from soft to hard and it may come in various color options, according to the ingredients used.

In general, darker rosins tend to be stickier and provide a better grip. Therefore, the best violin bows should have darker rosin and offer a firm grip.

The Strings

Since sound quality and tonal quality are the primary objectives of a violin, it is important to put an extra attention to the quality of the strings before purchasing a violin.

So, you may be wondering about what can be the right material for the best violin strings? If yes, then check this section for a better overview of violin strings.

Violin strings come in three categories, such as metal strings, synthetic strings, and gut strings.

Metal strings are considered to be a standard choice among those violinists who mostly play folk music.

Note, metal violin strings work well with electric violins. Metal strings violin can be an excellent choice for beginners since they mostly remain in tune and stabilize pretty quickly. The produced tone is clear, vibrant, and uncomplicated.

Gut strings tend to produce a mellower tone which works well with authentic instruments. The gut strings violins are widely regarded as one of the best violin tuners as they can produce a nice and rich tone.

Synthetic strings are considered to be the most popular string choice among most violinists. These strings are typically made from composite fibers and synthetic materials.

And, they are a great option for any player that wants to generate a warm and rich tone, avoiding the complexity of playing the challenging (and pricey) gut strings. Note, synthetic strings are stable and powerful.

The Varnish

Varnish generally protects the wood of a violin from the outside dirt, dust, grit, and pollution. Plus, it is an important functional addition to a violin that retains the original integrity of the wood.

Note, varnish can also affect the sound quality of a violin as it may slightly dampen the overall sound clarity and quality.

Varnishes can be either spirit-based or oil-based. Depending on the type of wood where it is applied, varnish can make a violin look darker and brighter in color.

Apart from the varnish, you should also use the “best violin case” in order to protect your instrument from the external pollutes.

The Bridge

A well-cut bridge really has a great impact on the sound quality that a violin produces.

Note, the bridge is a wooden piece which firmly holds the violin strings between the fingerboard and the tailpiece. Although it may seem like the bridge is securely fastened to a violin, it actually holds the pressure of the strings.

Best Violin Reviews: Brand Wise

Are you purchasing a violin for the first time and you are not sure which one to select? If yes, then do not worry anymore as you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we will reveal a comprehensive review of the top 10 violins with detailed information on their features, pros, and cons.

Now, based on your convenience, requirements, and budget preference, select an ideal one from our shortlisted category of 10 best violins.

1. Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin :  Stentor

Featuring a gorgeous finish, the “Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin” features to be a well-built, well-designed, and sturdy music instrument. Its clean and careful workmanship helps you to project a warm and bright tone.

The model features a 4-pound weight that is much lightweight compared to the other products available on the market.

According to the specifications, as revealed by this well-known violin product maker, it is perfect for beginners and students who want to play bluegrass or any other type/style of music & It Suits All Music Style

As mentioned earlier in “Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin Review”, this well-built violin flaunts a gorgeous finish.

Note, its premium-grade finishing includes Fine-Grained Solid Spruce Top and Solid Maple Back. Here’s a point to note regarding Solid Maple Back, Solid Maple Back is widely considered to be the most common material that is used to design the backside of guitars and violins.

To reveal the major pros and cons of this product, please take a quick look at the following sections of the Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin Review.


  • With Maple back, full Ebony fittings, and fine-grained solid spruce top, this product claims to be one of the best violin pieces.
  • This lightweight violin is ideal for both beginners and student level players.
  • It can produce a warm sound tone.
  • The package includes a lightweight canvas covered case with instrument blanket, octagonal wood horsehair bow with ebony frog, and exterior shoulder rest pocket or padded backpack bag.


2. Mendini MV500 Violin :  Mendini

Irrespective of whether you are an advanced violin player or you are a seasonal music fanatic who is looking to purchase his/her first violin, this product will be absolutely worth your investment.

Mendini MV500 Violin, as designed and distributed by a well-recognized product maker is considered to be one of the best violin brands for advanced students and intermediate players.

So, you must be now excited to know what makes this brand so popular and trustable. Isn’t it? Well, over the years, this brand has produced numerous musical instruments. And, this product is also not an exception!

If you can now go through to the below-mentioned sections of the Mendini violin review, you will be delighted to know that this model can produce a rich, deep, and powerful tone.

This is a highly recommended violin player by the brand that has already acclaimed great popularity among the users.

This model is even referred to as the “best step-up instrument from all beginner Mendini models” which makes this product an excellent purchase for both experienced students and beginners.

The model can help you possess an excellent tonal quality with an exceptional ability to create a strong, rich, and sensuous sound tune that beautifully resonates with any background music.

It features a sleek, attractive, and dark design that gives an impression of antiquity.

As per our Mendini violin review, this product is carefully crafted to be quite robust and reliable. It will last several years before a beginner-level student needs to consider upgrading.

Thus, with its beautiful construction quality, robustness, longevity, and excellent tonal quality, this product can be an ideal purchase as it comes with an affordable price tag

Let’s now reveal the major pros and cons of this product.


  • Its 4/4 (Full Size) features a solid hand-carved maple back, spruce top with varnish finishing, inlaid purfling, neck, and side.
  • The package further includes a lightweight hard case, two bridges, quality rosin cake, Ebony fingerboard, adjustable shoulder rest, pegs chin rest, and an extra pair of violin strings.
  • The buyers will be entitled to a complete 1-year warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.


  • No major cons to be mentioned for this product.

3. Louis Carpini G2 Violin : Kennedy Bunnel

Among the most popular and most sought violins in its category, this Kennedy Bunnel Violin Outfit produces a superior sound quality, when compared to other violins available within the same price range.

Note, Kennedy Bunnel Violins have consistently delivered fantastic customer service in the United States. The brand has its own professional luthiers that complete the final assembly cum setup.

This particular violin comes as a completely assembled product and it’s already set up, so no further efforts are required from the players.

The product is handcrafted with maple and spruce tonewoods. It even features a glossy oil finish which renders a great look.

The model also features 100% genuine ebony fittings, fingerboard, and pegs.

The kit comes with a premium-quality Brazilwood bow which is strong and responsive.

This durable Brazilwood bow is capable of generating smooth, full tones.

It is designed with a hand-carved and custom-fitted maple bridge, along with a glossy oil finishing.

Note, the model also includes D’Addario Prelude Strings that offer an excellent playability. This product is delivered with a lifetime warranty; the model is backed by a complete 45-day money-back guarantee.

This kit includes a durable oblong case that has an additional storage space and it stays secure with authentic YKK zippers.

The kit further includes all necessary accessories and fittings for beginners to enjoy their respective violin-playing practice sessions quickly (without much effort).

Thus, this inexpensive and affordable violin is a great purchase for practice and it’s quite easy to play.


  • It comes with a high-grade, responsive, and strong Brazilwood bow.
  • The D’Addario Prelude strings (widely considered to be the best violin strings) can produce full, smooth tones.
  • It is designed with a hand-carved and custom-fit bridge that’s made of maple tonewood.
  • The model features 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs, and fittings.
  • The outfit includes an “Intro to Violin” book.
  • The product is delivered with built-in fine tuners, best violin rosin, best violin sonatas, polishing cloth, and a set of Portland strings.


  • No significant cons to be mentioned in this section.

4. Cecilio electric cello : Cecilio

Whether you want a reliable violin product for practicing, or you are planning to purchase the best electric violin for recording songs in a studio, or you need an efficient violin player for performing on stage, this product will be worth your attention.

Featured to be the best violin player in its category, the entire set offers an excellent functionality and style.

The best part is that — not only it’s ideal for beginners and students, but also this reliable musical instrument can prove to be efficient for both intermediate and professional violin players.

The set includes a 1/8″ output jack which allows you to seamlessly connect to various guitar amps and PA systems, easily control and adjust volumes, and tune your music level and practice with confidence (using its built-in headphone jack) without disturbing others.

Furthermore, if you want to practice music with this violin, along with a matching background track, you are recommended to use its line-in jack.

For your convenience, the entire package of “Cecilio Electric Cello” comes with the following essential components, such as a well-padded lightweight carrying soft case, headphones, a bow, rosin, and aux cable.


  • This is a full-size violin player that is well-suitable for beginners, intermediate, and professional players.
  • This product is constructed with hand-carved maple wood. And, its black metallic varnish finishing looks so stylish, attractive, and eye-catching.
  • The product includes an Ebony fingerboard, four detachable fine tuners, pegs, well-padded soft case for carrying, aux cable, bow, rosin, and powerful headphones.
  • The product is powered by a 9-volts Alkaline battery which is included within its package.


  • The approximate weight of this violin player is around 20 pounds that is a bit heavy (compared to the similar products that are available on the market).

5. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size : Kennedy

Are you looking for the best cheap violin? If yes, then this model can conveniently fulfill all your needs.

This product features a solid carved maple and spruce, Ebony fingerboard, chinrest, pegs, and four independent fine tuners.

Not only this model can produce an enchanting sound quality that will grab the attention of your audience, but also the product comes as an extremely pocket-friendly price tag.

To assist you to carry this product conveniently to any location, it comes with a lightweight and durable black case which is widely considered to be the best violin case.

The below-mentioned sections of Kennedy pupil violin review will reveal more insightful details about this musical instrument.


  • This model comes with a lifetime warranty, along with a complete 45-day money-back guarantee (if the product doesn’t fulfill its purpose or it is faulty and non-functioning).
  • Once you open the box, you will find all the sets; hence, no further assembly is required.
  • Featuring a handcrafted solid maple and spruce tonewoods construction, genuine Brazilwood bow, and D’Addario Prelude strings, this product boasts of offering the best violin tuner.
  • The model comes with a sturdy black-colored carrying case.


  • The model features a weight of 7.6 pounds. Compared to the other products available on the market, it seems to be quite heavy. Other than that, there aren’t any such cons to be mentioned.

6. Cremona SV 75 Premier Novice Violin : Cremona

Are you looking for a perfect entry-level violin? If yes, then this product will be a great choice for you.

The four top-notch features that make this product stands out from the rest are its construction quality, fingerboard and fittings, wood selection, and outfit.

In the following sections of the Cremona sv75 violin review, the aforementioned features are described in detail.

Although it is a beginner level violin, the brand strictly ensured to maintain a superior construction quality.

As a result, this musical instrument can perform consistently, flawlessly, and it will eventually make your learning process more fun and pleasant.

Its warm translucent brown cum red finish is carefully applied — that flaunts a sleek and polished look

Although this violin comes at a pocket-friendly price tag, it doesn’t sacrifice its tonal quality or construction quality.

Not only the model features an inherent visual beauty, but also it ensures an optimum robustness and great longevity.

In order to improve the overall playability and tunability more precisely and accurately while keeping the overall costs down), this model features properly fitted hardwood pegs that can produce flawless sound.

The product is lightweight, durable, and well-shaped. It comes with a foam case for ease of transport and protection. It also comes with a color-matched bow and case.


  • It’s lightweight, durable, and well-shaped.
  • It features great playability, tunability, and great longevity.
  • The package includes a carrying case and a matching bow.
  • Its high-quality workmanship and properly fitted hardwood pegs produce a fine-tune.


  • No extra set of strings is provided with this model.

 7. Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin : Cecilio

One of the most reputed, well-known, and best violin brands has designed this terrific musical instrument. This model is widely regarded to be their most popular violin model that is specially crafted in order to handle every need of a beginning student.

That’s why it is even termed as the best violin for beginners. Featuring ebony fingerboard with perfect fittings, beautiful antique varnish finishing, and outstanding tone cum resonance, this model is an effective, efficient, and ideal companion for any student who’s undergoing their first violin lessons.

Emphasizing superior clarity, exceptional product quality, a warm and enchanting tone for a lively feel, remarkable responsiveness, this model features to a durable and reliable music instrument that will help any student progressing their violin-playing skills.

The model which is described in our “Cecilio electric violin review” is having the size of 4/4 (also called full size). All adults, irrespective of their height, size, and weight, can use or play this violin efficiently.

According to its key specifications that include hand-carved maple back, hand-carved solid spruce top, a beautiful antique varnish finishing, and inlaid purfling, this best student violin player can even cater the needs of an intermediate violinist too.

Let’s now reveal the major pros and cons of this product.


  • The entire violin package includes Cecilio chromatic tuner, a lesson book, a lightweight form fitting cum hard-shell case with straps and pockets, two Brazilwood bows, adjustable shoulder rest, and a violin bridge.
  • Featuring a minimal weight of five pounds, this product seems to be very easy to carry.
  • Buy this model with confidence as it comes with a 1-year solid warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.
  • It comes with a natural, soft, and light rosin.
  • This product comes with the “best violin shoulder rest” that features a soft foam padding and soft rubber feet.


  • It doesn’t come with an extra set of strings.

 8. D Z Strad Violin Model 101 1/2 Violin : Dz Strad

If you are looking for a reliable music instrument that comes at a pocket-friendly price, then this product will be quite apt for you.

The 1/2 size of this violin player is ideal for students and beginners who are in the initial phases of learning and gathering skills on how to play the violin.

This beautifully crafted music instrument is reliable, robust, and dependable. It really helps you to produce a rich, sophisticated, and warm tone.

it’s Lightweight & Offers Great Playability:

The product has a minimum weight of 3.8 pounds that is extremely easy to carry and use.

Even if you are a novice player who is playing this instrument for the first time, you will not face many hurdles.

That’s because Dz Strad Violin features excellent playability.

Well, you will now have a blissful peace of mind by knowing that this product features a fine quality bow (that is supplied with the outfit).

Needless to mention, a high-quality bow is needed to produce a warmer and melodious tone.

And, this best beginner violin player excellently serves the purpose by offering a superior quality bow.

Let’s now reveal the major pros and cons of this product.


  • A cost-effective and affordable violin player.
  • Easy to play, easy to use, and features to be one of the best starter violins.
  • Package includes a carrying case, high-quality bow, and rosin.
  • It comes with a natural, soft, and light rosin.
  • A lightweight violin player that is ready to use and play once you receive the package.


  • The model doesn’t come with an extra set of strings.

Great Sound Quality, Sturdiness, and Visual Beauty: All ADM Violins are carefully constructed with seasoned valued woods and they are designed to offer a remarkable sound quality, sturdiness, and visual beauty.

Featured to be one of the best violins for beginners, the outfit includes various accessories for beginners to kick-start their music lessons and it’s perfect for the beginners or student violinists.

It Comes With a Comprehensive Package:

The kit includes the following accessories, such as a lightweight shaped foam case, a 4/4 Size Brazilwood Bow (that is designed with Mongolian Horsehair), Rosin, and E-tuner.

Its 4/4 full-size model is ideal for any adults (who is having an age group of nine years or more).

The model also features a hand-carved solid maple back and sides, hand-inlaid purfling, Ebony pegs, chin rest, alloy tailpiece, and four integrated fine tuners.

To reveal more information on this product, please take a quick look at the following sections of the ADM violin review.


  • The model features Ebony pegs for easy tuning.
  • Its Ebony fingerboard features a comfortable touching.
  • The elegant F-hole can bring a wonderful resonance.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.
  • The model is perfect for both beginner and intermediate students who are into some more advanced training stages.


  • The product may feel a bit heavy or bulky. It features an item weight of 6.4 ounces.

9. Scott Cao Violin Outfit 4/4 Size Model STV017 : Scott Cao

The Scott Cao violin products are quite well known for their finest workmanship and high-quality tone.

And, this product tends to follow the aforementioned features.

It Comes with of Brazilwood Bows:

The entire outfit includes the violin, brazilwood bow, and student case. Needless to mention, the brazilwood bows are considered to be the best violin bows.

The primary reason is – brazilwood bows offer a very long lifespan (while compared to Pernambuco bows).

This violin features an Ebony fingerboard, a spruce top, chinrest, and appropriate fittings. The tailpiece comes with built-in fine tuners; plus, the instrument features Thomastik Dominant strings.

In this context, it must be noted that “Dominant strings” are multi-strand, highly flexible, and great quality synthetic core string that produces a nice tonal warmth.

These violin strings are a legendary choice for producing a distinctive tone. Dominant strings are impervious to climate changes including humidity, thus ensuring a stable intonation and long life.

The produced sound quality is rich, soft, and clear. Thus, with “Dominant strings installed”, this product can really help you produce the best violin music.

Overall, this is a fully-carved instrument with a beautiful hand-painted varnish that can offer excellent value for any student violinist!


  • The product features Ebony fingerboard, Ebony chinrest, and Ebony pegs,
  • With “Dominant strings installed”, it can produce a rich, vibrant, and clear sound tune.
  • The lightweight model features approximately 3.6 pounds of item weight.


  • The brazilwood bow needs to be handled with delicacy and care.

The Final Verdict

So, you have now revealed an in-depth buying guide that emphasizes the key factors to be considered while purchasing any violin.

Also, we recommend you to read out the professional reviews of top 10 violin players before making a meaningful buying decision.

This in-depth buying guide and top 10 violin reviews will certainly help you choose your ideal violin.

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