Best Ukulele For Beginners – Complete Buying Guide And Reviews

There are different ukulele brands in the market and finding the right one seems to be very difficult most times. In fact, many people end up spending more than they budgeted because they are not satisfied with the brand they got.

Choosing the best ukulele for beginners or as a new player should be your main priority. But the truth is that you must have the experience and knowledge about different ukuleles in the market for you to make the right decisions.

So for people who want to begin their ukulele journey the best option to finding the right ukulele is a well-researched buying guide from someone with a lot of experience about ukuleles.

Finding The Best Ukulele Brands

Before you begin your ukulele journey, it is important to get the best ukulele that will perfectly suit you. Choosing the best beginners Ukulele has always been a difficult decision to make because it can affect your entire ukulele journey or decide your love for the instrument. Your first ukulele truly matters a lot.

I remember how I almost gave up after my first try. In fact, I hate reminding myself about that horrible experience. I tried several ukulele brands until I finally got what I wanted and even though a lot of money was wasted, the experience is worth it. If you don’t want to make the same mistake that I made, then you need to act now before it is too late.

This guide will lead you to choose the best ukulele for beginners as well as for new players.

However, before you go ahead to get your own ukulele, here are some buying advice I will like to give to you.

Best Ukulele Brands

I have been opportune to try different Best ukulele brands, so I know what the best ukulele should have. The type of ukulele brand you choose should be very straight and easy to play. In addition, the ukulele should also produce good quality sound.

Borrow Ukulele From Someone

If you are learning ukulele for the first time, you might consider borrowing the instrument from any of your family members, a friend or even a coworker. You should also ask for permission to keep the ukulele with you for a week or two, then play it and see if you truly like the instrument (which I strongly believe you would).

If you are truly passionate about the instrument, you can get yours to be more comfortable. But if you don’t like ukulele, then you can give it back to the owner and continue with your life. This is better than spending a huge amount of money on something you are not really passionate about.

Are you looking for Best Budget Ukulele?

The fact is that people who commit themselves financially to playing ukulele tend to be more motivated. Of course, you want to get the worth of your money. The most impressive thing about learning the ukulele is that the instrument is not an expensive one. You can get the best ukulele under 100 dollars.

If you visit any ukulele shop whether online or a local shop without deciding your budget, you might get lost in your options. However, you can expect to pay between the ranges of $50 to $200 for a decent ukulele but honestly, I don’t recommend you should buy anything cheaper.

As a beginner or a new player, you don’t have to break the bank before you can buy a good ukulele. You can get the best cheap ukulele.

Makanu Mahogany Soprano Ukulele – Expert Recommended

The Makanu Mahogany Soprano Ukulele is a fun little instrument with great playability. It is designed with the needs of beginners and all players in mind. The sound is awesome and projection is good enough for a ukulele with such a price tag.

It has 12 accurately installed frets, a short fretboard like any other soprano ukulele and closer fret spacing that makes it suitable for adults with small finger sizes as well as children eager to learn the ukulele to form chords with ease.

The premium white nylon strings are great for strumming and fingerpicking. These strings are smooth on the finger and suitable for the beginner and children with tender fingers.

Unlike other ukuleles at this price point, the body and neck are built with strong and high-quality mahogany wood, making it durable. The wood material is protected with a high gloss finish which makes it look appealing.

The silver geared tuners on this ukulele are great features for such a budget ukulele. They add more value to the ukulele, making it easier to tune. The tuners also hold tune well which is the ideal option for beginners who simply cannot cope with ukuleles that go out of tune faster.

Features of the Makanu Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

  • Comes with free gig bag
  • Great price and value for money
  • Silver geared tuners make tuning easy
  • Ukulele is very sturdy and lightweight
  • Premium Aquila nylgut strings for great sound
  • Strong mahogany neck and body with great resonance

Best Ukulele For Beginners And All Ages Players

Trust me I know how stressful and frustrating it can be looking for the best ukulele on your own. That’s why I prepared this guide to assist beginners, new players and all players to find the perfect ukulele without stress.

We Recommended 10 Best Ukulele for Beginners And All Ages Players

Over the years, I have tested several ukulele brands and the features and qualities of these 10 best ukulele brands make them a must-have for every ukulele player.

1. Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

The Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele is one of the best ukulele brands in the market. This product is the smallest in size when compared to others and it also ideal for kids.

The body and neck of the KA-15S ukulele are made of mahogany, which consistently delivers a lively sound together with a classy appearance.

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This ukulele brand will thrill you with a smooth and powerful tone. The volume and sound produced by the KA-15S are also enough to entertain a group of people at the garden or picnic.

The geared tuners and satin finish of this ukulele brand provides a well-played feeling and an antique.

As a beginner or new player, this ukulele will always cooperate with you to remain in tune. The Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele will give you a good return for your investment. It is made of bridge and rosewood fingerboard which makes it strong, durable as well as aesthetic.

If you are someone who knows a lot about ukulele or you are a guitar expert, you will know that this product is an excellent one for beginners.

The fretwork of the Kala KA-15S is even better than the guitar that sells for $300. In addition, this brand of the ukulele is also very easy to tune or restring, even when you break any of the strings incidentally.

Features of the Kala KA-15S  Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

  • The body and neck are made of mahogany
  • Bridge and rosewood fingerboard
  • Pre-strings is high-quality strings
  • Gear tuners and satin finish
  • Product is very easy to re-strings
  • Produces smooth and powerful one

2. Luna Honu Mahogany Concert Ukulele

There are a lot of positive comments from players and newbies about this ukulele brand. The Luna Honu Mahogany Concert ukulele is just a little bit bigger than the soprano ukulele in size.

This brand of ukulele comes with a fuller tone as well as a longer profile that’s why players whose hand size are larger tends to gravitate towards the instrument.

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In addition, guitar players who are making the transition to this brand of ukulele, it is a lot easier for them to have full access to the upper fret registry. This concert ukulele also produces great sound and playability.

The frets are well spaced so people who have larger fingers will find it very convenient to play. The design of this ukulele is also inviting.

The Luna Honu Concert ukulele is also highly durable. The body and neck of this ukulele is also made of mahogany material with a satin finish. Luna Honu concert is the best tenor ukulele in the market so far.

In fact, it is a wise buy for pros, beginners and even kids. Check Luna Ukulele Review to know what other players are saying about the product.

Features of the Luna Honu Concert Ukulele

  • Special neck binding and ivoroid body
  • Made of premium Aquila nylgut strings
  • Professional satin matte finish
  • Mahogany top sides and back.
  • Produces full and rich sound
  • Product is quite easy to re-strings
  • Products have lightweight

3. Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

The Cordoba 15M concert ukulele is another special ukulele brand with great value. The abalone-style rosette and geared tuning keys sets this ukulele apart from others.

The neck binding and ivoroid body of Cordoba 15CM concert add more value to the product.

This handmade concert comes with a lot of features that make ukulele fun to play. It comes with mahogany back, sides, top and a smooth professional satin finish which gives the ukulele a full and rich sound. This uke is best beginner ukulele and also who looking for fuller and richer sound ukulele

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Professionals and beginners will appreciate the easy playability and good looks of the Cordoba 15CM concert.

It also comes with a premium Aquila nylgut strings. The Cordoba ukulele review says more about this product. Beginners who have tried this ukulele brand can testify to how much it contributed to better their ukulele journey.

Features of the Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

  • Easy to understand and play
  • Produces rich and deep sound
  • Well Installed chromegeared tuning machine
  • Consistently produce even tone
  • Small and lightweight for comfort
  • Easy to re-string and maintain
  • Rosewood fret board and bridge

4. Kohala Soprano Ukulele

The Kohala Soprano Ukulele is not just one of the oldest but best ukulele brands that suits beginners and new players. This Ukulele is handcrafted with quality Eastern mahogany material to produce great tone and it has geared tuning machines to maintain the quality of the tone.

Beginners, new players and even professionals will appreciate ukulele that can produce an even tone. The geared tuning machine keeps the tone even.

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So, it will be very easy for you and your guests to fall in love to the sound of your ukulele with a rich and consistent tone. This ukulele is also very easy to understand and play. Especially for beginners, who need all the ukulele instructions to get on the right path, this is one of the best ukulele brands you can ever have.

The Kohala Soprano Ukulele comes with an instruction booklet. It is also easy to re-string and maintains. This product is among the best soprano ukulele for beginners. It comes with 12 frets and produces a deeper and richer sound anytime. Playing a 12 fret ukulele will also make you to transit easily to other instruments with 12 frets. The fret board is rosewood and it is strung with Aquila strings.

This product is one of the best ukulele in the market that righties and lefties can play comfortably. You can also check the Kohala ukulele review to see what other beginners and new players like you are saying about the product.

Features of the Kohala Soprano Ukulele

  • Consists of well-spaced frets making it convenient for players with large hands
  • Products great sound and playability
  • Pre-string with quality Aquila strings
  • Has an open style tuner and 12 frets
  • Satin finish with body and neck made of mahogany
  • Rosewood fingerboard

5. Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

The Lanikai LU-21C Soprano Ukulele is one of the best ukuleles with a smaller-sized by. This concert ukulele is comfortable for both adults and kids because of its size and other unique features. The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood for smooth action.

This concert ukulele has the binding on top with geared tuners to maintain an even sound. The body of the Lanikai LU-21 also features white binding and this enhances the beauty and durability of the instrument. The binding does offer an amazing contrast as well as the framing of the red-tinted finish of the ukulele.

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Nato is also regarded as “Eastern Mahogany” because of its durable nature and ability to deliver wonderful tone and playability. Nato is used for the Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Uke. This causes the instrument to deliver a pronounced mid-range as well as a mellow high-end.

This ukulele is no doubt, one of the best soprano ukuleles in the market that offers great aesthetic value, playability as well as sound. It is also very suitable for instrumentalists who want to enhance their tonal palette and first-time players who want to experience a successful ukulele journey all the way.

This instrument is very easy to learn. It also comes with an instructional booklet to guide you as you play. This Lanikai ukulele review depicts the unique features of the product. But you will see other amazing features of the product that will amaze you.

Features of the Lanikai Lu- 21C Soprano  Ukulele

  • Great Playability
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Small body size and lightweight
  • Great sound with durable Aquila nylgut strings
  • nato woods sides top and back which delivers great playability and sound
  • Gear tuners with excellent binding at the top
  • This Ukulele has 12 frets

6. Diamond Head DU-200B Deluxe Natural Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

One of the best Ukulele brands beginners and professional guitarists will easily fall in love with is the Diamond Head DU-200B Deluxe Natural Mahogany Baritone Ukulele. This ukulele is a little bit larger than a tenor ukulele but still it is very portable and looks professional.

This is one of the best ukuleles in the market for beginners and new players who want something bigger. It is very easy to play and you can play for hours without even getting tired.

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The neck and body of this ukulele brand are crafted with genuine mahogany which makes the instrument last long and produces great sounds. The fingerboard and bridge are also crafted with rosewood for excellent play ability and a soulful sound.

Baritones offer a more superior bass range than smaller sized ukuleles. It would also be easier for an instrumentalist who plays this baritone ukulele to play the guitar because of their longer scale length. The DU-200B is also very easy to tune.

In fact, this ukulele comes with gold-plated guitar-style tuning machines that are easy and reliable for both advanced players and beginners. This product also comes with quality strings with perfectly dressed frets for improved play ability.

This product is also made with Satin finish which enhances its durability and stability. This diamond head ukulele review does not completely reveal the uniqueness of this product. As a beginner or a new player looking forward to a successful ukulele journey, this product will make things much easier for you.

Features of the Diamond head DU-200B Deluxe Natural Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

  • Satin finish for enhance durability and stability
  • Rosewood fingerboard and for improved sound quality
  • Accurate gear ratio and easy tune guitar-styled tuners
  • Genuine Mahogany body and neck

7. Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

For someone who is just starting his or her ukulele journey, this is one of the best ukulele brands you should go for.

In terms of size, comfort and playability, the Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele stands out.

First, it comes with a carrying bag where you can keep your ukulele after use to prevent moisture from coming in contact with the instrument. The semi-gloss finishes make this ukulele brand more attractive, durable and very easy to maintain.

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This ukulele brand also comes with an extended base bridge which enhances the projection and base response of the instrument. Beginners will love the feel and output of the strings used for this product.

It is pre-strung with premium Aquila Nylgut strings to deliver a sound that is louder, fuller and rich in tonal harmonics. The gold-plated machine heads also make tuning easy for users.

This product is basically designed to offer satisfaction to both the listener and the player. Another unique feature about the Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele is that once you have it in tune, in stays that way all through. Unlike other products in the market that requires you to tune every time you want to play.

This Mahalo brand is one of the best uke when it comes to sound quality. It is also made of mahogany bridge, fingerboard and premium bass frets. This mahalo ukulele review will show you what a great product this brand is. It has everything that would make playing ukulele more enjoyable for beginners and Kids to continue their journey.

Features of the Mahalo MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

  • Satin finish for enhance Semi gloss finish for enhanced durability and stability
  • Made of premium Aquila strings for improved sound quality
  • Easy to maintain and re-strings
  • Produced from exotic sengon wood material
  • Comes with durable brass frets and gold plated machine heads

8. Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele

For beginners or new players who are looking for products with this best ukulele strings, the Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele will make a fine choice.

This is one of the best ukulele brands with good sound quality. The sound is too loud but very clear as well as balanced.

The strings are the same as other ukuleles that cost a fortune. It is made of durable ukulele strings and there are no buzzing frets that will make you hate playing your ukulele.

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This ukulele also has open-gear tuners with frosted pegs. The tuning of the Caramel CT102A Zebra ukulele can stay for long to consistently give you that wonderful sound.

This ukulele brand is highly durable and smooth to touch. It is made of zebra wood body with a top quality finish. The fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood for quality sound and enhanced durability.

This Caramel ukulele review shows some of the features of the product. You will experience the rest when you play this ukulele brand.

Features of the Caramel CT102A Zebra Wood Tenor Acoustic Ukulele

  • Neck and body made of solid wood
  • Open gear tuners with frosted pags that holds well
  • Smooth to touch with a top quality finish
  • Produces great sound with nylon strings
  • Rosewood bridge and fretboard

9. Kamoa E3-T – Tenor – Brown Ukulele

The Kamoa E3-T – Tenor – Brown has a perfect size which makes it easier for guitar players to cross over. Because of its size and other features, it is considered as one of the best ukuleles for stage performance.

The Kamao E3T ukulele is built for easy playability and excellent sound quality. It’s long string length offers loads of projections, sustains and rich sounds. The string circulations are also very clear and balanced.

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If you are looking for the best tenor ukulele with exceptional durability and great quality sound, the Kamoa E3-T-Tenor-Brown is the right pick.

The fret boards and bridge are made of rosewood material to enhance the durability, play ability and sound quality of the product. The quality satin finish also makes this product more attractive and durable for players.

The size of this ukulele will definitely make you fall in love at once. It is very attractive and crafted with top quality solid wood maple on the back sides. Apart from this kamoa ukulele review, there are other features of this great product you will experience by yourself when you play.

Features of the kamoa E3-T- Tenor brown Ukulele

  • Easy Playability and excellent Sound quality
  • Balanced and clear string circulation
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Satin finish for enhanced durability
  • Aquila nylgut strings
  • The long string length for perfect projections sustains and rich sound

10. Hola! Music HM-124ZW Concert Ukulele

The Hola! Music HM-124ZW is one of the best uke that is not just affordable but has quality features that makes it a must-have uke. Beginners and new players always prefer this ukulele brand because of its excellent sound quality and attractiveness.

This is one of the best ukulele brands made of premium Italian Aquila strings, which consistently produce pleasant sounds that would thrill both listeners and players. The Hola! Music HM-124ZW is last long and it is also smooth to touch.

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It is made of quality Mahogany as well as Acacia finishes. The bridge and fingerboard of this ukulele brand are made of rosewood.

This is one of the features that make this product to consistently deliver quality sound. The Hola! Music HM-124ZW is also very comfortable to play with 18 well-installed silver nickel frets.

This also makes it an excellent product suitable for guitar plays to use. Uke players will also find this ukulele brand very easy to tune. It comes it die-cast chrome tuners that hold well once tuned.

Features of the Hola! Music HM-124ZW Ukulele

  • Premium Italian Aquila strings
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Comfortable to play with 18 well-installed silver nickel frets
  • Highly durable with zebra wood mahogany and acacia finish

Top 4 Best Electric Ukulele For All Players

How To Find The Best Ukulele – Buying Guide

As a newborn into the ukulele line, you will come across many tempting ukulele brands. You may not have a choice but to pick one that is given to you by either the shop owner or you just made your own guess. That’s fine to do, but if you truly want your ukulele to be perfect, this is what you should expect from that best ukulele brand you plan to buy.

The Ultimate Ukulele Size Guide For Beginners and All Players

There are many types of ukulele but are classified into four different sizes. We have the Soprano, Concert, Tenor as well as Baritone. I should remind you that no size is the best because it all depends on individual choices.

But one thing you should know is that even though one is not better than the other, the fact is that they are different from each other. So, if you are buying a soprano ukulele, know that the best soprano ukulele should give you a sweet, light, bouncy sound.

On the other hand, the best tenor ukulele and the best concert ukulele can be grouped into one category. They both produce a bigger tone with more volume because they are slightly larger than the soprano uke. However, if you have listened to or play the guitar before, you will find that the tenor uke is almost sounding like one.

Again, we have the baritone ukulele. The best baritone ukulele isn’t difficult to find. The baritone ukulele is bigger than the rest in size. It also produces a deeper tone and more volume. In fact, a lot of guitar players like to play this baritone uke because of their sizes.

Best Ukulele Strings

The type of best ukulele strings that comes with the product also matters a lot. Besides the durability factor, everyone wants their ukulele to sound well.

However, there are different ukulele strings, which are all made of diverse nylon polymer. They all have their own tone characters and feel. However, strings that don’t require you to tune your ukulele always should be perfect for you.

One of the best ukulele strings used to produce the best uke is the Aquila nylon string. This string is well protected from humidity, offers a great feel and also delivers excellent sound quality.

When Should You Change Ukulele Strings

Normally, the strings of your ukulele should be changed at least 3 – 6 months and sometimes quicker, especially if you play it often. When you have a broken string, you can replace the entire strings in your ukulele if the other strings are not new.

Best Ukulele Stand

Placing your ukulele on a stand will also prevent you from turning it all the time. It will also prevent your ukulele from scratch or contacting dirt from the floor.

Making use of the ukulele stand is another way to care for your ukulele. This stand will elevate your ukulele off the ground and prevent it from being stepped upon by other people.

Ukulele Materials

If you think about ukulele materials then buy one of those ukuleles with low-grade material and see what happens in a short time. To be real with you, the type of ukulele material the ukulele is made from matters a lot. Most materials don’t last long. They might just look attractive but in a short time, you might be forced to get a replacement soon. You can go for ukuleles made of mahogany or nato.

Over the years, these materials have proven their true quality and are also used to create the best ukuleles. Mahogany is highly preferred because of its workability, weight, flexibility and the quality of the tone it produces. Rosewood is another special material used for making quality ukuleles. Ukuleles that are made of rosewood fretboard and bridge consistently delivers great quality sound.

Ukulele Shapes

Just like we have different sizes of ukuleles, The Name of popular shapes is Figure 8, Cutaway, Pineapple, Vita, Bell they also come in different shapes. With respect to shape, it also depends on individual choices. Some people may find other shapes apart from the common figure-eight shape that the majority of ukes have to be very comfortable. In addition, the shape of the ukulele can also affect the quality of the tone. And check if the frets are well positioned on the ukulele. In addition, the sustain of the ukulele brand should be very long.

Ukulele Colors

The color of your ukulele also matters a lot. I can remember a ukulele I bought some time ago. In fact, I was very happy because it was looking so attractive and irresistible. I didn’t pay attention to the kind of color that came with the product and after some time of using the product, the color started to fade away.

Even though this was due to the adverse effect of the environment then, experience using one of these best ukulele brands listed on this guide has shown me that your ukulele can still be well protected. The quality and type of finishing used also matters a lot.

Many of the ukulele brands today have a simple and inexpensive coating that doesn’t last long. Satin and matte finishing are not just the popular but most preferred finishing option used to enhance the durability and color of the ukulele brand.

Ukulele Tunes

The best ukulele brands always come with great tunes. People around you will enjoy listening to you and as a beginner, it is good to get accustomed to the right tune earlier. However, there are many factors that determine the quality of ukulele tunes. The type of wood material and the strings contribute to the quality of the output.

Best Ukulele Cover and Ukulele Case

The ukulele cover and case will provide a comfortable home for your ukulele. It will help to shield your ukulele from humidity and also stop people from touching the strings wrongly, especially when you are not there.

How To Care For Your Ukulele

You need to take care of your ukulele to make it last longer. Even though you have gotten one of the best ukulele brands listed here, you still need to take good care of it to make it last longer for you. Here are some of the ways to care for your ukulele.


Keeping your ukulele clean is very important. It will help to maintain your hygiene as well as sound quality. Your fingers release sweat when playing the uke and this someone finds its way to the wood.

This can cause the wood of your ukulele to start deteriorating after some time which will affect both the finish and the wood of your ukulele because it will collect and trap dirt and dust on its surface. You can keep the fret board clean by applying lemon oil.

You can do this at least every 4-5 months, but if play the instrument regularly, then you can do it often. You can also clean the body of your ukulele with normal cleaning and polishing products too.

In Summary

Beginners and individuals who are just starting their ukulele journey should know that finding the best ukulele brand can make a huge impact. However, you don’t have to rush it. Know that finding the best ukulele for the beginner is a process and when you get the right one, playing ukulele will be fun to you.

I have made a list of the 10 best ukulele brands that are in the market. In fact, I have tested these products myself and I strongly recommend them to all ukulele players both beginners and professionals.